Father’s Day is coming, and many happy kids will take their dads to celebrate outside. Huston restaurants, parks, and bars are recently re-opened this June, and they are implementing some preventive measures to stop the virus from spreading. We know that some people, including our beloved dads, are part of the high-risk populations, that’s why we wrote this blog. These aren’t quarantine Father’s Day ideas; instead, we focus on outdoor activities for those who prefer to celebrate in a restaurant, bar, or park. Keep reading to find out what preventive measures businesses are following and what actions you can do to stay safe outside.

Plexiglass partitions and outdoor seatings

Many bars and restaurants are making some modifications to their layout and facade. Search for the ones that are installing plexiglass partitions between tables and extending their seating to the sidewalks and streets to maintain social distancing. Take care of your dad and make a reservation on one of these sites.

Disposable items

Also, restaurants are replacing spices and condiments containers for disposable items for each person and table. Ask your hosts if they are implementing this or other measures to reduce contact with objects that other people are using or properly disinfecting them.

Employees wearing masks and gloves

As you may know, face-covering and masks protect people more than the person wearing it. Search on social media or other official sites if the restaurant or bar you want to celebrate Father’s Day is following these essential measures to stop the virus from spreading.

Wearing face coverings when not eating or drinking

Also, customers must practice preventive measures, and hosts must encourage them to do so. Some dads might be in high-risk populations, and because of that, actions like these are necessary.

Contactless payment

Make sure your money-transfer app is working fine. Many businesses are encouraging not to use cash or cards, hoping that this action will eliminate the little contact left.

Only one person in the bathroom

An important area of contact and infection is in the bathrooms. Ask your restaurant or bar what preventive measures are taking regarding public restrooms. Many restaurants are limiting the use by one person at a time, and are maximizing the number of disinfecting sessions per day.

Limit your movement indoors

Up until this point, there isn’t any law or official statement that ban dancing or any other interactive activity withing restaurants, pubs, or bars. Patrons will be encouraged to avoid these kinds of actions and stay in their circle of household family or friends. Stay safe by remaining at your table.

Don’t carpool

Reducing the carbon footprint isn’t essential nowadays. Avoid being in close contact with people outside of your household, including family members and friends.

Don’t hang out with hiking friends

Last but not least, the “avoid people out of your household” part also includes outdoor places like parks and hiking trails. Just because you’re outside, that does not mean that you are safe from getting the virus. Keep practicing social distancing if you’re planning a biking or hiking session for Father’s Day.

Celebrating Father’s Day while social distancing will be the norm. We hope you spend a wonderful day with your dad and stay safe outside. Also, if you want to give him a home cleaning service to prevent COVID-19 indoor, just enter our website.