The bathroom in your house is one of the most important rooms in your entire home. Guests and friends will appreciate a clean bathroom, because there’s nothing more disgusting then walking into a dirty one. Whether you are having guests over for a party or a social event, you need a clean bathroom so that your guests feel comfortable and happy.

In the event that you need your bathroom cleaned fast, but can’t hire a professional cleaning service; these tips can help. Bathroom cleaning tips from the best Maid Services in Houston can make a world of difference. These guidelines can help you deal with a messy bathroom, and provide your guests with a clean bathroom in no time.

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Bathroom Cleaning Tips from the Best Maid Services Houston Has to Offer

Cleaning the bathroom in your house is never a fun time. In fact it’s probably the one room in the house that you absolutely hate cleaning at all. And who can blame you? The bathroom is a wet, messy part of your home, and absolutely essential to leaving a good impression with your guests.

Although it’s best to avoid harsh cleaning chemicals, sometimes you can’t avoid it. There are many all natural products that can be good alternatives, however most of the best cleaning services Houston has opt for professional cleaning products. These can disinfect and clean, as well as present a fully clean bathroom in your home at any given time.

Cleaning your bathroom in a hurry is simple and easy to do believe it or not. Here’s a quick rundown on how to start your journey to a clean bathroom from the professional home cleaning services Houston has to offer.

Cleaning the Toilet – The inside of your toilet is one of the most dirtiest places in your entire home. Although there are many off the shelf products that can clean the inside of your toilet, you should try to stick to an all-natural approach. The best residential home cleaners usually recommends a spoonful of baking soda into half a cup of white vinegar.

Pour it around the insides of the bowl and let sit for about 30 minutes before scrubbing. Once you are done with the inside of your toilet bowl, attack the outside surface of your toilet next.

Cleaning the outside of your toilet should be done with a multipurpose cleaner. You can also use the same mixture of baking soda and vinegar as well. Although most house cleaning companies offer to use a professional cleaner, you can save some money with this home made brew. The most important part of cleaning your toilet is disinfecting the outside surface and cleaning the inside of your toilet bowl.

Soap Scum – Cleaning the leftover soap scum is something that the best maids Houston has will usually excel at. But just because there’s soap scum in your bathroom doesn’t mean you NEED a professional. In fact you can use a homemade mix of baking soda with all-natural dish soap to create a soap-scum remover paste.

Scrub the surface using a sponge or cloth and rub this paste until there’s no sign of the scum. Now wash clean with warm water to eliminate soap scum for good. Your guests will be shocked at the condition of your bathroom sliding glass doors, and compliment you on the cleanliness of your bathroom. There are many alternative products that can remove soap scum, but the best are the ones you can make with everyday home products.

Cleaning bathroom mold – White vinegar is your friend when you don’t want to use a harsh cleaning chemical. Spray the vinegar and apply liberally to your moldy area of your bathroom. Allow the vinegar to set and make sure to clean and allow it to dry.

Cleaning your Shower Curtain – Whether your curtain is made from plastic or vinyl, you can use many of the techniques that many of the Houston house cleaners utilize. Much like the other bathroom cleaning tips on our list, vinegar and warm water work well. If you have a serious stain on your curtains, consider using baking soda and a scrubbing sponge.

Removing shower head scale – Hard water deposits can build up over time which can discolor your shower head and affect performance. When you want to clean your shower head completely, soak it overnight in a mixture of white vinegar and water. If you have a removable shower head, you can take it off and soak it in a bag. Otherwise hang the bag on your shower head and secure safely.

Over time the vinegar will remove the scale buildup from hard water deposits, and leave your shower head spotless. You can also use the same mixture to clean and remove other hard water deposits in your bathtub or your shower pan.

Use these tips to clean your bathroom in a hurry. You will be proud to invite any guests over for your social event, or help clean the most important room in your house. Of course when you need the best maid services Houston has to offer, turn to the experts at Ready SET Maids. Our professional team can clean your home and your bathroom using our expert staff of cleaning maids.

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