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“We love having Ready Set Maids clean our apartment. It’s like coming home to a hotel every day. They Do a great job!”

Michelle P. Chicago, IL

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“I am totally blow away by how clean my house can be. WOW”

John V. Chicago, IL

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“I have been with Ready Set Maids for a really long time and they are always professional, timely and do a consistently good job cleaning my place”.

Patty C. Schaumburg, IL

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“This is the only maid service that I recommend to all my friends, co-workers and family because they are that incredibly good”. 

Michael E. Chicago, IL

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“Always on time and very friendly and professionals folks”. Our cleaner Martha does a very good job”

Jennifer H. Chicago, IL

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Your Home Cleaning and Maid Service in Chicago Illinois

After a long and hectic day, you deserve to meet your home in the best state. How else will you relax your mind and body? We have READY SET MAIDS to help you achieve that. Your peace of mind is our business. Our customer service is excellent. We are proof that you can enjoy high-quality Chicago cleaning service and stay within budget.

Not matter if you are located near O’ Hare Intercontinental Airport (ORD), or on N Michigan Ave in The Magnificent Mile or next to the Lincoln Park Zoo or North Shore,  West Loop, Ready Set maids in Chicago will provide you an awesome home cleaning and maid services near you.

Ready Set Maids runs a Chicago cleaning service with the aims being professionalism, reliability, and affordability at the peak. We don’t just clean for you, and we leave you with a terrific experience too.

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If you need an industry-leading Chicago cleaning service, Ready Set Maids is the answer. We operate in the city and some northern suburbs. You may think that having a professional clean your home is not worth the expense, but you’re wrong. It is, in fact, an investment.

Opting for an excellent house cleaning service can:

  1. Improve Efficiency. Your busy routine might not allow you pay attention to little details of your house’s cleanliness. Cleaning services take away the need to spend any time cleaning in the first place. You can divert those extra hours to more important things and stay more productive. You can decide to get that needed sleep too.
  2. Get you feeling great. Having piles of undone chores and not having time for them can lead to depression. Why? Because your brain can get cluttered with all, you see around which can lead to a mental slump. There’s an internal serenity that comes with a clean house.
  3. Support a healthy lifestyle. It is a known fact that germs will thrive in an unclean environment rather than a clean one. Bugs and other allergens can cause you and the entire family illnesses. To avoid that, you need to keep your home and family healthy. You can opt for regular or semi-regular cleaning. Another primary reason to keep your home clean is that your visitors can pop in anytime and unannounced. If your house is always in a good state, you wouldn’t have to engage in those embarrassing speed clean in the presence of your guest.

Our 200% Guarantee

We are a Chicago cleaning service that does excellent work, and that makes us proud. But, if you are not satisfied with our service, please do not hesitate to let us know.

We promise to return and perfect the cleaning and this time; we won’t miss that spot. If that won’t be enough, we will happily make things right in other ways possible.

If you are looking for a move in-move out cleaner then give us a call!

Our House Cleaning Services

Ready Set Maids goes above and beyond when it comes to keeping you happy and cleaning your home. We bring all our own tools and cleaning products. All you have to do is kick back and let us do the hard work.

Our Cleaners Are: 

Chicago Best Home Cleaners

Booking with READY SET MAIDS

With Ready Set Maids, the experience we promise begins from the moment you open our website. Our website is as immaculate as we plan to make your house. Thus, booking alone is a delightful experience you will love to have.

All it takes is 60-seconds to book an appointment with us. Our website has a wonderful user interface and is easy to navigate. We understand that you are busy and we don’t intend to waste any of your time.

When you are done with the speedy booking, a confirmation email will get to you instantly. For inquiries, complains or suggestions, our professional customer service personnel will attend to you promptly and pleasantly. Your credit card information given to us during booking will only be put to use after you’re satisfied with our cleaning service. We do pay after satisfactory service. Also, since we use 256-bit SSL encrypted payment, your card information is safe.

Security and Safety

Ready Set Maids is a member of Better Business Bureau. We run a licensed and bonded business; therefore, we are trustworthy. Your personal belongings and the entire home is in safe hands.

It is Affordable

We do not charge per square footage, we charge per bedroom. And that makes us stand out from other maid services. Your cleaning bill can be as low as $97 if you own a 1600 square foot studio apartment. We’re this affordable to help you save money and have you keep coming back to us.

You Can Count On Us

Timeliness is our watchword. We give you a standard “cleaning window” depending on your location in the city and your desired time. We measure time to ensure we provide the best cleaning service and that we leave you satisfied.

Gold Standard Service

We do not have just any kind of maids but those who are very serious about their job and are passionate. We use only carefully screened and selected professionals. Our maids operate in teams of two because we do not want to waste your time and resources. Also, we are ready to dance to your tune. Tell us how you want your house cleaned, and that is precisely how we’ll do it. If you prefer that we use only green cleaning products, we’re up to the task. If you have a preference and feel more comfortable with some particular maids, we’ll make sure they keep coming. Do you want your guest room cleaned or your dog’s house? We’re capable, tell us what you want.

We can give your house a standard cleaning or a deep cleaning. Whichever you are looking for, our maids will perform excellently and leave you with the impression that Ready Set Maids is the best Chicago cleaning service you can find.

Within a one hour window, you’ll be welcoming your maids. They are bent on managing your time as well as theirs. You may choose to stay home and monitor them, and you may also use that time to do go out and achieve other things. Whichever your choice is, they will comply. Have we told you that we accept all major credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover? We focus on making life easier for you, and booking is part of it.

When Your Cleaning Has Been Completed

We don’t do the “pay before service” thing, and we do the “pay after service” thing. After the job is done, we charge you and send you a receipt via email. If by any chance you are not satisfied with the service provided (which will most certainly not happen), there’s a number on the receipt you can dial we’ll instantly solve the problem. We aren’t joking about satisfying you.

If you still have doubts about Ready Set Maids, we understand. We have some testimonials from satisfied and happy customers that may convince you. Check them out above. While some had the impression that hiring a maid will be a costly step, others were doubtful about the idea of using cleaning services in Chicago IL. we were able to change their notion, and perhaps their reviews will change yours too. Ready Set Maids is worth a trial.

Here Is Your Comprehensive Guide about Cleaning Services in Chicago

It is often a complicated process when trying to get cleaning services for your residential property. One of the contributors to this complication is the historical racism attached to domestic work. Another is the fear of being of being judged for having an untidy home.

Just as the internet has helped simplify the process of finding services like getting your dinner ready, hiring a cab and other time gulping chores, it has also created a simplified way of having a clean home or office.

So long as you can afford to hire a professional cleaning service, your untidy home will become the least of your worries. Your life might turn around because you get more time to deal with more important things in your life. Now that cleaning services or maid services have become quite affordable, it has become progressive.

Some years back, such services were only for the wealthiest ones since only those in their caliber could afford them. Most cleaning businesses hold communication high; communication with clients and their maids or cleaners. How shocking will it be for a client to expect the cleaning service to take care of a significant defect that is a responsibility of the landlord’s? Some basic rules should be recognized by both parties as far as hiring cleaning services in Chicago is concerned. Check out a few:

  • What You Need to Know About Hourly Cleaning Before Your Book

Typically, it will take a minimum of 2.5 hours to have a one-bedroom, and one-bathroom house cleaned up. If a small bathroom has not been cleaned for a while, it may take up to an hour to clean it up. Therefore, some cleaning companies provide 2.5 hours minimum booking policy. Experts in the cleaning business recommend that you select the top 3 most important things to be cleaned and allow the cleaning professionals to focus on them.

Majorly, cleaning services bill clients per hour spent on the cleaning job. But there are some who do not. For instance, some cleaners will give an estimated time budget. Most cleaning professionals unanimously agree that it takes at least 2 to 2.5 hours to clean even the smallest apartments. This may not be the same for extreme cases that may require more extended hours.

You should ensure you understand fully how the cleaning time will be spent. We suggest you do a background check and look at reviews of cleaners in Chicago. With proper research, you will know what cleaning professionals are in your area, their payment type. If you enjoyed a promo or coupon, then inquire about their regular rates so you will know what you’d be paying for if you decide to go to them for their services again.

  • What Type of Cleaning You Should Conduct Before Your Cleaning Professionals Appointment

It is better to make things easier for the cleaners before they arrive not by doing their job, but by making the tasks visible and easily accessible. Less overall clutter means the cleaners can focus on the actual cleaning. Ensure you have all your dirty clothes in the wash basket, so they know that is all they have to wash. Also, if things are in place, the cleaners will easily locate those important tasks you hate to do yourself. Some surveys show that up to 50% of clients will do some house cleaning before the workers arrive.

  • You Do Not Need to Be Home While Your House Is Being Cleaned

This is your choice to make. Experts also agree that it is the decision of the homeowner. While some prefer to stick around to put the cleaners through and show them what to do, others will instead leave the house and let them do their jobs. With time, you will get comfortable with your choice if you feel awkward at first.

  • Here Are a Few Things That Will Not Be Handled By Cleaning Professionals

The cleaning industry disagrees on some things, such as bio-hazards which include pet messes, blood, feces, and some other bodily fluids. A lot of home cleaning businesses mark black mold out of what they do because it is very toxic and should only be handled by specialists. Moreover, some cleaning services do not do outdoor work, move heavy furniture set or clean blinds. Generally, cleaning services cannot deal with pests since they are cleaners and not exterminator. Only those trained for extermination are meant to do the job.

Additionally, there are cleaning businesses that have a “do-not-touch” list which all cleaners are aware of. They have been trained not to touch certain things like television or computer screen, jewelry, and windows too. All these are to avoid leaving streaks on them. Other tasks like gutter cleaning, outdoor window cleaning, duct cleaning, and other similar cleanings are regarded as higher-skilled tasks that require a level of specialists. These types of functions also include restoration cleaning, module needed when there had been a flood or fire incident.

  • What You Should Hire For

If you are the heavy worker with super busy schedules, all of your tasks, as far as they are in the scope of human-decency, can be hired out. Otherwise, consider those tasks that will hinder your productivity in other aspects of your life. Also, check for those cleanings which you feel requires the services of a cleaning business. It is okay to need help in cleaning your home, and you shouldn’t judge yourself for that.

However, like we have emphasized on the need for research earlier, you still need to apply that here. Some cleaning professionals may hold the opinion that tasks like cleaning your shower are a minor one. With three parts baking soda and 1 part water mixed into paste form, you can get a cleaner title as it deals with stubborn stains. White vinegar is the magic from reflective glass and mirrors.

If clutter is the challenge you have, what you need is a personal organizer instead of cleaving services. Be sure of what you need and do make a realistic decision.

  • Do I Tip and How Much?

In Chicago, you will find a lot of cleaning services businesses that will include the gratuity with the overall costs of the service rendered. However, according to ARCSI (Association of Residential Cleaning Services International), 10 to 15 percent is considered customary when the company does not include a gratuity fee.

  • Communication Is Key to a Great Experience

You should never keep quiet if the services you get do not meet your expectations. However, Chicago based cleaning services most times are professional ones and they take pride in what they do. Offering them your honest feedback will be highly appreciated. If you do not tell them your disappointments, they may not be able to solve the problem since they do not know what was done wrong. Also, the cleaners may not perfect cleaning in the exact way you want it until after about three cleaning sessions.

You can reach out to the cleaning service company via email, phone call or text message. If you like, you can drop a handwritten note too. If after all these steps you are not satisfied with their services, then perhaps they are not meant for you. You have the cleaning service Chicago Yelp or maid service Chicago Yelp to help you with other selection.

How to Hire Commercial Cleaning Companies In Chicago

Cleaning services as an industry have grown popular in recent times, as popular as other popular sectors around the globe. Many consumers regard cleaning services as flexible and tide-minding. Even those who work in an office or run commercial companies will need a cleaning service. So, it is a very relevant service not only for residential purposes but for business purposes too. Both areas need a clean environment. Visitors or clients as the case may be should meet a clean area so they can feel relaxed and welcome.

Nowadays you will find different companies in Chicago offering various cleaning services. To get one for either commercial or residential purpose, you need to carry out proper research. These cleaning services make use of skilled professionals to offer excellent services to their client. To get cleaning service, all you need is a quick phone call to your desired company, and they will help you manage your time by doing your tasks for you. Also, you have different options to select from. There are those who operate and bill on an hourly basis, while some on a contract basis or package basis. The choice is yours.

The commercial cleaning service is when a business organization hires employees from a particular cleaning company. These employees will take care of all cleaning tasks in the company. Coffee shops, banks, clubs, restaurants and so on, are examples of commercial properties that may require cleaning services.

Because they are experts in cleaning, these companies or businesses have cleaning solutions and quality equipment which they use to ease and quicken their tasks. This way, they offer the best of service in a short time. They sometimes also provide their staff with some training before hiring them out. These companies try as much as they can to offer exceptional services to their clients.

Please note that commercial cleaning services are not limited to cleaning office buildings alone, they offer more. They also do furniture polishing and graffiti removal. Some operate based on contract, and some offer monthly subscriptions.

The Major Pluses of Commercial Cleaning Services

  • Adaptability

This could be the best benefit that comes with using commercial cleaner in Chicago. For instance, in cases of emergency, you can get a cleaning service that will immediately begin to the rescue. Also, your requirements can be the determinant of how they schedule their operations. What this means is that they will plan their schedule to suit your specific needs. Thus, cleaning services is one of the most flexible and client-friendly services out there.

  • Always Reliable

One significant advantage that distinguishes cleaning services from other services is its dependability. You can rely on them because these companies are operated by professionals who are experts in terms field. You have a guarantee that they will provide a service which you can rely on. Your commercial and residential spaces can remind clean and presentable always.

  • Sticking to Your Budget

Unlike in the past where only the wealthiest could afford cleaning services, now cleaning services are quite affordable. Almost all business owners will see a cleaning company that provides services that will fall within their budgets. Cleaning companies can have their cleaner’s dust, shampoo your carpets, vacuum carpets or furniture, and another cleaning you may need them to do. They have specialized tools to help them perform excellently well. These tools are only an addition to their already existing expertise.

For all the benefits that commercial cleaning services offer, they seem to have grown popular today. They offer a wide range of benefits that are very desirable and highly needed by any organization. All organizations want to keep a clean space that will be friendly to clients and staff altogether.


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