I feel one of the most tasking job for a parent is to get their children to do their chores. It is so hard in fact, even getting them to do it with a frown is hard enough. And I know as caring parents, the idea of just going into your kids’ rooms is just tiring. Their bathroom is a no go area because it is another dirty zone you’d have to deal with. But as hard as you might think it is, to get your children to clean your home, it’s not always the case. Getting them clean the home is as easy as walking in the park.

It is so easy to get your children to clean that no age would be an issue. Getting them to start cleaning the home early is a great way to instill the discipline of cleanliness in them. So, here are some straightforward ways you can get your children not just to learn, but help you clean your home.

Don’t make it a big deal

The fact that you punish your children for not doing their chores do would not make them more eager to do it, it doesn’t help the situation in any way. Scolding them would even make them hate doing the chores all the more.

It is better to talk to your children, giving them reasons why they should do their chores, and assuring them that you would give them a hand. Being a good teacher, parent and leader would not mean you are sitting around and watching your children do all the chores; you should always learn to work out as well.

Start training your kids early

Waiting till your kids are teenagers before you start teaching them how to clean the house would only be detrimental to you. It is best to start as early as possible, as early as the stage where they are toddlers (but give them minimal tasks to do as they are still feeble and weak to do some other tasks).

You can compose a song that can rhyme with a particular chore to make it fun and easy. This strategy not only helps them do the work but also strengthens the bonds between you and your kids.

At such a young age, it is better that they don’t work for long, or they may get bored and begin to hate the whole thing.

Make a reward card for your children

Giving tips to your children all the time may make them feel entitled, (that doesn’t mean you should reward them once in a while), but you can develop a fun way to reward your children. You could have a reward card, where you can give to them after two or three times of doing their chores. Each chore may have different rewards, (some better than others), so they can alternate on tasks to do.

Don’t always tell them when you want to give them the card, let them be expectant. You could sneak it to them when they’re taking out the trash or doing the dishes. It is a fun way to motivate them to do the dishes.

Have a duty roaster

You do not want a particular kid to do the most chores all the time, so the best thing to do is to come up with a duty roster. Distribute the chores to all your children, giving them daily activities they need to do. One of the things you’d be achieving is order. Plus, when your children know what to do and when to do it, it helps them keep track of time.

Always ensure that the younger children don’t have dangerous chores and that their chores are doable, seeing as they are still young and probably can’t do the heavy lifting. If, however, you give your younger children hard chores, ensure that you provide strict supervision, so they don’t get hurt, or worse, hurt others.

Try not to be bossy when assisting them

While it is good not to look weak and less authoritative when addressing your kids, it’s also essential to ensure you’re not bossy. Try to strike a balance. You don’t always have to order the kids to do things your way; you could let them try out new ways of cleaning (provided it is safe and reliable).

Also, let them follow their order of cleaning; if they want to take out the trash before vacuuming, it’s up to them. Try to make them feel independent, even though you’re helping them. The moment you begin to boss them around too much, their confidence becomes lowered, and they get angry.

Some kids would instead get their space when doing their chores, do well to give them that space.

Try to set a good parental examples

Don’t tell children to do tasks you cannot do, or wouldn’t do. If it is difficult for you as an adult, there is a high chance that it will be difficult for your children as well. Kids always look up to their parents, whether they admit it or not, and they’ll imitate every character you pose; thus, if you are lazy, they will be too, and vice versa. So always set examples for your children.

Learn to appreciate the work they do

Always check on your kids to see if they have done the task they were asked to do, and if they have, then it wouldn’t hurt to give them some appreciation for their hard work. Praise their effort; it will encourage to do more. Every kid wants their parents to be proud of them, and appreciating would show that you are indeed proud of them.

They may not always be perfect

You need to understand that your kids (especially when they are toddlers), may not be perfect in executing the tasks given to them, but that shouldn’t stop you from acknowledging their efforts. Learn to provide room to imperfection when they clean your home. I mean, it is not logical to expect a child to clean all the dishes nicely the first couple of times. Always give them time to grow. When you notice their error, correct them gently, this way they learn better.

Learn to start small

Give your kids simple starts; tasks that are straightforward and not complex, for it may just end up distracting the child along the way. For instance, vacuuming is easy for a child to learn, but it becomes complicated when they have to take out the dirt pouch and take it back to the store. Also, it is vital that you don’t assign the same chore to one child always, mix it up a bit from time to time.

Getting your kids to clean your home can be a little hurdle to jump over, but the moment you got it right for the start, then you’re just on your way to having a chore loving family. Some of the tips here can also apply very well to teenagers. But if you would rather hire a professional cleaning service in Houston then Ready Set Maids is here to help you.