Your bedsheets provide that layer of protection between you and your bed. When your bedsheets are clean and in good condition, you can be sure that you’ll have a comfortable night of sleep. However unlike other parts of your home, cleaning your bed sheets can be extremely difficult. This is due to the long period of time that your bed sheets must be in the washer, and the time you’ll be out of a clean bed to sleep on. That’s why so many people refer to the right choice of maids Katy TX has to clean their home and bed sheets professionally.

When you combine this factor with your busy schedule, you begin to see just how hard it is to find time to wash your bed sheets. Finding the time and effort to wash your bed sheets on a regular basis requires a solid schedule and dedication. What this results in is many people turning to an inferior way of cleaning their bed sheets or not even bothering to wash their sheets at all.

This just isn’t very sanitary or healthy at all. So when life has you beaten down and you can’t find the time to wash your bed sheets, turn to Ready SET Maids for help. They have the most comprehensive staff of maids Katy TX can provide. You can book your bed sheet cleaning quickly online or call us @ 832-939-4500.




How maids in Katy TX can help you with your bed sheets

Before you hire the best maids Katy TX has to offer, you can try to use these simple steps to wash and clean your own bed sheets. When your bed sheets have you down, use these maid cleaning services tips to transform that pile of cloth into crisp, fresh bedding.

Because you feel as good as you sleep, having clean and comfortable bed sheets helps you function at your best. You’ll have more energy and a positive attitude towards the day, and get more done. See these bed sheet cleaning tips to see just how easy it is to improve your life.

Of course before you start your journey on cleaning your bed sheets, you need to make sure that your sheets don’t require special cleaning techniques. Ready to check out these tips from the best maids Katy TX has? Read on below to learn all about cleaning your bed sheets in the most efficient means possible.

How to Clean your Bed Sheets – From the best maids Katy TX has to offer

How often should I change my bed sheets? – You should change your sheets weekly to keep the bed fresh and to protect your linens from wear. Pillowcases should be changed twice a week but comforters, duvets, and quilts need only monthly laundering.

The best methods to clean bed sheets and blankets – Depending on the time of the year, you should always use the fastest means possible. Most bedspreads are hand or machine washable, so before you try this at home, dip a corner of yours in a detergent solution to check for colorfastness.

If the color of your bed sheet bleeds, don’t wash it because your bedspread must be dry-cleaned only. You can also check the label on the sheet itself to see if there’s other cleaning concerns you need to be aware of.

Specialty Bed Sheets – If you’ve got special bed sheets, you’ll need to go the extra mile to clean them. If your bedsheets are dirty or stained, it may be best to leave it to the most professional maids Katy TX has. You can also head to a dry cleaner before attempting to remove stains from delicate satin or silk bedspreads.

Without following these measures you could easily ruin these, so most maids recommend only dry-cleaning them.

Bed Sheet Cleaning Tips – Using lemon juice to spot clean your bed sheets is a great way to get a jump on those stains. Treat any stains first with lemon-juice before putting them into your washing machine. The best maids Katy TX has to offer will also use a pre-spray solution that will eliminate stains on your bed sheets.

Larger Bed Sheets – For King size or California King size beds, there’s a good chance your bed sheets won’t fit on your washing machine. To properly clean these types of bed sheets, it’s best to visit your local launderette to use a large commercial washing machine.

One of the biggest rules that the best maids Katy TX follow is to never overstuff a washing machine. Overstuffed domestic washers won’t clean it properly and the wet-weight of the spread can strain the machine. Instead take your over-sized bed sheets to a professional to wash and dry your bedspreads on a clothesline or in a large commercial dryer.

Cleaning Pillows – Believe it or not, most Americans don’t bother to clean or wash their pillows. This is rather disturbing considering the amount of time your head rests in your pillow and sweats in it. The reason that most people don’t bother to wash their pillows is because they don’t know how to. Regardless you don’t want to leave your pillows dirty, because you could be sleeping on a pillow that’s full of drool, dirt, pollen and maybe even nasty bugs!

The best maids Katy TX has to offer can clean your bed completely, however pillows may be another deal all together. If you are intent on cleaning your pillows yourself, make sure to check the labels first.

Cleaning your pillow is easy to do using these easy steps. Once you’ve determined whether your pillow is machine-washable or dry-clean only, you can begin. Foam pillows should be washed with warm water and detergent. Make sure to wash them separately from your  other wash loads to prevent your foam pillow from crushing. Only use just a tad of detergent to wash any pillow that needs cleaning.

If you are unlucky enough to have feather pillows, your options may not be so clear. You can try to spray some fabric freshener over them to kill off any odors, but to clean them you need to call the best maids Katy TX has to offer. Don’t try and wash feather pillows in your machine, otherwise you could be in for a big mess.

Drying your pillows properly – One of the biggest services that the best maids Katy TX can offer is a complete cleaning of your bedroom, including your bed. Drying your pillows is just another hurdle for anyone cleaning their own pillows. That’s because the pillow undoubtedly becomes distorted or misshapen when in the dryer.

To avoid this from happening, throw a few tennis balls into the load when drying. You’ll be amazed when you see the balls plumping up the pillow while it’s drying. This small trick has been used by the best maids Katy TX has to offer, and it’s an easy way to help your pillows to maintain their shape.

Of course when you need the best maids Katy TX can provide, look up Ready SET Maids. Our professional staff of maids will come to your home, and quickly and efficiently wash your bedding of all types. No matter what size the mess or how big the job, Ready SET Maids is the best house cleaning service in Katy TX. Book a cleaning in just 60 seconds or give us a call today.

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