Maid FrequencyWhen you are considering hiring a maid you may wonder if you need weekly, every two or three weeks or perhaps monthly house cleanings. Well, whether you need a maid service in Katy, TX or house cleaning in Houston we can help you decide. The answer can be simple based on a few reasons. Here is how to know how much cleaning you need & how often:

Your Lifestyle

Think about your lifestyle for a moment. Do you live a busy, active life? What kind of activities do you invest your time in? Do you work long hours or have a hobby that takes a lot of your time? Typically, the busier you with your lifestyle the more you are likely to need your home cleaned. Maybe you rare a single working professional who values their career rather than cleaning. Do you put exercise and learning new things at the top of your list? Essentially what does your lifestyle tell you about what you value? If you are an active, busy and involved person or family you may need a maid more often than you think.

If your home is large you will also want more regular cleaning than you would for a smaller house. Just bear in mind that the larger your home the more you will pay for your maid service.

Your Family

The size of your family unit is also important along with a few other considerations. The first thing to look at is how many kids do you have, their ages and activities. If you have a newborn the needs, attention and time are much different from the needs of a ten-year-old or a teenager who is involved in sports. Usually, you have a blend of ages with various activities such as sports, music or other extra-curricular obligations.

If both parents are working in addition to having lots of activities for the kids, then your home likely gets dirty fast. There is more laundry to do, more dishes to wash and a lot more meals to plan for. This is can become overwhelming for many families and the need for more free time becomes a great and greater need. In the case of dual income multi families, you would be served well by a maid on a weekly basis. On the other hand, if your family is smaller every two weeks would work fine.

Your Health Goals

Have you ever thought to yourself that you would like to be healthier? Or do you stress about having the time to stay in shape? Maybe you just want to focus on staying motivated to be healthy. Staying healthy requires time. You need to take the time to prep your food. You need time to go to the gym or get in some exercise.

How about your families’ health and well-being? All of these health goals take time to plan and takes greater motivation to stay consistent on your schedule. If you want to eat healthier you have to learn about the right foods, how to prepare them and then go buy them.

We don’t believe that cleaning your kitchen should deter you from improving your health. So consider the time a maid will give you back on a weekly or every two-week basis.

Your Intellectual Goals

For most of us learning something new takes time. In fact, the best was to learn and retain is to read, simulate or do and review. When we do a concentrated presentation, simulate the real thing, or do the real thing we are trying to learn we can retain up to 90% of what we are trying to learn. When we read we retain about 10%. So if you want to learn a new app, or some special software or maybe you want to brush up on your time management skills. This will also take time.

Whatever it is that you want to learn or improve at will take you more time. So your activities should line up with what you are looking to accomplish in life.

You Don’t Like Too Clean

Let’s face it. Most of us do not like to clean our home. I don’t, you don’t, your kids don’t and your spouse doesn’t. Cleaning is not fun to do but it sure feels good when the house is indeed clean. Sometimes you just need more hands a maid offers because you don’t want to do it yourself. There is no shame in not wanting to clean and you should not be worried about what another thinks. Hiring a maid to clean your home is totally natural and sometimes necessary in today’s busy schedule. Not wanting to clean your home does not mean you are lazy, it means you have priorities.

So don’t feel shame in not wanting to clean your home. Many of your neighbors have hired house cleaning companies for the very same reason. So if you think having a maid is makes you lazy think again. It’s about more time for you and your family and what is important in life.

Your Personal Priorities

When you are looking to decide the frequency of your maid service you will need to really consider your own priorities. What is important to you today. Is spending time with the kids important to you? Do you need to improve in taking better care of your health? Maybe it’s time for you to look for a new career? As we all go through our lives our own priorities tend to change. Perhaps what was once important to us as kids are no longer important to us today.

It all about how we want to spend our time and how much more time we would like to gain back. For my husband and I, it was important to spend quality time with our children. We wanted to make sure we did not miss out on their upbringing and we also wanted to support them at their sports events. We were also concerned about their education. We don’t believe their learning is only up to the schools so that extra time we gained back was important.

So there you have it. Once you really think about what you want and what is important to you then you can decide how much house cleaning you need. Essentially it comes down to how much time you save and what you do with that time.