How Houston maid services can help you change your life

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Professional Houston maid services


Houston maid services can help with the time and dedication it can take to keep your Houston home clean can be overwhelming at times. Between your job and handling your home, there’s little time left in the day to clean your home. Over time the mess in your house can become overwhelming. If you are stuck in a cleaning rut, and feel as though you can’t possibly make any progress towards cleaning your home, there are many Houston maid services that can help.

Although maid services often get a bad rap of being expensive, there are in fact many affordable Houston maid services available. Because the cleanliness of your home plays more than a big role in your family’s health and happiness, it’s important that you have a clean house. For homes that have large windows or drapes, dust and grime can build on them. Over time looking out from your home can look as though you are stuck in a fog.

Your home can look dirty from the outside as well, giving it an unappealing look. If your home is a mess and your windows are worse, use these window cleaning tips from the best Houston maid services. These tips can help you clear up your windows, and clean your drapes and blinds. You may be shocked at how much dust and grime have built up over the years.

So if you can’t recall the last time you’ve actually cleaned your windows, check out these maid cleaning tips below. Of course when you just don’t have the time to clean windows, or you need them done in a hurry, Ready SET Maids can help. The best Houston maid services belong to the professionals at Ready SET Maids. Book your cleaning appointment in just 60 seconds on our website or call us @ 832-939-4500




Cleaning Window Tips to Change the look of your home

It’s often easy to forget how much lighter a room can be after simply having its windows cleaned, but ask yourself this, when was the last time you did this? This is also true for drapes and blinds because these can easily become dust magnets to the world outside and so whenever they are flung open to let in the morning sunshine, a dust cloud fills the air. That means there’s only one thing to do and that’s start doing some window dressing.


Tips from Houston maid services

Streak free – Streaks are some of the toughest things to manage on your windows. Lucky for you, you can use a homemade mix of window cleaner that’s ammonia free. Our window cleaning mixture is three parts water to a ½-part baking soda / ½-part white-vinegar. Mixing this solution together gives you a safe and effective means to clean your windows without streaking. This is also an excellent solution for your sliding glass doors.

Spray this all natural home made mixture onto the panes of glass, and wipe dry with a clean cloth. For seriously grimy windows, you may need to step it up a bit. If this mixture doesn’t seem to clean your windows very well, you don’t need to resort to professional cleaners that Houston maid services use.

For those tough to clean window spots or glass grime, use a bit of baking soda on a damp towel. Scrub onto the window and allow it to set before dipping another clean cloth in warm water to rinse. You can finish off the window using mixture of warm water and white vinegar. Spray onto the windows and wipe clean with a cloth.

To really get those windows clear, consider buffing the glass with a soft chamois cloth. This should be enough to eliminate any of the nasty streaks that can detract from the overall look of your home.

Hard Water Stains

Another serious problem for dirty windows is hard water stains. This can be a serious problem when you are cleaning your home in the summer time. Because the soap or mixture can dry quickly. it can leave your windows spotted and looking dirty.

To remove hard water stains, apply neat white vinegar onto a clean dry cloth, then rub away at the affected windowpane until clear of deposits. Once done, immediately and thoroughly rinse off the window to stop the acid in the vinegar damaging the glass and frame.

How to Clean High Windows

One of the toughest jobs of any home cleaning job, there are many Houston maid services professionals that have tools to help them clean those hard to reach windows. You may have seen an excellent Houston maid services company use a combination micro-fiber washer set that comes with extensions. It’s a good idea to invest in a set, especially if your home has a lot of high windows.

Cold Weather Cleaning

In order to clean your windows during the colder winter months, you’ll need to take extra special care. There’s a good reason why most Houston maid services have a mixture of rubbing alcohol to prevent their water from damaging the windows in question. Good news is you don’t need an expensive window cleaner to get the job done in the cold.

Another home made solution that many Houston maid services use is a recipe is one tablespoon of white vinegar per cup of isopropyl alcohol. Dip in a clean cloth and wipe your windows with it. The purpose of this mixture is double fold, it will stop your windows from freezing and leave them sparkling clean!

Cleaning the Drapes

Curtains can be a magnet to dirt and grime, especially in the summertime. When you really want to clean your drapes, but don’t want to hire the best Houston maid services to help, dry cleaning is the best method. You can try to wash these at home, but chances are the inner lining won’t be friendly to washing. Without the proper care, you may end up ruining your drapes instead of cleaning them.

Small steps towards a maintenance plan can really go a long way when cleaning your drapes. Most Houston maid services recommend dusting once a week. You can wash them or have them dry cleaned twice a year. You should also make sure all the pins, hangers, and other paraphernalia are removed from your drapes before having them washed.

Vacuuming your Drapes

Most of the Houston maid services out there will have a powerful vacuum with several attachments to help them with the job. If you do decide on going with expert Houston maid services, don’t forget that you have to keep up a regular schedule of vacuuming. Without the proper upkeep, it’s just a matter of time before your drapes and curtains get dirty again.

Dry cleaning your drapes isn’t cheap, so make sure to stick with a careful plan instead. You can save a lot on your dry cleaning bills, however, with a little weekly vacuuming! Here’s the way that most Houston maid services vacuum your drapes to clean them.

Gently tug the bottom of your drapes to open the pleats. Using the brush attachment, vacuum each panel at a low setting. Pay special attention to the bottom part of the drape as this is a dust trap! For delicate or loose fabrics, hold the brush about an inch away to avoid pulling.


Of course when your windows seem beyond help, you should look up the best Houston maid services instead. The best Houston house cleaning company is none other than Ready SET Maids, with our comprehensive list of services. We can build any size cleaning job to fit any budget for any home. Simply book your cleaning online in less than 60 seconds and we’ll take care of the rest!

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