House Cleaning in Katy, TX

You have decided that you are no longer coming home to a dirty home. So hence, you have decided to hire a cleaning service professional to assist you with all the housework.

If this sounds like you, and let’s face it, it sounds like lots of us. Then you are not alone. Many of us working professionals hire services all the time. We don’t often talk about it with our friends and neighbors because some feel uncomfortable about it.

This is usually the case of an old thinking. In the past cleaning services were very expensive. You are talking $300 to $400 per visit. Even for a small home. The ones that could afford it felt somewhat guilty about flaunting their money. So they kept quiet about it. But those days are far gone, yet many still hold on that thinking.

Don’t let it bother you much. It is not a big deal a many would want to believe today.

Now that you have made the choice there are some key qualities you want to consider when you are selecting a Houston cleaning pro.

Let’s get right to it so you are ready to make a decision quickly:


  1. Is Your House Cleaner Friendly?

This goes without saying but friendliness is important. It is even more important for someone you are letting into your home. You don’t want to be around some that are always in a bad mood or uncomfortably silent.

We are not suggesting that the pro be a cheerleader of some kind, but just nice. Do they simple when they first greet you (do you?). A good greeting sets the pace for a good experience. They are those people who you meet that you never want to be around again.

They do not smile, are standoffish, and can be dismissive. You don’t want to deal with folks like this. Seo we should not discount the power of a friendly, warm smile. This does not just limit to in person meeting.

When you call to make an appointment you want to get the same feeling. Are they smiling, having fun and do they seem authentic in their nature.


  1. A Genuine & Authentic Person Will Likely Clean Better

If you are getting the sense that your cleaner is fake or disingenuous then your instinct may be right. An authentic and genuine person will like take more pride in their work. This is because they are likely a person with high integrity.

There are many Houston cleaning service professionals that are cold, listen poorly, and just care about getting paid. This cannot be the case with someone you are bringing into your home to clean it. In fact, you don’t want anyone in your home like this.

So be sure that you are looking for how genuine and down to earth the person is. It’s likely you will have a better long term experience with them and enjoy their company if you are home.


  1. Are They Punctual With Their Cleaning

This one is important. You have things to do and you lead a busy life. While most customers are not home when their home is being cleaned, it is important that their agreed timeline is intact.

If you housekeeper has agreed to show up between 9 am and 10 am and complete their work by noon than they should. There may be variances of 20 or 30 minutes but it should not be often. Not only should they show up on time but they should show up as well.

It happens often that many independent cleaning services professionals do not show up on their scheduled day. This can be a big deal if you have a party scheduled that day or the day after. If they are not showing up consistently to their cleaning appointment then you should consider a conversation.

If they continue to be tardy or not show up often then you should consider a different cleaning company or person.


  1. Do They Take Pride In There House Work

These days we see so many people disengaged with their work. Many are busy on their devices and thinking about anything else other than work. It’s because many of us truly do not enjoy our work.

Making sure you get a sense of if they enjoy their work or not is a big factor in making a decision. Believe it or not, there are people who love to clean. They often find their way to a cleaning company for work.

There are also those who are happy to make decent wages cleaning and they jump on the band wagon pretty fast and do a good job. Know if they enjoy their work will come across in how they interact with you and how well the cleaning of your home is.

If they are always missing basic areas to dust or vacuum this can be an indication that they don’t like to do a good job. They will likely not do it correctly after the 3rd or 4th time you mention it.



When you are looking for a good partner to help with house work keep in mind that not everyone is perfect. However, the core basics that we have shared above are important. They must be friendly and thoughtful of the work they are doing.

Cleaning your home correctly and thoroughly is important and a person that is genuine and takes pride in their work will do a good job. Houston cleaning service professionals have that Texas pride anyways and can go that extra mile.

Also be sure to be kind to your cleaning pro. There are people who do not treat others with dignity and respect. This can have far reaching consequences long term. Most service professionals will not tolerate this type of treatment for long.

You can invite negative issues like theft, now show or even an intentional poor cleaning of your home and not coming back after that.

But these are few and far in between. You will enjoy what many enjoy. A stress-free, clean, neat and tidy home to relax in.