Sick of digging for clean shirts and underwear like you’re negotiating the discount section of Target? If you’re struggling to keep track of the balled-up socks littering the foot of your previously stately staircase, it sounds like you may require the help of our home cleaning services.

As part of our holistic housekeeping offering, Ready Set Maids can cover all your laundry requirements. We’ll empty your laundry baskets, initiate a spin cycle, hang up your colors and whites to dry and iron your work shirts quicker than you can ask: “who do these belong to?”

Let’s be honest here: no-one wants to spend their Sunday afternoon picking through the family’s discarded clothing, deciding what needs washing and what can wait until midweek.

When you hire our maid service, whether in Houston, Katy, Sugar Land or another of the myriad areas of Texas we cover, you can be sure that we’ll fulfill the laundry needs of your entire brood. While you’re out at work and the kids are at school, one of our housekeepers will enter your property and swiftly and effectively go about their work.

On your return, you’ll find your wardrobes and drawers fully stocked with clean, fresh-smelling clothing. See those paired-up socks? You can thank us next time!

Whether you’re a mother running a tight schedule, a busy professional or you’ve simply had enough of spending your weekends waiting for the dryer to hit zero, our friendly and attentive housekeepers are the laundry solution you’ve been waiting for!

Book your Ready Set Maids in home cleaning laundry service online today! Appointments start at just $x and you can pay swiftly and securely using your credit card.