move in move out home cleaningWhat Comprises a Great Houston Cleaning Company?

Thinking of how you would go about explaining what a great cleaning company is in the Houston area? Many of our members have had the same thought because they want to hire a service. This is completely natural, and it is important that you answer the question . For many members, the answer could differ a bit. There are yet some common ways of defining a great cleaning company.

Some members want special types of products and some want special tools. Other customers may value reminder and communication more. Then again we should not overlook the core, basic needs of about any member.


Here are a few to get you started:

Responsiveness to Your Needs

A company that is responsive to you may seem a simple request yet this is not always the case. You sometimes call, send an email and wait days to get a response. It happens more often than you would imagine.

The reason this is important is that there will be times when you will want to communicate with the company. You may need to do so to change your schedule, add extra services or share some specific notes for your account.

In some cases, you will need them to address an area in your home that they may have missed. You don’t want to wait for days and days to have this addressed. If the company does not respond to you early inside of business hours it is a red flag.

The best companies care about their customers. They will do their what they can within reason to accommodate your needs. Be sure that you communicate with clarity what you need help with.

Consistency of a Good Cleaning

This, of course, goes without saying that the cleaning has to be good most of the time. the reason we say most of the time is because there are no cleaners that will be awesome 100% of the time. There are some that come very close. You will like experience a sub par cleaning even from the best at some point.

Knowing there must consistency from your cleaning company in Houston is important. Keep in mind that if they cleaning is often bad than good then you may need to make changes. Expect an eight out of ten as long as the other two are not far below standard.

A great or even good cleaning company will be very consistent in delivering a solid clean. It is what they do and they know it. Be sure and give fair feedback when they fall short. If they are responsive, they will course adjust to fix the problem.

Do They Protect Their Cleaners and Customers?

Safety is an important part of house keeping services that many over look. There are many aspects of this to consider when defining what a great service is like. Here are some points to consider:

  • Insurance – If items in your home break who will pay for these to replace and repaired? It is Likely the company will open up a claim. If they have insurance, the claim will receive an investigation.
  • Criminal Checks – The pros cleaning your home should have criminal background checks. This ensures there are no crimes in their past. You do not want anyone in your home who has committed a crime. The best companies have zero tolerance policy for hiring people with criminal past.
  • Drug Testing – Most companies in the residential cleaning sector do not drug test. This is actually pretty common. Yet, we are talking about defining the best company here. The most serious of companies insist on drug test prior t hiring.

The three points are important for protecting both the cleaner and the member. You are letting someone come into your home. When doing so exercise caution and care with your decision.


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Do They Enjoy Their Work?

This goes without saying but we will say it anyway. Most of us don’t like to clean or have the time to clean. It is important to you get a sense of excitement for what they do. The professional cleaning service will convey this in their interaction.

Usually, a representative on the phone or their website will convey this message. They don’t have to love cleaning but should enjoy it to some extent. Being a professional maid has some appeal to many people. You get to come to a home and do a manual job. This is process driven and very repeatable which some people like.

You do not have to take any work home with you and often times will finish by 4 pm daily. Also, many services do not offer work on the weekends. So a maid can have a very desirable schedule which included not nights and weekends off.

The best professionals also make pretty good money and have a good standard of living. Yet, there are not a lot of folks willing to come into work and clean day in and day out.


So how do we explain what a great Houston cleaning service company is? Well, they focus on responsive and friendly customer service. They deliver a great cleaning of your home just about every time. They also place the safety of their members and customers at the heart of what they do.

Aside from this, check out some reviews. Make sure that they are not poorly ranked by their existing of past customers. Reviews are important but your personal interaction and experience are more important.

Reviews help to confirm what you are feeling and what sense you are fostering from the company before you make the hire.

It does not have to complicated or strenuous to make a great choice. Keep things simple and you will start to enjoy the benefits. Having a great partner for your housekeeping needs go a far way.

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