For those who live in, you should know this that the city has almost any and everything that you might look for. Whatever you want to do, and any place you want to hang out, there is a high chance of you finding where you’re looking for in Houston. The city is full of places you’d love to stay and visit, from the bars to the clubs, the Houston museum district to other tourist sites; you’ll find it all in the beautiful city of Houston.

If you’re looking for an apartment in this Texas city, you should put your mind at rest, because in the city, there are a lot of options you can pick from. The only problem or debate you will most probably encounter is whether you would want a building with a doorman or one without?

Now, it is worthy to point out that there are likely to be pros and cons in the options you choose (just as it is with every other decision in life). From personal elevation to looking at the surrounding or the nature of the environment, you’ll find some pros and cons. For instance, while you might fancy a doorman (personal evaluation), your friend might not. Or perhaps, you might not like the area because it’s in the suburbs.

It goes without saying, from the previous point that, there are pros and cons for Houston dweller with doormen in their building. We’ll consider some of the pros and cons presently;


So here are some of the benefits you’d get when you have a doorman in your building

  1. It is safe

Doormen are good at paying requisite attention to everything. So they know how comes and go out, they know who’s keeping tabs on the building and all the other things you might fail to take notice of. They also know who stays in the building and who do not stay in the building. Professional persons usually vet those who are employed as doormen, so they know that they (doormen) can protect the building.

  1. It is also convenient

For those who might be working all day and don’t have time to spend at home, the doormen are great in these situations; they will help you collect your packages. If your building does not have a doorman, then you might need to rely on your neighbor, and they too might be like you, busy.

With doormen, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your package; they keep it till you’re ready to get them. Also, if you want a maid to come over and clean the place and you’re not at home, they would need access into your home; don’t worry, your doorman got you covered, and they’d only allow persons into your home, which is on your list.

  1. You enjoy a high level of luxury

You have to admit, having someone open the door for you feel good. It is even better when you got your hand full and would need someone to open them for you. Doormen provide excellent service for the apartment dwellers and their visitors (which is why good tipping now and again is good), which makes you and your visitor feel special.

Doormen are also always smiling; they always wish you a great and leave you joyful, when you pass by them. Now, this is a feeling you’d need to start the day. Many doormen also offer concierge services to make you feel special.

  1. They provide needful assistance

Imagine going up the stairs with groceries in your hand, coming back from an excruciating workout session, say jogging or skipping, (whichever it is), once the doorman sees you with it, they feel inclined to help you out. If it’s luggage you’re with, and you’re just coming back from a tiring journey, they would still do well to help out. You get the picture, they are always handy and come in so when you need them the most.

Having a doorman is an excellent way to enjoy the Houston living experience, you might end up making a friend who you wouldn’t mind having.


While having a doorman is pretty great and all, here are some of the disadvantages of having a doorman

  1. You’d lack privacy

Your doorman has access to your home, your visitors list, and even your package deliveries, which means therefore that your privacy is going to be infringed on. Naturally, doormen should not and may not even care so much about you or what you do, but because you give them the access to, they might know some things about you that they should not know of. They would only be able to know and get access to the things you give them access to, however. Because of their attention to details, they may know all and everyone that comes in and out of your place, which may not be so good for business.

If you want to live a tranquil life, then having a doorman is not something you should do.

  1. Expense coverage

You should know that doormen are professionals and not volunteers. They would need to be paid the amount worthy of any professional, who you would pay to look out for your package if you’re not at home.

You might not get any direct invoice from your doorman that you owe him. Instead, you might notice a higher rent pay for houses with doormen, than those without.  If you’d prefer a higher amount in rents, then the doorman service is just right for you.

  1. There would be some chitchat once in a while

Most persons don’t like talking much, and if you are one of them, then you might have an issue living in a building with doormen. For some other persons who like the small talks, you might fancy the small talks, but then it may wear off after a while, the chitchats I mean.

Doormen are humans too, so they would need to talk to people once in a while. So you may have your doorman making small talk with you, in these situations, you could kindly turn him down after the first few times

Until you see an individual apartment, you shouldn’t rule it out of your list; they are also a good choice. As good as it is to have a doorman; they are also some downsides to having doormen. Before you pick an apartment, it is good to have a reflective talk as to what you want.