deciding to hire a maid

Finding a great maid service in Houston can be easy and bring some joy to you and your home. With everyone leading a life that seems to be filled with one checklist and “to do” after another it is important that a good choice regarding a Houston maid service is made. Making a great decision about your house cleaning in Houston, Texas should start with revisiting why exactly you need the service in the first place and what benefits cleaning services can offer.

Why you hire maid Services

Here is what Ready SET Maids has discovered as some of the top reasons why many of us hire house cleaning services:

  1. Many of Us Are Stressed Out

76% of people polled by statistics brain attribute 2 mains sources of stress come from two places in their lives. The first place is money and the second place is work. This does not surprise you I am sure because most of us know this already. Stress can cause us all to feel depressed, anxious and cause physical health issues as well. However, work and money both absorb our time if you think about it. We have to put time into work and meet deadlines and do a good job. As a result, we get a paycheck. This is how most people do it today.

Both parents are usually working as well today due to increased costs and stagnant wages in our country. This compounds the stress in the household. This stress leads to arguments in the family about other things that are left over to be done such as household work, which a maid service in Houston can help with. Then there is taking the kids to school, soccer games, there is homework and dinner. The list of things we need to do just keeps growing larger and larger every day.

Overall it just comes down to needing some help in the home with house cleaning tasks. There is a lot to do with work, family and household chores. Often cleaning your home is not a great investment of your time. Living healthy however is important and having a neat clean and organized home can help out a lot.

  • Burnout – Is and exhaustion is a serious issue that can have many negative effects on your health. Being in a constant state of stress should not be taken lightly. If you are always tired, stressed and irritable then you should schedule some time to take a break, unplug and just enjoy your life.
  1. We Find Ourselves Needing More Time – Here is Why

We have looked at the impact stress has on us both psychologically and now let us look at a major reason to get a maid service in Houston, TIME!

We are not getting any of our time back. Our time is fleeting away in milliseconds, minutes and hours. We spend most of our time working and sleeping. We work around 9 hours per day on average which is about 37% and we sleep about 32% of the day. So almost 70 of our time is spent already between working long hours and sleeping an average of 7.7 hours per day.

With 70% of our day gone just from 2 necessities that leave little extra time. We will briefly look at some other allocations of our time.

If you combine household activities and eating and drinking they represent 8.32% of our day. Or roughly around 2.2 hours of out our 24 hours. This is something a maid service in Houston can help reduce or replace.

People polled by the US labor statistics also mention that they spend around an hour and a half caring for others. This could include the kids, elderly parents or any relatives or friends.

On the other many report 2.5 hours of leisure time and sports on a daily basis, however, they may include watching a game on TV and not actually getting out and being active. Much of the free time is likely gathered up on the weekends as well.

If you think about all the things we need to do to live healthier. Like cooking and eating better, getting in our exercise, learning new skills and more. We tend to use the excuse of not having enough time in the day. Its turns out that this is not necessarily an excuse. With house cleaning services you buy time back to do whatever you need or want to do.

You just want to make sure you plan accordingly of how to spend the time. Even if that time is spent doing nothing, just plan it.

  1. You Have to Work Harder to Stay Competitive in The Workforce

According the US to census bureau income has not kept pace with inflation. We all know that income has been somewhat stagnant since the 1990’s. However, inflation and cost of living have not slowed down. Unemployment rose to double digits in 2008 and now dropped down to low single digits.

This is not entirely the whole story. There are masses of college graduates moving back in with their parents, being baristas at Starbucks and such. The working environment has become very competitive. You have one of the most educated generation (the millennials) in history who are willing to do most jobs for less than a tenured working class.

Technological skills are a necessity to success today. There are apps for everything, software for everything and a “cloud” for everything. Technology has also transformed the way people work and it continues to evolve very fast. To keep up we all must dedicate time to learning these new platforms to stay relevant in the working group.

[Source: U.S. Census Bureau]

  1. You Want to Make More Money or to Start a New Business

Earlier in this article, you learned that wages in our country have been stagnant since 1967. You note that we make less today than we did in 1995, all while inflation and cost of living continue to rise. This has created a need for families to bring in more income into their homes.

Some of you may want a side job or some may want to start a new business to replace their full-time income and better their families’ financial future. Doing this is not easy. If you are working, you have a family and financial responsibilities you are going to need every minute you can get. Not just in hiring  Houston TX maid services but even from lawn mowing and maybe even grocery delivery services.

You will need time to plan, complete work and deliver on that work. It is about input versus output. You can’t bring in more money in your household if you are cleaning your toilet. You cannot start a new business when you are busy scrubbing your kitchen counters. This is how a maid service can assist you.

  1. The Kids Are Driving You Crazy

We all love our kids but let’s face it – even one of them is a tough task to raise. There is so much to do with a newborn, pre-teens and teenagers. Between daycare, sports, music and family time the endless activities can and do add up. After spending the time to manage all these activities the last thing you want to do is clean your house. This is where a maid services in Houston can help you out a lot. You can kick the kids out to the park and enjoy your fresh clean home free of the tornadoes kids can be.

You may also feel the opposite in not being able to spend enough time with your kids. Many parents feel this way especially in the early years of their children’s life. Again with both parents working this can be a real issue for many families. This is another reason maid services in Houston TX can really assist you. Spend the time with your kids instead of cleaning your home.

  1. The Chores Have Added Up

Another reason you need to hire maid services in Houston is that your chores seem to keep adding up. If you have piles of laundry that are clean and dirty it may be time to hire a cleaning service. The dishes may be piling up and there may be several loads to do. You may also notice that you have a dusty house with buildup in your bathrooms and especially the toilets. Maybe there is grim on your stove and you dare not look behind the refrigerator.

If any of these are you then you most likely need a maid service to help you out a couple of times per month. So if you have decided to hire a maid service then let’s look at some of the benefits you will reap.

Some Benefits of Hiring a Houston Maid Service

When some think about a maid service in Sugar Land, Texas they can be a bit apprehensive. However, consider the challenges we all face with a working and busy family today.  Trying to get some spare time to just do what we love can be difficult. There are some major benefits to hiring a maid service in Houston, TX or really anywhere. Here are some:

  • Houston maid services can help you live with less stress. Come home relax in a clean and organized house. It feels great. You know it and should enjoy it more often. Less stress equals better well-being all around.
  • When you have a house cleaning service you will have more time. It’s important to plan your free time today. Life if much faster today than it was in the 50’s or 60’s. There is much more to do especially if you have kids. Quality time at the dinner table can happen but you need time and planning to make it happen.
  • There is a big lift in your energy from a maid service. Knowing your house does not need to be cleaned is a big relief. You gain energy by not having to think about it just like mowing your lawn. Energy can or having more energy can do a lot for us on a daily basis. More energy can get us motivated do new things or just have some fun with the family.
  • Home cleaning services are also a great way to help you reduce clutter. Why bother to shape get uncluttered in your home? Because it goes back to more time and less stress for you. You can find things easier when you are more organized and have less clutter. You also can feel clearer minded when you don’t have clutter all over your home.
  • Living healthier is on every body’s minds today – hiring maid service in Houston will help. This includes killing bacteria and viruses in your home. You family will lower the possibilities of spreading germs and other viruses to each other any time of the year.
  • When you hire a cleaning service, you get a consistent and regular cleaning of your house. The dirt, germs, and grime do not build up. Hey, plus when you mother in law stops by unannounced she’ll be impressed at how clean the house is.
  • You home is also an investment. keeping it clean neat and organized will keep your investment in good shape.

When you consider that benefits you can get from not just a maid service but services in general you begin to see what else you could be doing. Between getting your lawn mowed, home cleaned, and even your groceries delivered – you would literally save may a full half day. Some people spend their weekends cleaning their homes. What if that time were spend on exercise, education or family time? How much more accomplished and better would you feel?

Its okay to feel under pressure, over worked and tired. But this should not be the case all the time and getting help should be a priority. If you have never had a maid service in Houston, then there are some really great cleaning services that Houston brings to the table. If you need help deciding which house cleaning company in Houston to hire, click here for some help. You will enjoy the time you get back and the benefit of less stress that comes along with a maid service Houston has to offer.

If you have decided its time, then contact Ready SET Maids. We offer maid services and house cleaning that you can book here in 60 seconds.