House Cleaning Services in Katy, TexasWhen it comes to cleaning your home, there are many things you can do to prepare. One of them is creating the right house cleaning schedule that is both easy to follow and efficient. With the proper maintenance, you may not need the best cleaning services Katy TX can offer. Compiling the best schedule that matches your lifestyle gives you the best chance of getting your home cleaned fast.

Everyone has a lot on their plate, and life can come at you pretty fast. Just because it can be difficult to find time to clean your home, doesn’t mean you have to compromise. When you are having problems getting a cleaning schedule together or maintaining your home’s cleanliness, don’t hesitate to call on the best cleaning services Katy TX has. Only through the best cleaning service can you properly clean and arrange your home. You’ll have more time and space to properly carve out a cleaning schedule after they are done.

Have a mess in your home that you need cleaned, but you aren’t sure how to go about it? Look up the best cleaning services Katy TX can provide. But when you need to put together a comprehensive cleaning plan and schedule, this guide can help. With the right amount of planning you can prepare, schedule and take the right steps towards cleaning your home. Of course when the home cleaning job ahead of you is too daunting, you’ll need the best cleaning services Katy TX has available.

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Let’s face it, house cleaning is a chore. It’s hard work, boring and never seems to end. Often you feel completely overwhelmed by the task. This totally de-motivates you, so you never get going and the dirt just piles up and up.

All is not lost, though, as once you do get started, you’ll probably keep going until it’s done.

So, how do we get started? Firstly, we need a plan!

Target the most important and dirty rooms first. Then breakdown what needs to be done in each into lots of manageable bite-sized chunks (be realistic here and don’t get too ambitious). Finally, set aside a time to do each task and then get cleaning. If you start slowly and build yourself up, before you know it, you’re done!

This is where having your own cleaning schedule becomes invaluable. This will help you identify, organize and prioritize individual tasks and set achievable goals. To do his, you can follow my own 30-day cleaning schedule in the next section of this book. Feel free to chop ‘n’ change any part to tailor it to your own needs.

To give yourself extra motivation, you could even see how many of the allotted tasks can be completed within a given time by setting the alarm on a kitchen timer. This can be especially useful for motivating you to complete a number of the more unpleasant household chores.

Now, that’s enough of the lecturing from me, so let’s go grab that pen and paper and plan away!


As an authority of cleaning services in Katy, TX we have put together a schedule here for you:

  • Day 1. Clean the surfaces in the kitchen and living room (clear away stray items, dust, sweep, and vacuum)
  • Day 2. Clean the bathrooms (toilets, showers, bathtubs, floors, walls, and mirrors)
  • Day 3. Clean the surfaces in the bedrooms (tidy away toys, clothes, and dust)
  • Day 4. Clean the surfaces in any “extra” rooms, such as the basement, office, and kids room
  • Day 5. Clean the surfaces in the living room and kitchen
  • Day 6. Clean the bathrooms
  • Day 7. Clean all the interior windows
  • Day 8. Sweep and vacuum all the floors and stairs
  • Day 9. Clean the surfaces in the bedrooms
  • Day 10. Deep clean the living room (mirrors, baseboards, and dust artwork)
  • Day 11. Clean the bathrooms
  • Day 12. Clean out the closets and hang up clothes, mittens, jackets, and hats
  • Day 13. Clean the surfaces in the “extra” rooms
  • Day 14. Deep clean the bedrooms (organize drawers, check under the bed, tidy the closet, dust artwork, fans, lights, and mop)
  • Day 15. Clean the surfaces in the living room and kitchen
  • Day 16. Deep clean the bathrooms (clean inside drawers, inside of trash cans, tops of mirrors, tiles, and mop)
  • Day 17. Clean all door knobs, phones, entertainment equipment, including remote controls, switch plates, banisters, and other things which are constantly touched
  • Day 18. Clean out the refrigerator, take stock of food, and organize the pantry
  • Day 19. Clean entrance ways, sweep the porch, and clean out the car because this can often be an extension of our home
  • Day 20. Clean the surfaces in the living room and kitchen
  • Day 21. Clean the surfaces in the bathrooms
  • Day 22. Clean the surfaces in the bedrooms
  • Day 23. Sweep and vacuum all floors
  • Day 24. Clean the linen closet; straighten towels and sheets
  • Day 25. Clean the surfaces in the living room and kitchen
  • Day 26. Deep clean the kitchen (scrub appliances, wash trash cans, base boards, wipe down and straighten cabinets)
  • Day 27. Clean the surfaces in the bathrooms
  • Day 28. Clean the surfaces in the bedrooms
  • Day 29. Clean one thing you haven’t had the chance to do so far, such as deep cleaning your stove, wiping down all the light fixtures, or tackling a particularly difficult area
  • Day 30. Sweep and vacuum all floors

This simple and easy to follow 30 day plan can keep your home clean and organized. Not sure how to tackle your cleaning job now? Look up the best Cleaning services Katy TX has to offer in Ready SET Maids to schedule the best cleaning crew in Texas.

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