Save money on cleaning servicesHiring a cleaning service can be a really easy way to save both money and time in your everyday life. We are caught up in trying to balance everything in our lives today that we forget to think about ourselves. This can begin to have negative side effects in the long term. We might be more stressed out because we are not taking care of ourselves. We might get overweight by not going to the gym. There may come arguments in the family as a result of both. You might also want to spend some time making more income for the family.

But how can you do all these things that you actually want to do?

You get some back up is how. Having a housekeeping service help you out is a big secret many of your neighbors have. There are some pretty outstanding benefits for you and your family that you may have over looked.

Let’s have a quick peek at what those are:

Hire Cleaning Services and Save Money

How does hiring a service actually save me money when I am spending money to hire them? Well, we have some of those answers for you. When you hire a cleaning company to help you around the house you should not have to buy cleaning products as often. Choosing the right company that brings their own cleaning products is important. When they bring their own products and supplies you don’t have to spend money buying more supplies.

This is great because it will save you money over the course of the year. Maybe not enough to outweigh the price of the service. Yet significant enough throughout the entire year.

If you focus on bringing in some extra income with the free time you could actually make more money than the service costs. A lot more.

Let’s say you are an English teacher. Assumably you know a thing or two about writing and proper sentence structure. You could write articles for other companies. Many companies pay $100 to $300 to much more for well written, researched articles. If you write three articles per month that could amount to an extra $600 bucks in your pocket.

Minus the cleaning services, you could bank $200 to $250 per month. Now that’s a lot of extra pumpkin spice lattes.

Another example may be in finance. If you are an accountant you could do financial planning as part of your offerings. People are in debt and need help getting out of debt. You could assist them with this. Just doing two or three clients per month you could make a few hundred dollars which amount to several thousand by the end of the year.


You’ll Love The Time Savings You Get From Not Cleaning Your Home

Let’s face it. Do you have enough time in the day to do all you want? For most of us that is a resounding, “no I do not”. Why is that I wonder? The reasons vary by the individual or the family. It is most likely that time it took up by family needs.

If you have kids, they need to be taken care of. Depending on their age you have to bath them, feed them and see them off to school. You also have to make sure you are taking part in their sporting activities on the week nights and weekends.

Then there is work. Today we all need money to live and based on our standard of living we might need more than we needed twenty years ago. While costs have increased over time the income has not kept pace.

For the working professional, there are more demands to perform better at work and work longer. For parents, there is the pressure of doing a good job so you can provide for your family. You don’t want to get fired after all.

Hiring a cleaning service will certainly help you in getting a major time block back. If you have weekly service you can get up to four hours back per week.

What could you do with this time? You can focus on teaching your kids how to play an instrument. You can workout every day. Maybe you’ll enjoy grocery shopping because you are not rushed. Perhaps you want to sit and enjoy the free time and not do anything at all.

The activities can vary greatly by what your personal interests and needs are. We have a member who went out and learn to paint. The activities we do in our free time. You know, the time where you are not working and doing something you enjoy dramatically lowers our stress.



You have to keep in mind what the benefits of hiring cleaning services can do for you and your family. If you use the extra time you will gain correctly you can live a more stress-free life. You and your families health can improve greatly. Your financial situation can be better if you make some extra side cash or learn to invest better.

It is easy to forget about ourselves and not pursue happiness because we just gave up. When you lead a stressful and busy life every minute of the day you begin to forget things. You being to forget that you used to enjoy walking in the park with your spouse. You forget that just laying on the grass and taking in the air was something awesome to do.

Mabey you just want to go out and enjoy a nice dinner again worry free. And how great does it feel after you have finished a great workout? We believe that you do not have to let these life enriching moments go. We believe that we all deserve to do more than just work and take care of our kids. We need to live and breathe when we can.

Overall it is a win/win for the whole family and you do not have to wait to find out.