Deciding whether to hire a housekeeper of a cleaning service is based on your individual cleaning needs. A housekeeper is designed to give you personalized services and a cleaning company provides a team of professionals. The fact remains that you need cleaning services and have to decide between the two. However, under certain conditions both can be essential for cleaning your residential or commercial work space. In fact, either can be beneficial for occasional cleaning, based on a per needed basis.


Often times, a housekeeper will attempt to work for their customers on a long term basis. Housekeeping is based on personalized services requested by the customer. Housekeepers attempt to work on a regularly scheduled basis for their clients. They offer a personal relationship based on your house cleaning needs. Over time they become familiar with your home and the needs of your family. The goal of a housekeeper is taking care of the essentials of the home.

Housekeeping duties include:

-Making the beds
-Dusting the furniture
-Walking the dog
-Putting away dishes
-Doing the laundry
-Running Errands
-General organizing
and other basic household essentials…

On the other hand, a cleaning company provides cleaning for those larger tasks. They don’t develop a personal relationship with the family, but rather a professional relationship. They are there on a on call basis for various tasks and cleaning jobs. House cleaning typically involves a team of professionals that are available on call and get the job done in an allotted amount of time. For example, if you have weekend property, that you visit on occasion, a cleaning company can make scheduled visits to your property and clean for you based on your needs.

Cleaning companies provide:

-Scrubbing and deep cleaning
-Vacuum and steam cleaning upholstery
-Heavy cleaning
-Sanitizing your home or commercial business
-Dusting (i.e. light fixtures, counters, furniture
-Remove garbage and separate recyclable items
and many other professional services…..

They both attempt to meet your needs, but one is personal and the other is professional services. There is clearly a difference between the two and customers have to decide which one is more beneficial to their situation. A professional cleaning service has a goal of getting the job done. Housekeepers want to meet the personal needs of their clients. Ironically, the decision is based on, if customers need a maid or cleaning company service professionals.