If you are looking to hire your first cleaning company and are wondering what you need to do, then we have a few tips for you. You likely have decided to take the step and getting a cleaning service because you want more time back in your life. It’s a busy world out there, we know this and we know you have to work, take care of your kids, not neglect your spouse and try to stay healthy and happy in all of this. We also understand that these things are easier said than done. So hiring a company to help you around the house is a completely natural and understandable endeavor by you.

So let’s look at some good tips for you to get off on the right foot.

Give the Cleaning Service a Call

In today’s market, there is a lot to be said for actually speaking to someone at any company. It takes more time and you don’t need to speak to them consistently or long. It’s just a call to see how friendly and welcoming the support staff is. There may come times when you have special requests and changes to your house cleaning that you will need to make. So you will want to take a moment and see if they give you good initial support that is friendly. Most overlook this point because you can actually manage much of your account details online with the well-established cleaning services. So give them a quick call and see what the experience is like. If you like the office folks then you are off to a good start.

Review Your Scope of Work

When you make a hire for any home services you will want to be sure that you are looking at what is included in your service. This is perhaps on of the major reasons some customers get surprised. Even though the scope is on their website and they sent you a couple of reminders of what is included – you might still miss this important point. If you do, you might think things like ceiling fans and baseboards are included in every service and in many cases it a deep clean add-on at many companies.

You will also want to make sure that you are itemizing any custom work or cleaning you want to be completed. Some customers will want extras like their nick knacks cleaned and furniture moved and some like special kinds of products to use and this can be an important point to overlook if you don’t share it with the cleaning service soon enough

Try to Be There (but out of the way) On Your First Cleaning

You don’t really need to be there with your cleaning company on their first cleaning but I can significantly help the relationship at the onset. You can be there to meet the cleaner(s) and share any small details you would have for them. It is also important to understand that the cleaners are trained to clean and most of them do so with a checklist. So the more you interrupt the service the less they are focused on cleaning and the more time it will take away from the actual house cleaning itself.

Instead, try to do a walk thru with them prior to them finishing up the home and you can address anything that was not to your satisfaction based on the order that you placed with the cleaning service. Once this is completed on your first visit give some feedback good or opportunity and things will go much smoother on your next service going forward. You will not need to be there and many prefer that you are because they can move faster and more efficient thru your home delivering a more thorough cleaning.

Arrival Time & Access

Understand that most of the house cleaners have multiple homes to service in the day and many also fight traffic to get to your home. Because of these two reasons many of them will provide an arrival window to you. Be sure that you know what this arrival window is and expect then somewhere in the middle. Some will have a one hour window so expect them around 30 minutes, some will have a two-hour window, so expect them around the one hour mark.

This will help you to manage expectations and not set you up to be upset if they are within their arrival window. One other point to consider is that you likely will not be home usually when they come, so be flexible on your timing if you can.

You will want to make sure your team can access your home and many hide the key or give a garage code for the cleaners to enter your home. If you forget this and the service arrives and you are not there they will likely charge you a cancellation fee.



Most items like a deep clean, inside of the fridge or oven and blinds are not included in many services. Sometimes you will want to make sure you know what costs extra and when you want to add those items on to your service. Many do add-ons seasonally like a deep cleaning in spring and inside oven and fridge twice per year. This helps you to get ready for the holidays and prepare for a smoother holiday season.

One adds on to consider is outside work like the patio and the windows. Most do not offer these add-ons outside you will want to make sure you ask them about that if you give them a call before making the hire. Some will do it on a periodic basis for you anyways.


You are going to love coming home to a clean and tidy house when you hire a cleaning company. You will get more time back and you will also feel a lot better than you did the previous days and weeks. There is a reason why so many people love hiring cleaners and you will surely be one of them following our best tips and advice for a smooth start.