The Ready Set Maids Story

Ready Set Maids began with the busy family and working professional in mind. Our founders wanted to give time back to people to live healthier and happier in their day to day life. We know life is busy and it can be difficult to manage the kids, work and yourself with a full calendar. This is why we started Ready SET Maids. We want to help you with what is really important in life. We want to help you spend more time on yourself, family and doing the things you love to do — not cleaning your house.

Our Business Model

Ready Set Maids designed everything for our members — You. We believe in a lean, simple and clear system of doing things. If you search our home page you will see we made everything open, transparent and clear for you. You can get an instant straightforward price, book your house cleaning in 60 seconds. Its all fast, simple and easy. Oh and we rank 4.5 stars across Home Advisor, Yelp and have over 5,700 internal 5 star reviews.

100% Company Operated

Ready Set maids is a local, family owned house cleaning service that is 100% company owned & operated, ensuring that all hiring processes are consistent, and all service deliveries meet the highest quality standards. This allows us to truly hire the best housekeepers who respect your home. We also value our people as our # 1 resource and strive to build on our shared culture and values on a daily basis.

Our Team

We Are Ready Set Maids


Our team loves what they do and share our values in helping people to enrich their lives, which is why they go thru an extensive hiring process that truly provides mutual fit, trust and consistency. We also believe in offering a compensation package to our team members that is well above industry.  Allowing for reduced turnover, a better quality of life for our people, and consistent quality delivery to our members.  Our people stay because we place our people at the heart of our company. Good quality of life promotes high morale and commitment which translates into very high level of trust for our members.

Our Process

We developed our processes for you! Our busy members. We customize your profile, set up direct billing and automate the process for your convenience.

  1. Book
  2. We Clean
  3. You Relax

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Our Address: 19901 Southwest Freeway Sugar Land, TX 77479