House Cleaning Services in West Houston, Texas

Are you constantly scheduling every little thing in your life? Most of us do but forget about house cleaning. We are so caught up on running on the hamster wheel that we forget to take care of the home.

It’s most likely we don’t forget about it as much as we don’t want to clean. There are really fun ways to keeping your Houston home clean and tidy.

If you are wondering how this is done, well we have put together a schedule Below for your to follow as an example:

Weekly Houston House Cleaning Schedule

  • Monday – Mondays are hectic and stressful days for many of us. Why is this? Most of us secretly or not so secretly don’t like going to work. To further that we probably don’t like our bosses as well. So we go into the office in a very negative and cranky mood. As part of your Houston house cleaning schedule do not clean on Mondays when you come home. Instead spend quality family time, cook a good dinner or go for a workout. Just do something that is the opposite of your work mental frame
  • Tuesday – Tuesdays are the time you are getting into the week. You have dealt with the pressures and stresses of your Monday. When you come home from work we suggest that you clean the kitchen. Start with loading the dishwasher, then clean your counters, cabinets, and sink. After that sweep your floors and then mop them. This will make sure the kitchen is ready to be used for the. Plus it’s still the place where most families meet to get caught up.
  • Wednesday – We think hump day is a day that you should kick back and watch a movie with a takeout meal. But you should clean master bathroom, family bathroom and vacuum the living room first. This should take about an hour depending on the level of build up in your home. Your master bedroom is also where you can relax and have it cleaned and tidy will lower your stress.
  • Thursday – Thursdays are great because you cleaned the kitchen, living room and bathrooms earlier in the week. Basically, you have touched all the most lived in areas of your home. You should have the kids tidy up their rooms before dinner if they are old enough. Now your are ready to cook a nice home cooked meal and play boards games with the kids or go for a family walk or bike ride. Whatever you do, Don’t clean today.
  • Friday – For many of us it been a long week. We look forward to this day because many of us can get away from work. Do you want to clean when you come home? No, you don’t, especially if you are going out. Yet, we recommend that you do general touch up today if you are staying in. Here why you will feel more relaxed with less stress in a clean home. You should touch up the kitchen counters and all the common areas You should vacuum or mop where appropriately. But only do 30 minutes max. You’ll thank yourself later.
  • Saturday – Ah who does not love Saturdays. You don’t have to work tomorrow and the work week is behind you. Plus it’s time to sleep in right? Right! When the family wakes up each person should have 10 minutes of house cleaning to do after breakfast and before your plans. Even if it’s just three of you. One person should dust, one should vacuum and one should touch up the bathrooms.
  • Sunday – Do something fun with your family and yourself. Sundays are not just for laying around. Rest can me you get a rest from the stresses of the week by doing the things you love. Read, write or exercised instead of doing any house cleaning.

Everyone Gets involved in House Cleaning in Your Home

We want to point out that home cleaning is hard enough alone. So make sure that everyone living in the house does their part in cleaning. You can assign different tasks to different people throughout the week. This will eliminate any one person feeling like they do all the cleaning.

But hey we understand that it’s not a perfect world. So what do you do if you are the one only one cleaning?

You get something out of it that balances the workload for the week. Someone else in the home can do all the cooking and grocery shopping. Someone else can be the driver for the kid’s football games. You want to make sure you are not taking on all these duties unless you and your partner have decided so.

The kids are often the ones you get out of cleaning the house. Yet, there is a lot they can learn from being responsible for keeping their rooms tidy early one. Kids can learn personal responsibility for their own actions and environment by having to clean their own room. They can also learn discipline in organizing if everything in their room has a place.

We can also make it fun and rewarding for them to be a part of the cleaning. Like getting desert after 20 minutes of helping to clean up the house.


Operating your Houston home like a well-oiled machine may be a bit laughable to you. But remember how we eat an elephant. One bite at a time. Do not overload your life. You have enough to do. Break out the difficult tasks into smaller more manageable tasks that you enjoy doing – or maybe not.

If you use a schedule you will not be overwhelmed by the time, energy and physical aspects of cleaning the entire home in one day. My mom used to clean the entire home by herself in one day. It was literally an all day event. She would clean all the rooms and do laundry.

This would include the laundry from the beds and our clothes. It was a bit eye-opening of how much time this adds up to in just one year. It was over 17 days of cleaning per year if you spent 8 hours per week cleaning.