Your dining table is one of the single biggest cleaning jobs in your entire home. When you clean your dining table properly, your family will enjoy clean eating and a healthy diet. However cleaning your dining table isn’t as straightforward as you may think. In fact there are many tips from the best cleaners in your area that can really help in this department.

Residential cleaners service homes in your area, which means they have the experience that you will definitely need. When you use these cleaning tips from our cleaners, you’ll have the best insight on how to clean your dining table fast. Whether you don’t have time to clean your home, or need help to come and clean your house, the best cleaning service in Houston is here to help. Hire Ready SET Maids and see how relaxing and stress free you feel after a professionally cleaned home. Book instantly on our site or call us @ 832-939-4500




Dining Table Cleaning Tips from Maids in your Area

Believe it or not there are many different ways to clean your dining table. One thing is for sure however is most don’t use harsh chemicals, and neither should you. Harsh chemicals can ruin your finish and leave a residue that’s not very appealing for anyone eating dinner at your table. One of the biggest dining table cleaning tips any of the housekeepers will give you is to avoid harsh chemicals and abrasives for all types of dining table.

If you own a wood dining table or one with a specialized finish, avoid water and moisture from settling in. This will ruin the varnish very quickly, so use place mats, coasters and tablecloth to protect your dining table. Otherwise you may be left cleaning a hard water stain that’s difficult at best to remove.

Houston companies in your area usually recommend using these dining table protectors during meals. If you don’t like the look of these products, you can always remove these after dinner to show off the table.

How maids clean your dining table

Professional housekeepers always use an excellent Eco-friendly wood conditioner. These products allow them to clean and polish your dining table to provide a nice clean sheen to the surface. They often turn to a soft clean cloth to thoroughly wipe down the table. Pros will also tell you to do this every six months or so to maintain its luster.

Want to learn other tips from some of the cleaning companies in your area? Check out some of the dining table cleaning tips below.

Cleaning spills – When spills occur on your dining table, it’s best to get them up as soon as possible. If you find that your dining table is becoming stained, make sure to clean up spills immediately after they happen. Always use a damp clean cloth to remove anything that may cause a sticky residue. If need be, make sure to go over again with a dry soft cloth to take up any excess moisture or residue that can develop into stains.

Dealing with scratches – Scratches and gouges in your dining table can really become eyesores. When you want to restore your dining table, it’s best to use some of these professional tips. Nut kernels are excellent products that can fill in scratches along your dining table and have it look as good as new. When you are using this product to restore your dining table, try to use a walnut with a similar color to the table wood.

When filling in scratches in your dining table, rub the nut kernel horizontally across the scratch. Sealants like iodine can darken the nut and help blend the color of the filled in scratched surface.

Dealing with watermarks – Watermarks are tough to deal with, especially when they are caused from soda, coffee or tea. However the traditional hard water stain can be erased using a little mayonnaise. Rub this onto a watermark and leave it overnight. In the morning, wipe away any excess and apply more if needed.

Smudges – When you use products to polish and wax your table, they can cause smudges and stains. Products like Murphy’s Oil Soap are excellent cleaners that are made specifically for your wood table. This cleaner can remove the excess smudges and stains from your dining table. House cleaners use products like this to clean tables and it can cut though waxy deposits with ease.

Glass Dining Tables – Glass tables may look great, but can be difficult to clean. Water streaks and hard calcium deposits are commonplace, and can make your dining table look bad. To deal with these issues, use a lint-free cloth and a bucket of warm soapy water. Wash both sides of your dining table and then wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Allow the glass to dry properly, and remove any excess moisture using a damp cloth. If you’ve got a wood framed glass dining table, remove the glass and treat the wood properly before re-installing the glass. Avoid harsh chemical sprays that could possibly discolor or make the wood look bad.

Mineral buildup can really stand out on a glass table. When you are dealing with lots of water stains, use Vaseline rubbed into the stains and leave it overnight. Wipe away the next day to remove the hard deposits of calcium.

These are just a few of the tricks of the trade that maids in your area use. Utilize this guide the next time you need your dining table cleaned in a hurry. Of course when you don’t have the time or the energy to deal with your dining table, turn to the experts at our company. You can book a cleaning appointment in less than 60 seconds and learn what makes Ready SET Maids the best house cleaning service in Houston.

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