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looking to hire a maid service in Katy or West Houston? You always seem to have less and less time with our modern lifestyle. Work is stressing you out and you want to have some time to invest in yourself or maybe do a side project to bring in more household income. You have to take the children to school, maybe pack a lunch and get them picked up. Maybe the kids are involved in sports and you have several games to attend in season. Hey, its Katy, Texas so football is important. So you decide what many decide, there are better things to do than clean your own home. That’s when you decide to hire a home cleaner in Katy Texas. So the process can be really simple or really difficult depending on the path you take. Here is how you do it:





First Here is How Most of Us Spend Our Time – Which is Why We Probably Need a House Cleaning Service

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics here is how we spend our time in America:

  • 8.9 Hours Working (37% of your day)
  • 7.7 Hours Sleeping (32.1% of your day)
  • 2.5 Hours Leisure & Sports (10.42% of your day)
  • 1.6 Other (6.66% of your day)
  • 1.2 Caring for Others (5% of your day)
  • 1.0 Eating & Drinking (4.16% of your day)
  • 1.0 Household Activities (4.16% of your day)
  • Here is a link to the statistics if you wish to check it out []


# 1 Discover a Cleaning Service Company in Katy, Texas

If you are reading this article you have already found one of the best house cleaning companies in the Houston, Texas area. But hey, let’s stay objective here. Start by checking some Yelp reviews or Google+ reviews. Don’t concern yourself with the amount of reviews. Good review are good reviews and bad reviews are bad reviews regardless of how many reviews they have. Some customers won’t hire or go somewhere if its less than a 4 star or 3.5 star. Whatever your own threshold is you decide. Make a short list of companies you want to check out.


#2 Visit the Website

It’s important you visit the websites of the companies you are interested in. Take a general review of their site. Does it look like a “mom and pop” site or does it look professional, clean and organized? Is the navigation easy and can you find what you need to make a decision to hire? Are there reviews on the site and is there clear pricing?

The reason we are a bit critical of the website is because it speaks to the quality of the company. The website in many cases if not all represent the face and first impression of the company. Did you know that most people only review a resume for about 7-10 seconds?

The attention span on a website is not that dissimilar. So having some pride in how you present your company often speaks to how the whole experience will go. So now that you have decided on a couple companies that are a fit for your maid services Katy TX offers it time to get a price or quote.


#3 Do I Hire a Company or Independent?

OK. Here is the scoop on this topic. Many people choose an independent because the running thought is that they are less expensive. In many cases they are less expensive than a company. In the case of most independents you no security of a background check of who is actually in your home. Independents can also be classified as your employee by the government. You could also be liable for any injuries an independent has in your home.

An independent maid is also his or her own boss. While you have an arranged time of arrival, they can show up any time and leave anytime and do any scope of work. Like any industry there are great independents and not so great independents. Now with a company here are some of the pros.

You have some sort of background check to know who is in your home and its likely they are bonded an insured for damages to your items which can occur. You also will have a listed scope of work and standards in place to handle the quality of service you are receiving in your home. In addition, it’s clear that they cannot be deemed as employees of yours freeing you of possible employee payroll taxes and liabilities.

Overall there are less and less independents in the market as the advertising and the cost of doing business has dramatically increased. Plus, the days when large franchise brands used to charge you $200 to $400 for house cleaning services are gone even for a residential cleaner in Katy Texas.

#4 How Much Should You Pay for House Cleaning Services in Katy, Texas?

There are really a couple of camps when it comes to maid service prices. The first camp is wanting a cheap price, the second in in the middle and the third camp wants a little pricier service. When you hire a maid service in Katy Texas these camps are still relevant. Most companies believe you will pay between $100 to $150 for regular service excluding move in move out and deep clean options. However, this is not set industry pricing. So Here are some points to consider on pricing house cleaning:

  1. Warning: Can You Get a Straight Forward Price:
    • Ever noticed how difficult it is to get a straight forward price on some of the maid service and home cleaning sites in Houston? Here are some reasons why:
    • You’ll be charged more if the service can do it. You literally can be paying more than your neighbor with the same size home
    • The cleaning company wants your information in the event you don’t buy from them so they can re-market to you via phone call or email
    • It’s possible your information could even be sold to marketers
    • Submit for a quote and in home estimate just takes longer and wastes more time. Aren’t you trying to save time and not have to jump thru hoops to get a price from a cleaning service you may or may not hire?
  1. Go Cheap & Pay:
    • When I am considering who enters my home I certainly will no entertain cheap. Often there are a few problems you will run into if you are taking the cheap route. Let’s consider a few of these:
    • If you are paying $50 to get your 3 bedroom 2 bathroom cleaned, you are likely using an independent or an hourly service for a couple hours
    • Independent cleaner can be great but they are becoming fewer and fewer and bring issues with reliability, background checks and overall safety and security. There is no company or contractor agreements to govern them or lead them. They basically will do what they want, when they want. Plus, without a proper background checks you don’t really know who is in your home
    • Hourly can be great as well, but not a low hourly. According to the US bureau of labor statistics the average maid made $10.34 per hour. You don’t want some who is paid minimum wage or under $12 per hour on average. Why? Because a better way and working conditions will lower turnover which is huge in the house cleaning industry. Another reason is that you don’t want someone who has a dire need for money to the point where they may steal from your home.
  1. Go Middle of the Road Price:
    • for a good service this option starts to get better when you consider the factors. No one really wants to clean a home. At least very few do. It is likely these companies have background checked their pros and have a process or checklist in place for cleaning a home in a professional way. The price is not cheap and it’s not high. But you can be assured that there are better management practices in place that addresses the consistent cleaning of your home along with safety and security.
  1. Go a Little Pricier:
    • Gone are the days when major franchise cleaning companies charged you an arm and a leg to clean your home. I remember a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom would be over $200 for every two weeks. Today you have local businesses who do a great job with a hard earned reputation that are higher price. Many of the companies that charge higher for house cleaning services in Houston and surrounding the area know that their prices are higher. They pay their people better wages, have less turnover and deliver a more consistent cleaning of your home with each visit.

With price remember there is a cost of doing business. Businesses have to market to capture you as a lead. They must pay their people (preferably more than the average), supplies, operations, taxes and more. It takes a lot to deliver a great and consistent house cleaning experience. However, you can be assured that if you go too cheap for a home cleaner you will likely encounter more than normal issues.

Another point to consider is the larger your home the more you will pay. The first time cleaning will likely be costlier because of the extra time as well. You will have more build up for the maids to attack and deep clean.

When looking at your price be realistic and objective. More build up and larger homes takes more time, which means more payroll that has to be paid.

#5 What Type of Home Cleaning Do You Need & How Often?

The better question is what is important to you and what do you want to spend your time on? If you have a busy schedule between work & family life, then it is likely you need your home cleaned at least every other week. If you have not had a cleaning service in more than a month or never before you should opt in for a deep clean on the initial visit of your house cleaning in Katy, TX.

This allows your housekeeper to bring your home up to a manageable level of maintenance for your future cleanings.

Typically, if you have a larger family the buildup occurs much faster and will your home will need to be cleaned more often.  But the kids will help right? Usually we find this doesn’t work so you may need weekly cleanings instead.

Many companies offer add-on’s such as inside of the fridge, inside of the oven, blinds, baseboards, laundry, dishes and ceiling fans. Make sure you find out what is included in their cleanings so you can be on the same page as far as what you pay for. Many members like their bathrooms, master bedroom and common areas like their kitchen and living rooms done each time. Again take a quick look (preferably on their site) of what is included in each package the cleaning company offers.

If you have a four-legged friend running around the house you will likely need cleaning more consistently as well. Pet hair accumulates daily along with dust which are the two major culprits of buildup.

To keep things simple, go big on the first clean and that way your cleaning service can work on maintaining your home.

Eco Clean

A growing demand in the house cleaning industry has been Eco-friendly cleaning. The products cost more and typically you will pay a little more for the Eco house cleaning option. Some prefer this as a healthier option to breathing chemicals from their cleaning.


#6 Was the Company Designed with You in Mind?

Most folks that have a house cleaner are busy people who value their work, family and time. They understand that running a household is difficult particularly in today’s economy where prices are increasing but wages have remained stagnant.

So you should be able to do a number of things without actually calling the company unless you want to. Just about any home services can be book instantly online. You should be able to book your house cleaning manage your schedule from your own account.

Taking out cash and writing a check are becoming, actually, they already are a nuisance. You should have quick and easy automated payment processing.

Requesting support should also be easy via your own account or email at a time that is convenient for you.

Customer service will also be important when you have issues that come up. You might still want to call to reschedule, or give feedback and you’ll want a real person to speak to when that happens. So if the customer service is good at the beginning it will likely we be good throughout the service.


#7 Some Pain Points to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Cleaning Company in Katy Texas

If you head off some of these common cleaning issues you will be much happier and content with your cleaning company experience.

Don’t Expect Your House to Be Brand New After a Cleaning

Your maids will clean your home but they cannot restore your home to its brand new condition. There is wear and tear that occurs over time. You may also need a deep treatment or several deep cleanings to get months or years of buildup out. Hard water stains are one to those items.

Try Not to Get in the Way

If you have hired a good company, the maids are pros at what they do. Try and stay out of their way after you give any special instructions. Remember to not go way off the reservation or you may be charged more. For instance, many housekeeping services will change your bed linens if you leave them out on the bed. Don’t ask them to wash the linens, dry them and put them back on your bed. That will not happen in most cases.

Clean up the Clutter Before a Cleaning

The less clutter you have the better your home is going to get cleaned. If there is a little bit of clutter your maids will spend more time picking that clutter in your home and its likely they will not pick up clutter and clean as well as they normally would. Most home cleaning pros have more than one home per day and more clutter means less cleaning and more picking up.

Treat Your Maids with Respect

Your maid or maid team can refuse to come back to your home. This actually happens all the time. Folks are maybe having a bad day and yell at their housekeeper and some have even made derogatory remarks. Remember you maid is there with the intent to do a good job and keep you happy.

You Can Get Fired by Your Maid Service

This is actually true. There are some horror stories out there. There have been instances of customers yelling at maids, throwing items at maids and making inappropriate advances.

Yep, but those are obvious ones to part ways. Others try to hire the maids from the first service. They try to get free cleanings and some are unreasonably demanding. A signal of this is if you have gone thru more than 5 house cleaning services you likely are one of those customers…sorry.

Don’t Expect Much More than What You Are Paying For

The best service will try to exceed your expectations however, if you have purchased 3 rooms in your home to cleaned, then don’t expect 5 rooms to be cleaned. Most companies schedule based on a route and home cleanings to be completed on that rout on that particular day. They likely would not spend an extra hour cleaning additional rooms unless it is paid for.

If your oven top and inside have not been cleaned in a year or years and has heavy build up. Be reasonable and expect it to look much better but not entirely like brand new.

If you are unclear about the scope of work you should ask and review the scope work. You will be much happier and pleased with your service.

Read Your Scope of Work and Know What You Are Getting

A common problem in the home cleaning industry is the consumer not knowing what the scope of work is that they have purchased. Also some companies make it a practice to hide add on’s to get you booked and then up-sell you which really irritates people. Be sure you see the what we clean or what is included section so that you are not surprised by anything.

To Tip or Not to Tip?

This is your call. At our company over 80% of our member’s tip. But we do a great job of delivering a consistent house cleaning for our customers along with great customer service. So if you have a good maid team and you can tip go ahead. It doesn’t have to be 20% $5 to $15 is good. Remember the average maid makes about $19,000 annually according to US bureau of labor statistics.

Our Locations In Houston Texas

If you are looking for a maid service in Houston we offer services all over the city. We service home cleaning Sugar Land, Fulshear TX, Houston TX, Pearland TX, The Woodlands TX, Spring TX, and many of the Houston proper cities. Just give us a call or schedule Houston house cleaning on-line here.


Overall you should be able to book your house cleaning and hire a maid service in Katy Texas very easily. Just check out the reviews of house cleaning services, get a straight forward price and have realistic expectations of your cleaning services.

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