Ready Set Maids - The Best 5-step Guide For Cleaning Your Garage

It comes a time during the year when you can’t ignore how untidy and cluttered your garage is. You know this cleaning task will take you a couple of weekends to accomplish. So, the question is, how to organize a messy garage in the best way? This blog is going to make your job easier by arranging a 5-step process for efficient garage cleaning. Are you ready?

Step 1: Unpack and take out everything

The best way to declutter a garage is to pull out everything and leave it at plain sight. You may feel an urge to start organizing items, but you better not. It would be best if you decluttered everything first because you’ll know precisely what your inventory is. If you have things packed, take them out for them to occupy less space.

Step 2: Make a list

While your stuff is lying on the garage’s floor, take some paper and pen and make a list of things you want to keep, toss, or donate. Usually, nobody writes the “toss” part of the list because they are already trashing the unwanted items. If you are overly attached to things, or you are unsure of throwing them or not, put them in a doubt list. When you are done, you realize how many items you want to keep, and maybe that will make you reconsider.

Step 3: Consider investing in cabinets or containers

Once you get rid of all unwanted items, you’ll have more space to organize. The problem is, a garage without boxes will be untidy in no time, and also putting one thing on top of the other could damage them or occupy too much space. Your best option is to invest a little money in containers or, if you have the resources and time, install some shelves or cabinets. Whatever fits better with the stuff you want to keep. For example, you can buy a tackle box for your pieces of hardware and bigger totes for larger items.

Step 4: Sweep, scrub and do small repairs

Now that you have everything you need to finish the work, it’s time to use the broom. Deep clean your garage like it’s going to be your hidden retreat. Sweep, scrub and also disinfect the surfaces whenever you can. Check out if you have a plague or mold problem and do the pertinent fumigations. Additionally, take time to do small repairs: change rusty hinges and broken glass, fix the ventilation system, reinforce old railing or fasteners.

Step 5: Organize the garage into sections

Experts recommend that you divide your garage’s storage into four zones: car supplies (wiper fluid, and anti-freeze), sports equipment, tools, and a recycling center. This will make your garage not to get messy soon because everything will have its place. However, depending on your home and lifestyle, perhaps you would prefer to create other zones like “garden,” “holiday storage,” “exercise area,” or “spot for off-season clothing.”

Remember that the most important thing about cleaning your garage is that you implement a storage plan. To know what to keep and what to toss, as well as where to put it, is going to save you a lot of trouble. If your case is exceptionally complicated or you don’t have time to do it yourself, book your cleaning service online on our booking system.