Hiring an executive housekeeping service is a time efficient and cost effective way to keep your house, condominium, apartment, or vacation home looking clean, polished, and well-maintained. Professional cleaning companies are a great option for on-the-move professionals who are too busy to clean their house regularly. The following list describes several benefits offered by executive housekeeping services to homeowners and landlords.

Eliminate the Stress of Cleaning

Depending on the size of your home, cleaning can feel like a tremendous undertaking. Even if you don’t have a large house, life frequently gets in the way of well-intentioned homeowners who want to devote an evening or weekend to cleaning and organizing.

This is why executive housekeeping services offer several different types of cleaning packages, each of which provides a different type of cleaning service. The most basic cleaning packages are aimed at ensuring that the homeowner’s primary living spaces – the bedrooms, bathrooms, dining room, and kitchen – are scrubbed down, dusted, mopped, and cleaned.

For homeowners seeking a more complete cleaning package, many executive housekeeping firms will also clean utility rooms, recreational rooms, and laundry-related spaces for an additional price.

And, for commercial business owners, cleaning companies also offer a boutique commercial cleaning package that is aimed at cleaning cubicles, business offices, and public bathrooms.

Customize Your Cleaning Schedule

Another area where housekeeping companies offer customization is allowing their customers to pick how often they want their home cleaned. For example, cleaning companies typically offer their services on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule. Of course, housekeeping companies also give their customers the option to pick which time of day they want their home cleaned, too.

Cleaning with Professional-Grade Equipment and Products

The most established housekeeping services use professional-grade cleaning equipment to clean your space in a quick and efficient manner. Similarly, professional housekeepers use top-of-the-line cleaning products to ensure that germs and stains are completely eliminated. Most housekeeping companies are now even using eco-friendly products during the cleaning process, which means the environment is not being harmed when a home is being professionally cleaned by an executive housekeeping service.

Receive Exclusive Membership Discounts

Many cleaning companies create enticing sign-up bonuses and discounts in an effort to attract new customers. The most respected housekeeping services offer these same bonuses, but they also reward loyal customers with membership discounts. More specifically, customers who enroll in these membership programs are entitled to the same amazing cleaning services at a cheaper price!

Keep your Home Clean During a Move

If you are moving out of your home and want to guarantee that your place is completely spotless for the next homeowner, consider asking a housekeeping company to clean your home after you are finished moving out. However, executive housekeeping services generally require that your home be completely empty before the begin cleaning your residence.