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Whether you have children in your home or not, having clean books can be a huge challenge. Over time dust can build up on your books, leading to premature degradation and attracting unwanted pests like mites. If you’ve got a book collection or a den where you keep some of your prized books or media, these cleaning tips can really save you money. If you’ve got a library in your home, or valuable media that you want to clean and take care of, you can also choose to hire home cleaning services in Texas to help

The right home cleaning services can improve your life and get your home back in order. When your schedule is packed and you don’t have time to clean your in-home library or books, you can turn to the expert home cleaning services that are right for you. Choosing the best home cleaning services doesn’t have to be hard when you have the professionals at Ready SET Maids to help.

Give us a call today and see just how relaxing and stress free you feel after a professionally cleaned home. Book instantly on our site or call us @ 832-939-4500. If you want to learn how to clean your books, media, DVD’s and more, check out these helpful house cleaning tips below.




Cleaning Your Home Media

Contrary to popular belief, the books and compact discs in your home should be dusted and cleaned on a regular basis. Over time your books can become damaged. Your DVD’s or discs can become havens for dust, dirt and grime. When you regularly dust and clean your home, the books and compact disks in them shouldn’t need a lot of cleaning.

Regardless of how often we dust them, CDs and particularly, books need a little extra care to keep them in good condition. The following sections contain tips from the best home cleaning services on how to achieve this.

How to Clean Books from home cleaning services in your area

You may know that there are many companies out there that can provide house cleaning services. However when you just want to maintain and clean your home on your own, these tips from professional home cleaning services can help.

Arrange books – Over time, your books can become musty or moldy. Smells and premature wear can result. Stop your books going musty by arranging them at the front of shelves so allowing air to circulate around them from the back.

Avoid sunlight – Always keep books away from direct sunlight, as this will fade the bindings and cause them to deteriorate. The spines on the books themselves can fade, as can the title pages or images on the cover.

Cleaning Books – You may have books with stains or accidents that may have damaged them. To remove grease spots from books, rub the affected areas with white bread crumbs. This small cleaning tip has been known for many generations, and it works as well as it did from day one!

Drying out moisture – One of the biggest causes of book damage is moisture. Because moisture can cause serious damage and water logging in your books, you’ll need to dry them properly. Dry out the moisture in a damp book by sprinkling the pages with cornstarch. Let it sit overnight, and then brush the starch out.

Removing odors and musty smells – Whether you’ve got moisture issues in your home, or your library has damp areas, your books can develop an odd musty smell over time. To de-odorize books, place them in a big box together with a bowl of baking soda and then close the lid. The soda will not only help neutralize any lingering musty smells, but will also help to dry them out, too.

Cleaning DVDs and CDs Properly

The best home cleaning services in your area will take the proper time to clean your digital media, like DVD’s and CD’s. However you need to take the proper measures so that you don’t damage them.

Storing your digital discs – Believe it or not, most of the CDs and DVDs you buy from the store are actually stored in an improper manner. The circular grip in the lower tray of a media-case can easily scratch the playing surface of a CD/DVD as it is placed back in.

Instead of allowing your discs to become damaged, simply put the disk in upside-down. That’s playing side up and label side down. This simple tip can prevent scratches or damages to the disc or playing surface itself.

Avoid sunlight – Much like your books in your home, the best home cleaning services recommend that you store your CDs in cool areas, and never in direct sunlight. Extreme heat can cause warping or your discs to melt or become unplayable.

Cleaning your discs – Never use harsh chemicals, particularly petroleum-based solvents like Acetone, on them as they will permanently ruin your disks. Instead use rubbing alcohol and a small clean rag to carefully wipe away dirt and grime. Cleaning the playing surface should be done when there’s an accident or you drop the CD in a contaminant. Keep in mind that there are many greasy or grimy problems around the home that could lead to long term damage.

To prevent this, make sure to efficiently and effectively wipe the dirt way. Always wipe in straight lines from the center of the disc to the edge; otherwise, you may scratch the playing surface. If you don’t want to use rubbing alcohol, you can instead use mineral water to avoid hard water spots.

Why you should clean DVDs and digital media – Dust, dirt, or fingerprints can cause CDs to skip. Hold the CD/DVD by inserting your finger or thumb though the hole, and then wipe the surface lightly in straight lines as mentioned earlier.

Use these tips from the best home cleaning services in Houston to keep your home’s media clean and free of damage. The last thing you want is to lose or damage the sizable investment that is your digital media. Of course when you need the right home cleaning services for your home, look no further than Ready SET Maids. We can provide you with the level of home cleaning services that you want and deserve. Book a cleaning in less than 60 seconds now using our easy to use booking form.

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