Its night time and you are all ready for bed. You slip on some sleeping pants and a comfy top. The house is a bit chilly and you slip into those cozy and cold, but soon to be warm sheets in your freshly made bed – brought to you by your home cleaning service.

But remember, the best part is you didn’t make your bed today your cleaning service pro did! And, somehow that just feels so much better because of its one less thing off your plate.

Your home smells great and you feel so relaxed and at peace, even for just a moment. Maybe you can imagine how great your home actually feels after the cleaning.

Be we are just getting started what some of the awesome sensation you can experience when you have a housekeeping service on your side.

Here is what it’s like to have regular home cleaning services on a weekly or bi-weekly basis:

A Little Bit of A Dreamy Fresh Home Feeling

Let’s face it, today we can sometimes feel like we cannot focus. We feel that our mind is being pulled in 15, 16, 20 directions all at once. The body also follows what the mind tells it. This has a contributing factor (not a positive one) on our overall stress.

When your mind is tired your body seems to ache. Know what we mean? When you stretch it feels good yet there is no relief from that soreness. Our eyes hurt because many of us are staring at digital devices all day. Maybe we even have blurred vision.

And that’s just the first half of the day. Now you get home and things get more interesting.

We know what it’s like to walk into our homes tired and exhausted. But it’s not like we can take a happy little break. The kids need to eat, you need to remember to eat. Maybe there is a project you have to go work on for work.

The house also is a mess. The toilets are dirty, the kitchen has piled up and your teenager’s rooms have some sort of a smell. Like dirty socks with a salmon or two hiding in there somewhere. If you have more than one kid (bless your heart) it is then times two.

But there is hope…Lot’s of hope actually.

Now imagine that you come home and the first thing you notice is that fresh outside, summer, Sunday afternoon wind. You take in a deep breath and it just smells so good! So good!. Next, you notice your kitchen floor and counters are sparkling.

You secretly go to your freshly scrubbed kitchen counters and take in another deep breath and smile!

You begin to move around your home to your living room and with each step its as if stress if just falling off your shoulders and spewing out of your mind.

Bam! You fall butt first into your sofa and just sit there and smile.

You have come home to a clean and fresh smelling home. Your floors are clean, your carpet is vacuumed and your bed is made. You just sit and take a few minutes to enjoy what many refer to as a surreal moment.

The moment where there is no stress. That moment where you are just sitting quietly with a smirk on your face. That moment when you realize your cleaning service was there today. Breezing their way through your Houston neighborhood cleaning homes and delivering smiles.

Ok, the last part is maybe a little bit of a farce.

But you will feel pretty darn great and you will have lower stress, more time and will not be as exhausted mentally.

You Will Never Want to Clean Your Own Home Again

This is a little-known secret that folks with maids do not share. The reason you got a service in the first place is probably that you didn’t want to clean your home. The second reason is probably that you had little spare time.

Once you have experienced the consistency of regular home cleaning you will not want to go back to the old way of keeping your home tidy.

That is right, you will get spoiled by not doing the work yourself. It is not because you are lazy, it is because of the massive free time you get and that clean home feeling is quite addictive. Hey, the more hands maids provide the better right!

Our members enjoy doing other life-enriching things instead of cleaning their own homes. Many have used the time for quality family events. Others have used the time for cooking more healthy meals and getting in better health.

Yet, you shouldn’t feel bad about not wanting to clean your own home. Most of us don’t want to clean. Even if we are busy and we tend to leave it piling up over time. If you have a service to help you then you can stay on top of the home cleaning.


If you dream of a life that can have lower stress and more fun then you will love having a home cleaning service assist you. You can enjoy coming home to a healthy, clean and neat home. With all that extra time that is gained you can workout more, travel more or heck, just live a little happier.

We are all built to do more than just work as humans. We need to nurture our purpose and we need to take care of our loved ones. There seems to be so much to do and you can get help to do it all. So there you have it. You now know some of the best advantages of having a home cleaner to help you live a bit easier.

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