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WEEKLONG HOME CLEANING: How to Split Up The Chores

Home cleaning can be a daunting task especially for people with busy schedules. One important alternative however to having to clean your home yourself is to hire the services of a Houston home cleaning service provider. In some cases, you may not be too keen on letting a stranger into your home yet need a way to get the cleaning done fast and in simple steps.
Well, like most people who hate home cleaning, the key to having a clean home is to view the cleaning process first as a whole, then break it down into bits that can be handled daily. Below are some of the tips on how to break down the cleaning process in such a way that you not only enjoy it but have enough time left to relax from the day’s busy schedule.


When aiming to keep your home spanking clean and healthy, it is important to create a list of areas within the home that needs cleaning and then split the cleaning into a daily affair thus allowing you enough time to concentrate on the area of the home which you have chosen to primarily take care of for the day.

A typical list may include floor sweeping as a daily routine which means you either choose to sweep the floor every morning or late at night after dinner while making sure to vacuum when needed. It is however important to note that the sweeping or vacuuming does not have to be a full-on attempt, instead, one aimed at getting rid of the dust, debris and dirt in areas where necessary within the home.


Taking into consideration that Mondays can be a bit of a rush day, you may be unable to get to as much cleaning of the home as possible. Upon return from work on Mondays, you may choose to take on a few item replacement tasks by putting items which were left on the counters back into the cabinet and where they belong


Tuesdays are less stressful and in most cases, not as stressful as the previous day, Monday, and as such, you should decide to up your home cleaning game by dusting around the house.


Less busy compared to your Tuesday we hope, you can use Wednesday’s after work period to get to the vacuuming needs of the house. Seeing as you dusted around the home on Tuesday, the dust is expected to have settled and as such, get the best vacuum cleaner that works best for your home and clean away. The essence of vacuuming the home is that the machine is designed to pick up dirt thus keeping the floors clean and the household healthy.


Following your Wednesday Vacuuming attempt, the process is incomplete without proper cleaning of the floors and as such, your Thursdays can be fashioned around thorough floor cleaning. While vacuuming and floor cleaning may have been appropriate for the same day, it is possible that you may have a hard time dealing with both cleaning processes and as such floor cleanings should be done on Thursdays. Not to worry, you will most likely not need to re-vacuum the floors before cleaning it. In the event you need to re-vacuum the floors, it is best that vacuuming and floor cleaning be done on the same day.

What does your home cleaning schedule look like? Did you make some changes to fit your home size and career demands? We will love to know how helpful this has been to you and your home in the comments section on https://www.readysetmaids.com/cleaning-service-areas/houston/

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Keep Your Peace of Mind and Hire a Maid

Keep your home Clean and Peaceful

Our homes are our places of Zen. The only place I feel comfortable when I am sick is my home. And in my bed. I hate hospitals. I hate hospital food and I hate the smell. So I try not to get sick as much as possible. That influenced my lifestyle. Good eating habits, regular exercises, and a clean home. I like the floor clean. At home, I don’t wear any slippers or sandals. My feet are always on the floor. Find the best Cleaning company around.

Thing is, I hate to clean myself. That’s why the maid I chose is one of the critical decisions I have to make. So who is a good maid?

Clear, Clean and Cultured. My Three C Policy in choosing a maid. A good maid clearly understands my instructions. She is like any of my employees but on a more personal level. She knows my basic likes and dislikes. My maid has to be clean. Like I said, the home is a place of Zen, it’s a temple in which we live our lives and feel the protection only a home can give us. It has to keep spick and span. And last but not the least she must be cultured. She might meet friends, family and occasionally business associates in my home and therefore a certain level of manners go a long way to give her extra points. So how do I know if a maid or a cleaning company is good for me? When the job is too much for one person then it’s obviously time to hire professional cleaning outfit to do the job. So what do we need to look for in a cleaning outfit?

Find a Professional Cleaning Company

Most cleaning outfits charge an hourly rate for the initial visits, but may also charge by the project, or by the number of employees needed. The first thing to do is get the cleaning outfit to provide an estimate on how long it will take to do the job. You need to negotiate for a flat rate for each subsequent visit depending on the condition of your property, needs and how often the property needs servicing. Find out if the cleaning company does background checks on their employees and demand that only people with clean backgrounds should be allowed on your project.

When getting a cleaning company, make sure that they are insured against theft, breakages and the likes so that you have peace of mind. You should also inform the cleaning company of properties and items in the house that needs special care. There are issues of accessibility to the property, pets, family members and other things that need discussing before the cleaning company begins work.

Ready Set Maids have been involved in the business of home cleaning services for a long time and has become a trusted partner in Houston, Texas.  Having provided professional maid services for the area, it’s not just a business, it’s a family that knows its clients and accepts them as a part of a larger family. If you live in the area, give them a call. www.readysetmaids.com/cleaning-service-areas/houston/

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Think A Cleaning Service For Your Houston Home Just Doesn’t Fit? Think Again!

Save time for your family and hire a maid

Time is and will always be the most important thing in our lives. We simply cannot have enough of it. So most of us spend our time trying to juggle our activities to save time. A lot of the times we do have more money on our hands than time, and therefore the smart thing to do is hire others to perform some of the essential things we want to be done. Our homes are the most private of places in our lives and so keeping it clean is also personal. Where we have lived in maids, they are practically a part of our family. We trust them, we value their work and occasionally they become even better parents to our kids than we can be. Visit Ready Set Maids for the best maid service around.

So the choice to bring in a maid service to come and clean our homes is not a very easy one. So how do we make that all important decision? What are the most important factors to consider hiring a cleaning service and how cost effective is it as opposed to getting an in housemaid?

Free Up Some Time

Hiring a cleaning service can definitely free up some valuable time which can be spent doing other things, spending more time with the kids, getting some job done at from work, practice on the piano or some other hobby. It will definitely be nice to come home to a spic-and-span, clean and gorgeous looking home.

Saving Money

The thing about cleaning is that it actually takes much more time than we plan. We schedule the time and put in the work then we realize there’s more cleaning, and more things to pack out and then space becomes crazy making us lose our bearings. Sometimes we actually make the place worse than we start started. Soon we are regretting the decision to start the whole thing in the first. Time to call for help. In a scenario like this, Ready Set Maids is your best choice for a cleaning services company. They have an online scheduler with a calculator that tells you exactly the cost after inputting the details of work in a neat, clear and simple web interface.

The cost savings is more appreciable when you experience the scenario I just painted. I learned the hard way never to tray that again. So what would you want from your Houston cleaning company before you hire them?

Before you choose  

A basic background check is important. Get a reference from people they have worked for before and if they are local, speak to the neighbors who might use them. Ensure that they are bonded cleaning service. Most of the top quality service providers do background checks on their staff so there’s a little bit of faith there still, make sure you store the cash, jewelry, precious family heirlooms and those collector’s edition baseball cards in a safe place.

It’s not worth the trouble to do the cleaning yourself when you live in maid is gone for a holiday, it might seem easy. It’s not. Well wasn’t for me. Call up Ready Set Maids (https://www.readysetmaids.com/cleaning-service-areas/houston/) if you live in Texas.

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Have You Been Making These Mistakes? Find Out The Number #1 Cleaning Mistake In 2018, And How To Avoid It! (The Complete Guide)

You come home exhausted from work, the kids soccer, grocery shopping and decide that you are not doing any home cleaning. If this sounds familiar to you then you are not alone.

Hey, let’s face it, even if you have all the time in the world you would not want to spend your time cleaning the toilet in your house.

Yet, I bet you are wondering of a better way to tackle cleaning up the mess in your home? You bet there is. Hire a home cleaning service in Katy, Houston, or surrounding areas to help you out.

Is it that simple you might ask?

Yes, it is. Before you decide to stop reading let me explain. When you hire a service to clean the house you are saving about five hours per week. A little more or a little less depending on eh size of the home.

Experience the benefit of having your home cleaned. Enjoy less stress and more free time to focus on things like personal health. You’ll be inspired to make a nice home cooked meal.

When you hire a service you can have a lot of the cleaning already completed for you. You can specify what details you want to cover. This may include a deep cleaning that gives you more time and attention to your home. Most need this add-on on their first cleaning.

You might want to add a move out cleaning service that covers inside the cabinets, baseboards, ceiling fans, and windows. All this will save you a great amount of time and energy to focus elsewhere.

But before you make a move you need to consider a few things so let’s jump right into it.

The House Cleaning Service Does Not Use Consistent Practices

This is the number one mistake a home cleaning service will make and not just those in Houston.

When you think of it, there are many processes to go into operating a trusted, and highly ranked service business. This involves hiring the teams, training the teams, operating the sales cycle, managing the cleaning processes and so on.

There are many practices to manage and lead and many make the mistake of being inconsistent. One is how they hire their teams.

At least when you are sending someone to customers home that person should be background checked. This is not always the case with cleaning services or services in general.


Because the background checks and credit checks cost money and take’s time. There are many “over night” operations that will skip on this process that has much to do with safety and security. It is not just the background checks that are important to maintain. It is also the entire hiring process.

The best cleaners will have a phone pre-screen interview then an in person interview. They should have their references checked and then complete a cleaning test. This rarely happens in the industry. The reason for this is high turnover which can be avoided.

You Can’t Afford To Pay House Cleaners Poorly

Another inconsistent practice is compensation of the people cleaning the homes. Many if not, most services want to pay as little as possible. This results in high turnover in the industry.

Who wants to clean homes for $7.25 per hour? Not most people.

So the hiring practices in a company take’s a hit. They will talk to the person, hire them and send them out to a home the same day or the next day. Surpassing any safety and security checks for the person they are sending into your home.

This is another reason you should not go with the cheapest service either. Many customers have learned a difficult lesson in having their expensive items stolen and even robbed. This is not to say the most expensive service does things right either.

But you should gauge from their website if they are legitimate or not.

You can see if they have testimonials on platforms like Yelp or Amazon and read those testimonials. You can also check their FAQ’s for how they hire and make a well-informed decision. You may want to call and ask about the tenure of how long their average maid has been with them.

The Cleaning of the Home is Not Good All the Time

This is perhaps an obvious point. Home Cleaning Services in Houston should focus on a consistent cleaning. There are two important reasons why this does not happen. The first they pay their employees hourly and the second, there is not a good process in place.

When the cleaners are paid hourly the company will meter the time per home depending on the price. In turn, they want to cleaners to speed thru the cleaning to say on payroll costs. Many do with without using checklists for cleaning and some do not complete the work.

No matter how good the service is there will come a time where the cleaning was not as great as it should have been. Yet, this should not happen over and over again. If it does you should replace them quickly if they do not address the problem.

This can be avoided in many ways with proper checks and balances for the home cleaning service. Using a checklist will help the cleaner move thru the home in a more efficient way. This will also install a balance between payroll and meeting the service delivery standards home cleaning services in Houston.


You will love changing your life when deciding to get a home cleaning service in Houston to help you. You are going to come home ready to enjoy your time there. The largest benefit is experiencing the lower stress in your life. You’ll live a little easier and breath (literally) a little better.

Before you make the decision however just be sure you get a sense of how well the best practices are managed by the cleaning company.

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These 5 Awesome Tips Will Help You Choose The Best Maids Service, So You Can Sleep Easily (2018 Edition)

Cleaning your home is never an easy task, especially when you have a busy schedule to work with. When it comes to the best housekeeping Houston solutions available, there’s bound to be many choices. However you don’t want to just hire anyone for the job. Finding the best Houston maids in your area to come and clean your house is vital. But just how can you find the Houston maids that are best suited for your home? This guide can help, with a handful of tips that can point you in the right direction.

Have a busy schedule and just can’t find the time to clean your home? Companies in your area are ready to help. Because you don’t want to trust you house to just anyone, these tips can help you find the best maids available in Houston.

Hire Ready SET Maids and see how relaxing and stress free you feel after a professionally cleaned home. Book instantly on our site or call us @ 832-939-4500




Tips to finding Houston maids that match your needs

Reputation – In this day and age, there’s no reason to risk leaving your home to just anyone. Research the maids you are looking to retain and make sure that they’ve got a good mix of positive reviews. With a good clientele and lots of good reviews, you can be sure that their service is top notch. The last thing you want to do is come home to a bigger mess, or find that you picked the wrong house cleaning service Houston has to offer.

To this extent, go online and browse through review websites. Check out the local Home and Garden listings and don’t be afraid to ask the pro you are looking to hire for references. The best cleaning companies will have plenty of reviews for you to read through, you just need to look.

Houston maids 1

Variety of Service – Maybe you’ve got guests coming over for an important social event, or there’s such a big mess you just can’t handle it. Perhaps you are heading out of town and need someone to come in and clean up. Or you are throwing a huge get together, and time is of the essence. No matter what your needs, the best Houston maids will have the right package of services for you.

No two cleaning jobs are the same, which is why you need to find the best housekeeping Houston can offer. With a wide range of different services, you should be able to pick and choose the house cleaning service you want. Being able to customize the job is one of the biggest factors that sets the best apart from the pack.

Trustworthiness – Let’s face it, you need a cleaner that you can rely on and trust. Not only to show up when you need them, but to keep the house clean and without any accidents. Meeting and discussing your home cleaning service needs is often the best way to find the right fit for. You want to be able to leave your home in the right hands, and not have to worry about things missing or broken when you return.

That’s why meeting with the right house cleaning service Houston has to offer can mean a world of difference. You’ll be able to put a face to the name, and see just how they operate. From the first time you meet your Houston maids, make sure to observe how they talk and treat their customers. Often times it can be a clear indicator as to what kind of business they really own.

Specialized Tools – Whether you have a hardwood floor or custom chandeliers, not all housekeepers will have the right tools to service your home. If you have a concern, make sure to voice it to the company you are looking to hire. Having the right tool for the job can minimize damage, save time and ensure that your home is cleaned in a timely fashion.

Cleaning Service – You want the most trusted residential cleaners to clean your Texas home, because you don’t want to have to do it yourself. Worse yet, when you hire the wrong house cleaning services in Houston, you might even need to ask them to come back. The best Houston maid is the one that gets the job done thoroughly and will go above and beyond to retain your business. When you find a Houston maid service like that, you don’t want to let them get away.

That’s why finding the best house cleaners is a good idea when you need house cleaning in Texas. You need one that will deliver and be happy to do whatever it is you need to have your home cleaned. Your choice should understand that a clean home means a happy customer, which means repeat business for them. Make sure to pick the best house cleaning service Houston has to offer by checking out the level of their service; it can really tell you a lot about any company.

These tips can help you determine the best Houston maids in your area, and make the right choice in hiring one. When you have no time but need your home cleaned fast, turn to the best housekeeping Houston can offer with Ready SET Maids. Our expert staff is trained with the latest tools and will make sure your home is completely cleaned the first time. Have any questions? Get a quote fast by booking a cleaning in less than 60 seconds here.


Overall living healthier by having a service should not be overlooked for you and your family. Finding a great service can be both rewarding and enriching for the entire family dynamic. Just be sure that you share any customized options you want with the service so they know exactly how to cater to your overall needs when you get started.

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Holiday Cleaning Services

Best Maid Services In Katy TXThe holidays are a hectic time for many of us. We have parties, trips, kids and organizing or meals that all add up. Plus, you may want to keep your house cleaning up to date as well. So how to you keep your home organized or clean this holiday season? Having a clean, neat and organized home make you feel great. There are less stressful moments, more time and better health and wellness for your entire family Well here are some of the ways to keep your home organized from one of the best maid services in Katy Texas:

 Use a Calendar

This may seem like a simple tip but most people still don’t use this tool. It can give you a full look at what is coming your way so you can have a clear action plan.  A calendar is even easier to use today more than ever. Why? Because of our smartphones! Most of us don’t have a smartphone, we actually have an assistant right at our fingertips and don’t realize it. In many cases, you can ask you phone to schedule your appointment for a specific date and time via voice command.

Have you tried it?

It’s super simple to do. You can also have your lists set up for via voice command as well. You should view your calendar at least twice per day or more if you are a working busy professional. Take it from us a calendar is a powerful tool to keep you on track.

 Anticipate the Unexpected

So hey, we clean home all day long, all week long, all year long. We know about the unexpected. For instance, if you are planning a shopping trip the Saturday before Christmas and you have never gone the Saturday before and think things will go smoothly. Guess what they won’t! There will be long lines, cranky shoppers, and workers. You are going to have traffic and the restaurants will be packed as well. That day is almost as busy and chaotic as black Friday is. The sales on that day are even larger than black Friday on some days according to the national retail federation https://nrf.com/resources/holiday-headquarters/holiday-forecasts-and-historical-sales.

But how about in just in your daily life. What can happen there?

Well, it’s like any other time of the year except busier. You want to factor in other issues more traffic and maybe even not finding that special pumpkin pie filling you have been using for 20 years. The point here doesn’t make your calendar so tight that you cannot deal with last minute issues. Leave a little room for interruptions on a daily basis where you can.

Make Everything Live in Their Place

When you are looking to get your home more organized so you don’t spend what little energy you have to clean up a home. When you have an “everything has a home” approach it’s not only easier to keep you house cleaning schedule on point, it’s easier to keep your home organized. If you do hire one of the best home cleaning service in Katy TX you will also find that you will get a better clean. This is because your service does not have to keep picking up clutter.

Think about where everything is kept in your home. That will make putting things away much easier and simpler for you. Here is an example of how to manage your own laundry service:

Get yourself 3 laundry baskets if you don’t already have one. Set one basket up for dirty clothes that are colors, one for white clothing and one for delicate items (which you should get dried cleaned). Don’t wait until one basket is filled up to do all your laundry in one day. That could take you all day long and you don’t have time for that during the holiday season. When we deliver a house cleaning in Katy with laundry service we take a little different approach. But for you this process can help you stay ahead.

Focus on washing each basket as they fill up while you are doing something else. Like checking your calendar or planning your meals which we discuss next.

When everything has a home you move more freely and relaxed thru your home. You are not going on a hunt every time you need the nail clippers because you know where they are.

Plan Out Your Meals

We spend a lot of time on food during the holiday season. From regular meals to special holiday meals. There is a lot going on here with food. It is likely you have those special meals planned out however you likely are neglecting your regular weekly meals. Well, take it from us, this is a game changer in getting more time back.

Here is what we recommend for your regular weekly meal plan.

Try to pick a day of the week you can cook or prep for the week. Many like Sundays but really whatever works for you is still good. On your “prep day,” you can cook in bulk a few items that will last for most of the week. Rice, Potatoes, steamed veggies are good options along with bread. You can also bake of precooking some protein that can last up to three days as well or more depending on how you serve it.

When breakfast, lunch or dinner time comes all you have to do is reheat your meals. You can even go as far as to prep your lunch if you want.

 Say No

We just wanted to put this in here for you and remind you to say no! You can’t do everything that comes your way for the holiday season. You will get burned out and be exhausted after the season. Try instead to focus on what you have fun doing and who you have fun doing it with. Don’t offer to cook all the extra sides or run all the extra errands.

Be comfortable with saying no to a few things.

You don’t have to be rude. Just says something like this, “you know if want too but I am a big over scheduled as it is” or “I am just swamped with a large project at work”. The goal is not to take on more than you can realistically handle at the holiday season.

Yep – Use a Household Cleaning & Organizational Checklist

We rank 4.5 to 4.7 on multiple platforms like Yelp and Amazon. One of the big reasons for that is we use a checklist. And, not just for cleaning either. Here is how a check can help you keep your house cleaning on par and your home’s organization on point. If you have a maid service in Fort Bend or Houston and if they are good you probably have noticed they use a checklist.

This is an important process for you but for the house cleaning in Katy TX because, it keeps your cleaning and home organizing, well, organized. You won’t forget things from your cleaning checklist and you will move faster than trying to guess what else it is you have to do. Plus, you can plan out your cleaning path.

It’s important to remember that both the residential cleaning services in Katy TX and house organizational services in Texas or anywhere suggest using a checklist. It is a big part of keeping up with your housework.


So there you have some great tips for one of the best cleaning services in Katy TX. If you feel yourself getting too overwhelmed this holiday season just stop, take a breath and take some items off your calendar. You don’t have to do it all, but you do deserve to enjoy what you do!

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How to Clean Counter Tops

Cleaning your kitchen counter top can be one of the biggest challenges in your house. The counter is the base and foundation of your kitchen, and must be clean at all times. Because so much of your food and utensils come in contact with this counter top, you need these Houston house cleaning tips to keep your kitchen sanitary and family healthy. These guidelines give you the best chance at keeping your counter tops clean, and minimize the amount of chemicals and harsh elements used to wash them.

Of course when you need the best Houston house cleaning service out there, you can only turn to Ready SET Maids. Hire Ready SET Maids and see how easy it is to have clean counter tops. Book instantly on our site or call us @ 832-939-4500




Cleaning your Counter tops with these Houston Residential Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your counters is an important part of taking care of your home and your family. The counters in your kitchen play a vital role in food prep, so the need to keep them clean is imperative. However, no two counter tops are the same because they come in all different shapes and sizes.

Because counters can be made from all kinds of materials including granite, acrylic, laminate, treated wood, steel, marble and more, you need these tips to help you make the right choice. Choosing the wrong materials or chemicals to clean could lead to premature damage or staining of your counter tops, neither of which are desirable.

Why do I need these cleaning tips? – Counter tops are going to need some special attention because not only should they be clean, but they also need to be hygienic if food is prepared or eaten on or around them. However because counter tops are made of different materials, it’s impossible to have a simple cleaning guide that covers them all.

Instead we help you understand the differences in Houston cleaning service tips by going over the counter tops below and how to properly clean them.

Different Surfaces

  • Wood – Believe it or not wood is a very common counter top material. However it can stain very easily. For this simple reason try to mop up any spills from the counter top as soon as they occur. Wood can be pleasant and warm, giving your kitchen that special look.
  • However wood is also naturally porous, which makes it a good candidate for germs and a breeding ground for bacteria. One of the most important thing to remember to fight bacteria is to always keep your counter top as dry as possible and remember to rub linseed or mineral oil once a month. The oil will seal the wood counter top and prevent moisture from setting in.
  • Granite –  You may think that granite is a tough material, but in fact it’s quite delicate. For this reason you should never use a harsh material to clean your granite counter tops. Even all natural cleaners like like white vinegar can lead to disastrous results. Only clean granite counter tops with a sponge or soft cloth soaked in a weak solution of warm, soapy water.
  • Much like wood, granite can be porous, so it needs to be ‘sealed’ before it is cleaned and installed. Most granite providers sell specialized cleaning kits that contain this sealing solution. Make sure to ask your granite installer to check out your options, so that you can use these tips properly.
  • Removing stains from granite – Granite stains can be especially tough to remove. Have a coffee ring that’s set in and bothering you? Leftover food stains becoming an eyesore in your kitchen? Here’s just a few of the tips to remove stubborn stains from your granite counter tops fast.
  1. Dip a toothbrush in lemon juice and scrub lightly on the surface
  2. Use a non-metallic kitchen scrubber with lemon juice to remove the stain
  3. Use a granite cleaner that’s not harsh to rub away the stains
  4. Mix a cup of warm water and baking soda to remove stains
  5. Liquid detergent can also help, but never use a harsh chemical like bleach.
  • Steel Counter tops – One of the fastest growing trends in the kitchen, steel counter tops give you an excellent surface that’s resistant to most cleaners. However what steel counters offer in flexibility, can also cause problems when it comes to water spots. Hard water or water high in calcium can leave spots or problem areas in your counters, causing them to look unattractive.
  • To solve these issues. never use harsh chemicals as they will cause permanent damage to your counter top and never use abrasive materials like wire wool, rough cloths or pads, as they will scratch the surface and ruin the steel’s reflective finish.
  • If you are using stainless steel counters, regularly wash the surface with warm water and a small amount of baking soda. When combating mineral deposits or water spots, use a small amount of white vinegar. Then rinse well with water and then thoroughly dry with a cloth and sheets of paper-towel.
  • Formica – Counters made from this material are cheap, and easy to take care of and clean. This makes them naturally attractive for most consumers looking to customize their kitchen. Formica counters need little maintenance and can last a long time if properly looked after. However you should avoid using cleaners like ammonia or bleach.
  • Instead you can choose a mild detergent, a soft cloth and warm water. You can also turn to baking soda and warm water to clean away your counters.
  • Ceramic – Tiles some of the best counter top materials, but also offer a unique set of challenges. Grout for example can become dirty and contaminated, which is a big reason why you want to take special care when cleaning. One of the best Houston house cleaning tips for tiles is to stay on top of the maintenance and clean often. Baking soda and a toothbrush are great ways to keep your ceramic tiles looking their best.
  • Marble – Magnificent and wonderful to look at, marble counters are also susceptible to harsh chemicals. Never use acidic based cleaners like white-vinegar, or other over the counter cleaners. When a spill first happens, make sure to wipe up the mess immediately so that you prevent any kind of etching in the marble surface.
  • Only clean by spraying a mild soap solution onto the counter top and then wiping it off with a soft, lint-free cloth. Use a second cloth to buff the stone dry. Like wood, marble is very porous, so it’s a good idea to treat it with a special stone sealer to reduce its porosity. This will also make it less of a “germ” trap and more stain resistant.
  • Plastic – Laminates are one of the most common counter top surfaces out there. It’s cheap and durable, and can withstand the beating you put out. One of the easiest counters to clean in our house cleaning guide, plastic or laminate counters can be cleaned using a mixture of mild dishwasher soap and water.


Always make sure to dry the counter top after washing to prevent any water from pooling in the seams. For tough to remove stains, use baking soda and a small amount of warm water. Let the mixture soak into the laminate to maximize your cleaning power. Don’t overdo it when scrubbing your counter, because baking soda is still abrasive.

Use these home cleaning tips to keep your counters clean and spotless. And when your kitchen or overall cleaning needs are serious, turn to the experts at Ready SET Maids for the ultimate in Houston maid cleaning service. Give us a call today or book a cleaning in less than 60 seconds to to help you with all your housekeeping needs.

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How much we pay maids

If you are overworked, tired or perhaps trying to just not get behind or catch up then you have probably considered a Houston house cleaning service. The challenges we all face today are great. We don’t blame you. Maid services in Houston are pretty awesome. When you have the kids to tend to plus your career and everything that goes along with that, time becomes very tight for many of us.

We tend to leave a lot of things that are important to us behind. This can include our self-development time or time to cook a nice dinner with our family. We may also be too tired to read our kids a story or put some extra work into the new project we just picked up from the boss. Either way, we look at it home services are continuing to grow as all of us seem to be busier and busier.

What should you pay for the average house cleaning and maid services in Houston? Let’s take a look at the answer.

One quick point…

It’s Not That We Are So Busy – It’s About What We Value Today

We can say that we are busy and lead hectic lives. It is also about what we value in terms of our happiness and time. Most of us have to work and many of us actually enjoy the work we do and many do not. Work is necessary and most of us cope as best we can with the toll of time in exchange for labor. We also may value spending our extra time on personal health or wellness and taking care of our family as opposed to mowing our lawn our cleaning our house.

We choose to be busy with what we enjoy doing in tandem with what we have to do or must to do to have a lifestyle we desire.

It all in our decision making. And you have decided to hire a Houston house cleaning services because you want that extra time for what you choose it to be.

So let’s get to what you came to this article to find out. How do Houston house cleaning services decide on their pricing…?

Drivers of Houston House Cleaning Services Prices

There are a few major drivers of pricing that help determined local house cleaning service pricing. Let’s take a look at some of them now.

Local Economy

If you are looking to hire a local house cleaning service and you are reviewing the pricing – local economic conditions play a part in what you will most likely pay for your maid service. We all understand the general economic impact. If the economy is weak and folks are not making as much money as they once were their disposable income may not be as high as they once were. This means for many items including local Houston house cleanings services that demand will lessen.

With a lower demand for maid services, it’s likely that some companies will drop their pricing to meet market demand.

The opposite is also true that when people have more disposable income they will also spend more money on things such as house cleaning full service or additional home services. So with more demand the house cleaning and additional service pricing averages increase. You would pay a little more for a full service house cleaning in a strong economy as opposed to a weak local economy.

Their Cleaning Service Business Model & Average Maid Service Price

Cleaning services have several types of business models which can determine the pricing in the market as well. We will have a look at the most common types of maid service business models:

  1. By the Job
    1. This model of home cleaning service is a win for everyone if done correctly. There is a scope of work usually followed by a checklist that is completed. The goal of this model is to be efficient and move thru the home as quickly as possible. The reason this is a win, win, for customers and local maid services is because you will likely get more for the price. The cleaning is usually more consistent and complete as well.
    2. By the job, models tend to cost more but they are generally overall the best to hire. Many fall into the trap of picking a cheap service and
  2. By the Hour Houston House cleaning Services
    1. In this house cleaning service model, you buy your maid service by the hour as it states. There is no guarantee of how much you will get in that hour based on your homes build up, size and add-on. Hourly cleaning services usually estimate what can be done in your home for a specific period of time. This model has a high capacity for complaints if good communication is not clear on what will be done for the time the cleaning service pro will be in your home.
    2. This model is largely driven by what the maids are paid and if the house cleaning has additional services added on

[also applies to by the job model for additional services]

  • Houston House Cleaning Service Franchise Model
    1. This model can be a by the job or hourly model. They pay royalties and other supply chain fees. This impacts the pricing {typically more} to absorb those fees.
  • Contractor – Employee or Independent Cleaning Services
    1. They type of workforce a company has also impacted the pricing as well. There are employee payroll taxes that drive up the price. For a contractor, they can write off expenses but are usually set to what the customers pay. Independent Houston house cleaning services can also write off their expenses but it widely believed that many do not report their taxable income accurately if at all.
    2. This types of workforce bears on how pricing is determined for local maid services


Do They Have Company Fleet Vehicles in Their Cleaning Service?

When you think about your vehicle do you keep the upkeep costs in mind? A full-service house cleaning service may have a fleet of vehicles they use largely for marketing and for transporting their maids from one location to the next.

When you have a vehicle you have fuel costs and wear and tear upkeep in addition to insurance costs for each vehicle. House cleaning service vehicles also tend to be used more than the average 15,000 miles per year usage. If the average maid service vehicle monthly cost is:

  • House cleaning service car payment $200
  • $120 for car insurance
  • $$150 for car fuel
  • $50 wear and team

That’s $520 per vehicle per month (given this is an estimate) we are not far off. This cost is passed on to each customer. So if each cleaning service in Houston has a fleet of at least 7 vehicles, then that is a whopping $3,640 per month and almost $44,000 annually. Which all fall into the overhead costs of doing business and those costs are passed on in the final price.

There are many instances that prove that multi-million-dollar full-service house cleaning services in Houston [or anywhere] can be, and are built without fleet vehicles. It was long though that vehicle with logo and phone numbers were the major marketing investments. Digital marketing has outpaced this marketing stream by leaps and bounds.

Employment or Contractor Labor Market

An important factor that impacts how maid’s services are priced is if the company has employees or contractors. Both models are proven to be successful models however in a local maid and house cleaning market like Houston it could make a difference in how companies price their maid service.

This is because of local, state and federal taxes. Those that have employees pay a higher tax rate which usually can impact in lower wages or higher prices to the customer. With a contractor, the pay is usually far better because there are business owners who can write off their expenses. This can keep your prices at a fair level because the booking company usually take a much smaller cut of the profits. This drives a higher level of job satisfaction because of the higher pay for the contractor. Many of the highest ranked maid services in Houston use either model.

Some markets have high demand and a large labor market to choose from which typically have resulted in a little lower price and lower pay.


Competitive pricing has dramatically impacted the price gouging that many maid services used to charge. While $99 to clean a 4 bedroom, 4 bathrooms, 2800 square feet home every two weeks is a little too low, $267 is way too much.

While there isn’t a unified and governing pricing standard for the home cleaning services there is a reasonable price based on good and well-ranked home cleaning service companies by markets.

Essentially the higher the [better competition] the more the prices will be closer together. It does not necessarily mean the price will be lower but there are at least some guardrails for what you should expect to pay for a home cleaning service.

Your Homes Size

Many Houston house cleaning service members tend to forget that their home size plays a big part of their pricing. Simply put the larger you home is the larger you bill is going to be and if you have pets it may cost you more. It all boils down to time and labor. Contractors and employees all have time to manage and have multiple jobs per day to get to. So if your home will take them longer based on estimated time then we should expect to pay more.

Many home cleaning services no longer take home over 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms because of this issue. The price simply starts to get high (in many cases north of $160 every 2 weeks).

If you have a budget and a large home the company will allow you to adjust the number of rooms cleaned on each visit to lower the price. Basically instead of picking 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms you could pick 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and rotate on each visit. Keeping mind however if you were to have a move out cleaning service or one time cleaning the price may be higher as well.

Putting it All Together

Now that we have looked at the major factors that drive house cleaning services let take a look at the local Houston sector specifically. While Houston has had a recent downturn in energy that should not fool any of us. Houston is one of the strongest and best thriving economies not only in the America but in the world.

The Houston market continues to offer more job in the aerospace and energy sector with over 26 fortune 500 companies. According to Forbes Houston is also the number job creator in our nation. We are simply an economic juggernaut.

The real-estate market is also very strong in Houston with new inventory popping up literally daily. The cost of living is also lower in Houston than in most States. Houston also has one of the highest household incomes.

What does this mean for maid service and home cleaning services? It means there is expendable income and more people are investing in home services and enjoying the benefits of what a Houston maid service delivers. With more and more Houstonian’s creating demand prices could slightly increase for Houston house cleaning service, right?

Right! Many of the companies have increased their prices since 2008 and the home industry has been on a steady growth path.

Labor costs have grown significantly for many of the cleaning services that are ranked and rated highly by customers because they want to keep their good people. More pay improves more retention and consistently for members. Remember no one really wants to clean for a living.

If you are looking for maid services in Sugar Land TX or you want a house cleaning in the Woodlands {2 of the wealthiest areas of Houston proper] you may end up paying a little more.

Overall the Houston economy is extremely strong and on a growth path and very stable. This has a significant bearing on pricing on home cleaning services and well just about everything else.

Quick Note About Move Out Cleaning Services

A move out cleaning service is not easier than a regular house cleaning service. Many think they should pay more because the house is empty of furniture and living goods. Typically, there is build up all over the home. The inside of the cabinets, oven, fridge, on baseboards, blinds, and fans.

A move out cleaning service takes the time to scrub harder and maybe longer as well. It really a battle with dust and build upon in the empty home. Bathrooms are usually the main culprits in taking more time. The tub usually has not been cleaned in a long time and likely the sing either.

Expect to pay the same if not more for move out cleaning services


Expect to pay $100 to $150 for regular weekly, bi-weekly, every 3 weeks or monthly Houston house cleaning services. Market demand, overhead and business model all have an impact on the price. What you should be realistic about is the size of your home and how often you would like cleaning. If you have more rooms and more square expect and plan to pay more.

You may also have to pay more for the first Houston house cleaning service. It’s because most, homes have build up that takes the maids much longer to clean. Also, you’ll pay more for add-ons like the inside of most appliances, baseboards, and fans.

The joys and benefits of hiring a maid service can have dramatic and positive effects on your life. When making your decision consider what you gain from having a good home cleaning service on a consistent basis.

Go to readysetmaids.com to get an instant price and book your house cleaning in Houston proper today!

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