cleaning services in Houston TexasMom is an accountant, dad is a teacher and together they have 3 kids, a dog and a house that needs to be cleaned. Guess what no one wants to do when they come home? You got it! Clean the house!

But are there other tips you can use to help you with keeping a tidy and neat house?

Yes, of course, there are. There are many tips and tricks you can use to make sure your family is living healthy. Some of these you may know already but some may be entirely new to you. We are betting you know most of them.

So hop on and let’s get to it!

Hire a Cleaning Service Houston Offers

This one is an obvious one for you to consider. We offer this first because our members can’t stop telling us how much they love not cleaning their homes. They are off doing other things with that free time. We have a member who joined CrossFit gyms to focus on their health. We have other who focus on learning new ways of bringing in more income to their home. There are others who simply use the free time to cook a fresh dinner for the family.

We all understand that we cannot gain back the time we have lost. Yet, we can save more time for here on out. On average you will save four to five hours per week by having a professional house cleaning. The cleaning service Houston can deliver is pretty great. You will spend time doing what you love and not wasting it doing house cleaning.


Try to Operate Like a Cleaning Service

The best cleaning services have schedules, priorities, and checklists. You can run your home the same way. We suggest that you set up your cleaning checklist for the week and assign members of the family to complete each day of the week.

For instance, give one child (if they are old enough) two nights per week where they do the dishes. The more kids you have here the merrier😊.

Another example is assigning bathroom duty between mom and dad weekly. We recommend that you clean each toilet that is being used once per week. Keep up with the cleaning can be a big time saver later on down the line.

Also, have a checklist of what gets cleaned in each room. In the bathrooms, for example, you will want to the toilet disinfected and scrubbed. You will need the bathtub scrubbed as well but no with the same brush. You should also decide how you want the sink cleaned as well.

Having a checklist and schedule is important in getting the job done right the first time.


If You Keep Everything Where It Belongs You Will Find Cleaning Easier

A large part of frustration we hear about from our members is keeping up with the clutter. There are many fun ways to keep the clutter to a minimum. This is not offered by many cleaning services in Houston or elsewhere. But, you don’t need to be done professionally.

Here are some simple organization tips and tricks for keeping items in their place:

If you have extra shoe boxes those can be used to store many items. You can also label them with a market. We suggest having some labels that include pens, papers, and even simple hand tools.

Another favorite is to use the plastic tubs. You know the ones that come in all shapes and sizes. A great option is to have on or two in the living room as a catch all for toys. You can quickly and easily put them in their tub and clean up your living room easily.

Dresser drawers are also great for storing our clothes. Yes, it’s difficult to fold your laundry consistently however you will want to make sure do this right away if you can. The earlier you fold you cloths the quicker they can be put away in the drawers.

The kitchen should be used accordingly as well. the main issue is loading and unloading your dishwasher. If you don’t put away dishes then the tendency for accumulating dirty dishes ensues. This will make you frustrated especially when you are trying to find a clean cup for that fresh coffee.


Do Not Clean All in One Day

This is another tip that we share because of the stress it creates. You may enjoy a fresh house after you have spent an entire Saturday or Sunday house cleaning. But there will come a thought of what you could have done instead.

Many are secretly frustrated by spending an entire day cleaning. What have you missed out on and how many great memories could you have created in its place.

If you spend one day per week cleaning the house that’s 52 days per year (almost one and a half months). That is the very precious time that you could spend on your finances instead. Maybe you have wanted to train for a marathon? Who knows, but it’s a lot of time wasted.

Instead, try to break out the cleaning through out the week. You will also want to make sure everyone takes their turn cleaning the home as well. If you distribute the workload it will not feel as exhausting and the entire family will move things much faster.



The main reason the house gets messy is that there is no plan to keep it clean. Many experience the great benefits of hiring a cleaning service in Houston. But some prefer to do it on their own. If you have a good schedule of what gets cleaned daily and by whom you’ll get more accomplished.

Just avoid the pit falls like doing it yourself in one day and finding yourself exhausted and frustrated. It won’t work for you long term.