Our Great Maid and House Cleaning Service

Everyone leads such busy lives; whether you’re constantly needed at the office, running your own business, or having to look after young children, there’s so much to do and not enough hours in the day to do it all. Perhaps you’d rather not spend your spare time doing household chores, or maybe as old age approaches, you’re struggling slightly more with some of the household tasks you used to breeze through.

There are so many reasons why housekeeping slides further down our list of priorities, so rather than burdening yourself with all of the extra stress, why not let Ready Set Maids do it all for you? We are a maid service in Houston who provide an expert housekeeping service for a wide range of clients. From the smallest apartments to sprawling mansions, our dedicated and enthusiastic team are guaranteed to get your home looking at its best, leaving you with a clean house you can be proud of.

Our maids and cleaners are proud of their hard work, and will undertake any housekeeping jobs to the best of their ability every time. Using a 50 point checklist, we tackle all of those tiresome jobs for you while maintaining a highly professional maid service at all times.

Come home after work to a tidy living room with vacuumed floors, with pet hair and other debris kept at bay. You won’t find a speck of dust on any surface, and any fingermarks or stains will all be gone. Instantly start cooking without having to worry about cleaning or sanitizing; your kitchen counter tops and sink will be gleaming, matching your freshly-mopped floor. We pay attention to the smallest details, from cupboard door knobs to the trickiest marks on the the inside of the microwave.

Your bathroom will be as sparkling as the day it was fitted, with the toilet, sink and bath scrubbed and cleaned to prevent mold and make the room shine. Not only that, but everything will be neat and organized, with all towels clean and folded away. After a relaxing evening with your family, sink into a ready-made bed with freshly changed sheets.

For a small fee, we can also carry out a few extras. Our deep cleans target even more of those areas nobody likes to deal with. Why waste your time cleaning the inside of your cupboards, fridge or oven, when we can take care of it for you? Washing and drying the laundry can be really tiresome with such a large family, but it doesn’t have to be when a professional can do it for you. We can even wash your interior windows or baseboards, if you think they need some extra shine!

Some homes need tending to more than others, but regardless of how often you need us to visit, we will be there for you as your reliable house cleaning service. You can arrange for our maids to visit your home on a regular basis, whether every week, two weeks or three weeks, or even on a one off occasion – perfect for having dinner guests over. However many times you need our help, we can provide an excellent, affordable maid service.

If you are looking for a maid or housekeeping service in the Katy, Sugar Land or Rosenberg areas, get in touch today to find out how Ready Set Maids can get all of your housekeeping done, so that you can devote more time to the areas of your life that really matter.