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Hiring the best maid Houston has isn’t always an easy proposition, especially when you’ve got dirty furniture or a messy living room. If you need tips on how to properly clean your furniture or clear out your living area, this guide can help. We’ll cover the basics of furniture cleaning and show you just how to clean your home without turning to maid service in Houston.

But when your mess is too much to deal with, or you just don’t have the time you need the right maid service Houston can offer. As we’ve stated already this can be a tall task. In fact with so many home cleaning choices out there in the Houston area, chances are you could feel overwhelmed at times. When you need superior service that a great company can offer you, there can be only one choice. Hire Ready SET Maids and see how relaxing and stress free you feel after a professionally cleaned home. Book instantly on our site or call us @ 832-939-4500.




Cleaning your Furniture – Tips on a clean living room

Life can come at you fast, especially when you’ve got so many things to juggle on your plate. When you can’t find the time to clean, you may have fallen victim to inviting guests over, or even having surprise guests arrive; only to discover that your living room is a complete mess. When this happens you need to get on your horse and put in some serious effort to clean your home quickly, especially when calling for a cleaning service in Houston has to offer is not an option.

When you need your living room cleaned fast, here’s a quick guide on the best cleaning tips for your Houston home.

Cleaning your Living Room Fast – Tips to a Clean Home in a hurry

  1. Find a big empty box and a wastebasket to begin clearing out garbage and things that don’t belong.
  2. Put the box and wastebasket in the center of the room, and begin clearing your living room.
  3. Collect all the dishes, cups and glasses from your living room. Put them in your dishwasher and out of sight.
  4. Clear out any garbage into the wastebasket, this includes magazines, newspapers, old rags, etc.
  5. Collect everything that doesn’t belong in the living room and put them in your box.
  6. Take both the wastebasket and the box to the garage, basement, closet or any other out-of-the-way spot.
  7. Use two dishcloths, one damp and one dry to quickly wipe down your mirrors and any picture frames of dust.
  8. Arrange and stack all the books or magazines in your living room.
  9. Quickly vacuum the visible bits in the room.
  10. Spray air freshener lightly around the room

Once you are done, prepare to greet your guests and welcome them into your home. Of course when you are done cleaning your home or living room, and need to clean afterwards, there’s many means to get this done. By sticking to this list of cleaning guidelines, you can delay house cleaners to clean your home. If you’ve got dirty furniture however, there’s a different set of cleaning tips that you need to use.

The best cleaning tips from Houston cleaning services local to you

  1. Inspect your furniture and see if there’s a “W” on the tag.
  2. If not you can begin cleaning your furniture using two capfuls of dishwasher soap (natural-pH) to a bucket of cool water.
  3. Dip a clean rag into the mixture, and wring it out well. Scrub the dirty areas with a thin layer of the solution onto each cushion or surface of your furniture.
  4. For serious stains, use more of the cleaning solution and make sure to allow the cushions enough air and time to dry properly.
  5. If your sofa needs cleaning, take apart the cushions and separate the padding from the cover. Again, always make sure to properly dry your sofa to prevent mildew. Double check and let all the parts air-dry completely before reassembling.

For leather furniture, some of the best maids Houston has to offer also has a few tips for you. These leather cleaning tips can restore your tired looking or dirty sofa, and bring back some bling to your living room quickly.

  1. Mix together  1/3 white-vinegar to 2/3 olive oil in a small dish
  2. Rub this all natural, eco-friendly mixture onto your leather sofa or chairs.
  3. Buff with a clean cloth to bring out the natural shine and restore the moisture in your leather

The vinegar cleans while the oil softens and nourishes the leather, and this wonderful stuff also helps blend in cracks and blemishes in the hide.


Overall we understand that you don’t want to spend a lot of your free time cleaning your house but it is necessary. We will do our best to support your cleaning needs any time you need us. But try and not get stressed out by cleaning the entire house every day. Try and schedule different areas throughout the week so you can pace yourself and not get tired fast.

We do advise that you use polish on some of your wooden furniture to protect the wood and keep it “hydrated” to look its best. Regular dusting is important however remember to keep your filter changed regularly. In doing so you will make sure you avoid dust blowing around and you will save about 5%-`5% on your energy bill regularly. which is a nice bonus for anyone.

When you have got a serious mess on your hands, you need the best maid Houston can offer. The professional staff at Ready SET Maids can provide the house cleaning service you need and deserve. Book a house cleaning by using our quick and easy 60 second form, or call us @ 832-939-4500.

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