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House Cleaning Katy TX: Are We Right For You?

So you work hard, you are busy and you need to get some extra time back in your life. Maybe your last service was not that great? Or, its your first time hiring a house cleaning Katy TX company? We have a great reputation that is hard earned. Ranking over a 4.5 in YELP, Home Advisor and over 5,700 internal five stars is really hard to do. So, we make sure we check the background of our cleaning pros, their cleaning ability and inspect to keep the work to the Ready SET Maids standards.

Understanding that people want to live more easily and have more fun is what makes us want to help. Everyone seems to be so stressed and busy on a constant basis. We strive to help you create that balance a little bit more and love your home, your sanctuary, a place to regroup and recharge.

We understand that creating a balance is not always easy for a family to accomplish. Yet we know many turn to home services to help them achieve that balance. Spending quality family time is more precious today than ever before and we help our members get more time.

We have made is simple for you to get a straight forward price and book your cleaning fast. So try to book instantly on our site or call us @ 832-939-4500 with any questions.


Finding a Katy, Texas House Cleaning Fit

If consistent cleaning, trust and local are important to you when hiring a maid service then we are here to be responsive and supportive of your housekeeping needs. Give a call or just book right here on our site!


Deep Cleaning

With such busy schedules and all the meals you make for your family every week, you probably don’t stop to think about the impact this could be having on the inside of your oven, cupboards and fridge. You may not realize the amount of dirt and grime that can accumulate in these areas, making them a hotbed for bacteria to thrive in.

It’s strange to think of storage areas such as cupboards and fridges harboring so many germs when we’re constantly removing and replacing groceries with fresh food, and throwing out anything that’s past its sell-by date. Unless we actually spill something and need to clean it up, the food just sits there, waiting to be taken out and eaten. However, just like debris will build up on a floor that isn’t vacuumed, the same goes for a fridge, cupboard or oven that isn’t cleaned regularly, and when bacteria multiplies, it can cause a number of issues.

Yet sometimes, we simply don’t have enough time to clean these areas as well as we would like to. A quick zip around the kitchen with an antibacterial wipe in between feeding the kids and putting them to bed is sometimes all we have time to do, so these problem areas get overlooked. It’s rare we actually get enough time in the day to carry out a deep clean on our kitchen surfaces, let alone in these harder to reach areas.

Love Coming Home!

When you have help around the house and you come home on cleaning day you will love the the fresh feeling and smell. There is something about the clean and tidy home that just lowers your stress and you begin feel great. We hear this from our members all the time and they love it. Many report feeling less stressed out when they arrive at home. They also mention how being at home feels good especially the first few days after their cleaning.

You and your entire family will feel great when you can spend that quality time together. You do not have to worry about cleaning the toilets or bath tub. You can go out for a family bike ride, cook a great dinner or play board games. Maybe you just want to binge watch your favorite show. Whatever you favorite thing to do is, you can be sure you will have more time to do it.

Making Home Cleaning More Simple

Let Ready Set Maids help you, so you can get on with all of the other important things in life you need to do without having to worry about cleaning. On top of our regular housekeeping services, for a small fee we will carry out a deep clean, scrubbing and sanitizing the inside of your fridge, cupboards or oven to remove all traces of the dirt and stubborn stains you can see, and the bacteria you can’t. Our expert team of maids and cleaners are dedicated to providing the best possible service, ensuring you will be left with a kitchen that’s been deeply cleaned.

And hey! Isn’t it more fun to cook a great meal in a clean kitchen? I truly want to cook more when there are clean dishes, pots and pans to use. No one wants to clean those items before they cook!


In just 60 seconds, you can book the type of service you want and easily add any extras you may need. Each deep clean service costs an extra $25 each. Whether you’ve let your cupboards, fridge or oven maintenance slide for a while and you need to top it up with one deep clean, or you’re looking to keep it up on a regular basis, we can arrange something to suit you. As one of the top house cleaning companies in Sugar Land, Katy and Rosenberg, Ready Set Maids can make your kitchen cupboards, fridge and oven gleam like brand new, both outside and inside.

Either way you will love to come home and just relax for a little bit. That can be more precious these days than anything else. So give a try and sit back and enjoy!


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