Most often than not, wood rotting is something we would encounter when we own wooden furniture. And for homeowners with a lot of wooden furniture, it can be a problem. The discouraging feeling you get when you see a rotting closet or cabinet can be very overwhelming sometimes. And it may even be more so, for homeowners who love the classic look. When the decorated woods and furniture becomes rotten, then it loses its sense uniqueness.

While it may be that the wood is getting old in some instance, other times, it could just be the homeowner’s fault. So it is essential that the homeowners know what the cause of this problem is and find solutions. It is very crucial that the homeowner knows how to prevent wood rotting.

Below are here are some of the reasons why  wooden furniture rots;

Exposure to moisture

Is any of your furniture exposed to moisture? Are you one who uses a lot of water to clean your floor, which then makes it way to the moisture? Exposure to moisture is one of the causes of wood rotting.  Sometimes, even the steam in the kitchen can affect your cabinet. So it is crucial that you don’t allow the steam to leave your pot, to prevent settlement on the wooden furniture.

If moisture doesn’t get in contact with your wooden furniture as a result of the reasons stated above, then it might be leakage. If there is a leakage which exposes the furniture to moisture, then it could be a problem. Once water seeps into the wood, then it would gradually begin to rot.

You did not paint your furniture

Other than just giving your furniture a great look, painting it also has a protective advantage. What it does is, it protects the elements of the wood for premature decay. Plus, it also guards the furniture against water or moisture rotting. The water or moisture stays on the paint layer so that you can easily clean it before it dries off. Once it dries off, then it would not cause any damage.

Cleaning your wooden furniture with water

Yes, most times you don’t intentionally let water touch your wooden furniture. But there is some time you also unknowingly apply water on the furniture, thorough cleaning. This method of cleaning may seem harmless, but it does more harm than good. You shouldn’t clean your hardwood floor with water, just because it is hardwood. Also, because you paint the furniture doesn’t mean that the paint won’t clean when you apply water on it. It is, therefore, imperative that you refrain from using water to clean your furniture if you want to prevent wood rotting.

You did not let the water in the wood dry completely

There are times when you expose your furniture to heavy rain, even though not intentional. There is no problem with that; mistakes happen. But, in other to get your wooden furniture back in shape, it would need to bask in the sun or air. When the furniture does not dry thoroughly, then the water will inevitably seep in and rot the wood. So the best thing to do is let the furniture air-dry before you store it back for the season.

Leaving your furniture outdoor during the raining season

For most persons who have a porch or a balcony and have plans of decorating it, think about it well. Do not get wooden furniture that you know would be left outside, rain or sun. Even if it is hardwood, the best thing to do is avoid getting wooden furniture for outdoor decorations. Also if all you want to do is air the furniture, always remember to take it back indoors.

Have the mindset that hardwood is rot resistant

What manufacturers do to get you to buy their wooden furniture is to advertise it as rot-resistant. Wood such as cedar and teak are not above rotting. It might take a longer time to rot, but that doesn’t mean it won’t rot eventually. Having too much confidence in the non-rotting properties of the hardwood may cause some problems for you. You can, however, apply coatings of water repellents once every year for preservation.

No matter the kind of wood you use, always remember that maintenance is essential. Maintain and protect the wood regularly if you want it to last long.

I’m not against building a wooden patio or other furniture in your backyard; I’m only emphasizing the need for maintenance. Seal all the holes in the wood that may cause water to seep in. Protect your wooden furniture against the rain and the UV rays.

Try to stop the rotting

Sometimes wood rotting is already happening; what do you do in the instance? Do you throw the furniture away? No. If you remove the wood from your home, it might leave ample space in your home. Just do some of the following;

Let the rot dry

When it snows or rains, there is always that possibility that the wood will get moist. When it does, it is not ideal that you let the wood in the house, take it out and let it dry. But also remember to take into the house again.

Avoid standing water

If there is a part of your home that has some standing water, after a rainstorm, then work on that place. The standing water will find its way into the cracks of the wood and cause it to rot more. So what you do is repair the source of the standing water, to prevent the effect of the standing water. 

Let the air flow freely.

One of the ways to prevent rotting is by airing the wooden furniture. When there is good airflow, the wood dries faster, and reduce the likelihood of the rot. Trim the shrubs and tree around your home, so your home can have proper ventilation. If the shrubs and trees are wet, then you might have a problem accessing fresh air in your homes. Ensure, therefore, that you trim the trees around your house.

Keeping your wooden furniture from rotting is rather easy to do. All it takes is some dedication and some level of maintenance. When you do that, then you would end up with beautiful wooden furniture.