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Being able to find the best house cleaning services in Houston is important, especially when you need your home cleaned quickly. Because your floor is the single biggest thing that your guests will notice first, you may need help cleaning your home fast. Of course you can also try to clean your floor on your own as well. If you are having guests over soon and time is of the essence, use these cleaning tips to get the job done fast.

When your floor looks as though a soccer team stomped through it, then you’ve no choice but to grab that mop and bucket! If you have time and need house cleaning services that are right for you, hire Ready SET Maids and see how relaxing and stress free you feel after a professionally cleaned home. Book instantly on our site or call us @ 832-939-4500




When House Cleaning Services can’t help fast enough

Have a mess in your home that you need house cleaning services to handle but don’t have time? Not to fear! Have a look at these house cleaning tips to get your home cleaned quickly on your own. These cleaning tips can eliminate the mess on your floor, and clean up your home in a hurry.

Got a messy floor and need a cleaning solution fast? There’s no better way to clean your home than with your own hands! So don’t wait and get to work now to clean your home and your floor without delay.

Clean Your Floor – Do It Yourself Tips

Mopping your Floor – Believe it or not there’s a right and wrong way to clean your home. To begin mopping your floor the right way, you need the right tool or in this case a mop. Depending on the flooring you have in your home, there’s a right mop for you to use.

For tiled floors or floors with a lot of texture, you’ll need a classic mop. These mops employ a classic string design or rag style of layout. Because you need the mop to clean your floor and home throughout all of the crevices, this mop is the best choice.

Smooth floors should always be cleaned with a sponge mop. These are cheaper alternatives that should be used for vinyl or laminate flooring. Before you can mop your floor, the best home houekeeping services recommend to sweep the floor first.

Sweeping your floor – Begin at the corners and clean your floor before mopping. Many of the best house cleaning services recommend that you start at the corners and sweep towards the center of the room. Getting all the dirt from corners and under appliances is imperative to cleaning your home.

Once you are done sweeping, make sure to go over it again with a vacuum cleaner. Then you are finally ready to mop your floor using the right mop as specified above, but you’ll need a solution.

How to mix a mopping solution – Before mixing any mop solution, you should always stick to the tried and true rule of using a mixture that’s not stronger than what you need it to be. In other words using a solution that’s harsh will cause problems or could even cause damage to your floor.

When you go overboard with the cleaning solution, you won’t have a cleaner floor, just one that’s covered in residue. Begin with one side of the floor and work your way across the room. Frequently dip your mop in the solution and wring it out with a wringer or by hand.

Never make the mop too wet as the dripping can damage a floor or produce extended drying times. If you are using a sponge mop, work in straight lines. For string or rag mops always mop in a figure of eight shape. When you encounter tough or sticky spots, rub quickly and press down with your mop onto the floor to scrub the area.

Tips From Residential Cleaners – Ceramic tiles or vinyl flooring can be cleaned using detergents and warm water. You don’t always need detergents or soap, but they can come in handy when you want to clean the floor thoroughly.

Once you are done mopping, you may notice tough stains or areas of your floor. If you see problem areas, try to mop using dishwasher soap in warm water. Don’t mix too much in (about ¼ cup) and so only light bubbles should form.

When mopping for laminate wood surfaces, you should always take care of the wax seal of the flooring. If you aren’t sure about the floor surface, you can use the method that many house services do to check for wax. Most house cleaning services rub their fingers along your laminate wood floor to see if there’s a wax seal on it. If you don’t leave a mark on the floor when rubbing, your laminate wood floor is sealed and safe to clean.

If the floors are waxed however, you should not mop them at all. Do not soak with water and instead use a sponge mop to properly clean. Make sure your mop is slightly damp but doesn’t have excess water in it.

For hardwood floors, you should never mop them with dishwasher soap or detergent. Instead use specialized hardwood cleaner and mix it according to instructions. Then work around the room by lightly spraying the floor whilst scrubbing away at it with a soft cloth.

There are some times however when these house cleaning tips won’t help at all. When this happens you need the best housekeepers that Houston has to offer. The first call for help cleaning in your area should always be Ready SET Maids. Our expert staff can clean your home fast and make your house spotless in no time.

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