7 Top cleaning hacks for families in a hurry

Nobody likes to live in a dirty house. You can get used to it but deep down you’re uncomfortable. So when we deep clean our house, it feels so good at the end after spending two or three hours with the apron and broom. But, what happens when some unexpected guests are coming in, let’s say, one hour? Panic!

After having a few of these experiences, you learn some quick house cleaning hacks on your own. It’s no magic, it’s just optimizing time and tasks. Keep reading and learn how to clean your house in less than an hour.

Check all the rooms in the house, make your priorities

You don’t want to realize at the last minute that you forgot to clean the bathroom. Be sure to check all the rooms in the house. What needs more cleaning? Where will the guest be? A dirty bedroom, for example, isn’t a priority because you simply can close the door and no one’s going to see it.

Make an action plan, put some time limits

Once you checked all the rooms in the house, define the amount of time for cleaning each area. 10 minutes to wipe down the kitchen, 15 minutes for washing the dishes. Sometimes we can be a bit perfectionist and neglect some tasks by focusing on one. Don’t let this happen to you! If you are in a hurry, finished is better than perfect.

If you’re not alone, delegate tasks

Sometimes we forget that children are totally able to clean (and it’s a bit of justice because they are often responsible for the disorder). Delegate some easy tasks for them, like picking up their toys or take out the trash. It’s better if you teach them to do these tasks before you are in a hurry.

Remove the clutter from the floor and tables

This one is obvious but effective and highly underestimated. Most of the time the house looks way better just by removing the clutter; picking up the laundry or miscellaneous items laying out, for example. Remember these later for a less stressed cleaning experience.

Fast-clean the bathroom and kitchen

Yes, guests often stay in the living or dining room, but the bathroom and kitchen can leave a more strong impression on them. Your bathroom and dirty dishes say a lot about you. Take out the trash, wipe down the sink and counter, and don’t forget those dishes!

A clean house smells good

Light a scented candle or use some air freshener. Do it when you’re about to finish cleaning. Even if you haven’t done a deep cleaning, the nice smell can make you feel much better. 

Having a daily and simple cleaning routine

But the most important thing about cleaning in a hurry is that is NOT cleaning at all. You are making your house look clean but it’s only superficial. The best way to fast cleaning is to clean a little each day. Practice daily cleaning habits with your family. If the house does not get so dirty it does not need to be thoroughly cleaned.

If you finish reading these hacks and feel a little worried, probably you don’t have the time and energy to always do this type of cleaning. Luckily, you can book a home cleaning service and lift that weight off your shoulders.