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Maid Services Delivered Through Teamwork in Houston, Katy, Sugar Land, Cypress, Spring, TX

Keeping up with cleaning in your home can be a challenging task, particularly for busy working professionals. Ready Set Maids is your leading provider of quality teamwork based maid services in Houston, Spring, Katy, Cypress and Sugar Land, TX. Our attention to detail produces a perfect clean every time, and our 200% satisfaction guarantee offers you peace of mind that our results will be up to your standards. We take the hard work out of keeping your home clean.

Ready Set Maids is the most customizable maid cleaning service close to Houston, Katy, Sugar Land, Spring and Cypress, TX. We take care of all areas of your home, including kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms. We create a customized cleaning plan for your home that caters to any size or complexity, and we take great care to ensure that all dirt, grease, grime and dust is removed to your complete satisfaction. We offer maid services on a regular basis for your convenience and take the hard work out of keeping your home clean and beautiful.

Ready Set Maids offers professional maid services in Sugar Land, Spring, Cypress, Houston and Katy, TX. To learn more about our services, or to create your own custom maid cleaning service, contact our team today by calling (823) 939-4500.

If you’re looking for a Houston Maid Service, there are a many companies who offer their home cleaning services however we are the best, and we do guarantee that. Our team of professionals completely clean your home allowing you time to enjoy your time in your sanctuary. Our company is very flexible, and can even help you with some odd jobs that do not require full-time cleaning if that’s what you need.

You cant help but love our service!

Finding the right fit for this job can be very difficult and hard. We know this, trust us. When you assemble a great team of cleaners it not easy feat. terrific things happen when they work as team. Our team is invested directly in respecting your home and making it spotless with a sparkle shine each and every visit.

Flexible Maid Cleaning Plans

We can create custom home cleaning plans that are the right fit for your schedule and budget. Our home cleaning services are flat rate everyday. All we require from you is to tell us the number of rooms and bathrooms in your home, add a special request if you have ti and set it and forget it. Really, its that easy!

What do we clean?

Well to answer your question, everything. We clean houses, condos, apartments, rooms, offices and abodes. We will make your home the shiniest and sparkly on the entire block. Our teams are trained to follow strict guidelines to make sure we are providing an excellent cleaning service every time. Here is a list of what we include in our regular maid service below:

  • Clean stove-top: We will completely clean your stove-top and your stove fan, including cleaning of knobs and stove burners.
  • Cobweb removal: We will remove cobwebs from ceilings, stoves, and even behind the furniture where needed
  • Kitchen cabinets: Kitchen cabinets will be treated with great care. Our team will wipe them neutralizing the germs if that is you wish.

  • Clean electronic appliances: Your fridges, ovens, and dishwashers will be cleaned from the outside. If you want us to clean the insides of those appliances please you tell us that before your service.

  • Vacuum floors: Your floors will be vacuumed
  • Damp-mop floors: To prevent germs from living on your floors we will damp-mop and disinfect them.
  • Clean microwave: Our team will deep clean your microwave and wash the inside plate.
  • Polish stainless steel surfaces: We will polish all your stainless steel surfaces including all appliances.
  • Scrub sinks and dishes: We’ll clean your sinks and we will wash and polish any dishes found in it.
  • Dust and wipe down laundry area: If your laundry area is in your kitchen we will dust it completely and wipe it.
  • Empty trash can: We do not forget to empty your trash like many companies do. We will empty your trash can and take out the trash.
  • Dusting and cleaning: We will dust and clean shelves, ceiling fans, and wall hangings.
  • Vacuum floors: We will vacuum all floors, furniture, and stairs with a filtering vacuums.
  • Damp-mop floors: Your floors will be damp wiped with microfiber mop pad.
  • Making of beds: Our team will make all your beds and change the linens.

  • Neutralize odors: We will neutralize odors and germs by removing build up.

  • Cobweb removal: All corners, ceilings, and fixtures will be completely cobweb free.
  • Bathrooms and tub spaces
  • Clean counter tops: We will scrub and disinfect your counter tops.
  • Mop bathroom floor: Your floor will be mopped and it will smell fresh plus be disinfected.
  • Clean Bathrooms: We will clean showers, sinks, and toilets. No scratch products and tools are used to clean your sinks, showers, tubs, and toilets.
  • Wipe mirrors: We will get that spot free shine on your mirrors.
  • Wipe cabinets: Our team wipes your cabinets from the outside.
  • Clean inside of cabinets: We will vacuum and disinfect inside of your cabinets – must be empty.
  • Oven cleaning inside: The inside of your oven will be completely clean free of germs.
  • Fridge cleaning inside: The inside of your refrigerator will be thoroughly cleaned and germ free.
  • Window cleaning inside: Your windows will be wiped and disinfected upon request.
  • Believe it our not there are things we don’t clean. Here is the list of thing we cannot clean:
  • Garages and patios: We don’t carry pressure washers which are necessary for cleaning garages and patios.
  • Outside windows: There are high and inaccessible windows which post a risk to the live our folks on our team.
  • Light-bulbs: Light-bulbs are fragile and may pose deathly consequences if broken due to shock.
  • We understand that you may have more questions which we are happy to answer anytime. Still unsure about hiring professional maid cleaning service? Just give us a ring adn will go through the process with you. Kindly Inform us of any custom needs before your cleaning so we can ensure that your home is cleaned in the way you desire it to be.
  • Why should you choose our company?
    – You get a custom cleaning plan for your home.
    – You get professional cleaning products.
    – You get customer support.
    – Your same crew will clean your home every time.
  • Choose environmentally sound products when we clean your home. Your home be sparkling and allergy free!

Frequently Asked Questions

Cleaning your home takes a tremendous amount of energy and time, which is one of the first things to keep in mind. If you work full time and your spouse works full time plus you have kids to take care of, you may not have the time necessary to keep a tidy home. Conversely, if you have time you likely will not have the energy to thoroughly clean your home. This is why you can count on cleaning services to get you more free time to focus on more important aspects of your life, like relaxing.

Yes, no question getting your home cleaned by professionals is most certainly worth it. Just be sure you are not overspending on these services which can happen if you are not careful. Some cleaning services charge more than others. A well-established cleaning company that is in a great neighborhood or has been around for years with a great reputation is likely to charge a bit more.

A reliable cleaning service will have a good online presence. Many small businesses do not have their websites, and they should at least have profiles in local business directories and a social media presence on their respective sites. To get a comprehensive list of cleaners in your area you may want to check your local business directories. Once this is finished, you can contact them for pricing and services information.

Hiring professional cleaning services is sometimes expensive, and you want to make sure you get the most for the services you bought. If you spend more on higher prices services to receive higher quality services with comprehensive cleaning, then this even more important. Here is what to keep in mind to make sure your cleaners deliver:

  • be sure to communicate your expectation’s to your cleaning company
  • inquire about the quality inspections
  • now and then you should inspect your home
  • there are additional services offered, so ask about them
  • gauge the cleaning plan you have selected

For additional information and more answers to your questions please visit our comprehensive FAQ page.

Finding out more about what Ready Set Maids can do for you is easy to do by browsing our website or giving us a call at 832-939-4500!