cleaning hair brush

Hairbrushes have perhaps, been the saving grace for many persons with tangled hair; it is no wonder why it is one of the basic kits for ladies, and you always find that in their bags. But men use this accessory almost as frequently as ladies, and with all this usage, it is essential to talk about how to clean hair brushes or hire a cleaning service for it .

People spend a lot of time on their hair, make appointments for a hairdo over and even spend loads of buck, to make sure their hair is perfect. They wash it and groom it so that it can stay healthy. But if the tools are dirty, then all the hard work you’ve put into the grooming of the hair would be a total waste.

With the same energy used for pampering and grooming your hair, you should also expand the same power in grooming your brush. So why is it important to clean your brush; I mean you could rinse it or wipe it off with your hands right? Well we asked a professional home cleaner in Katy Texas to tell us why it is essential to clean your hair brushes. Here is what advice she gave us:

Importance of cleaning hair brushes 

Imagine that after you finished washing your hair, it is squeaky clean and germ-free, then you want to straighten it out, and then you take out a comb or brush, that you have used so many times on your unwashed hair. How would you feel, at that moment when you look at the comb? Washing your combs and brushes are essential, because, not only does prevent germs from getting back into your clean hair, but also ensure the brush last long enough. Now isn’t that something to consider? Cleaning your brush is, therefore, more important than you think.

Simple ways to clean hair brushes

It is without a doubt that you’d prefer to use a clean hairbrush than a dirty one. The debris and dead skin build up on the comb and brush, is enough to make one throw up. Also, the residue left on the hair from all the hair product you use, add to making the brush dirty. So here are some tips you might want to adopt when cleaning your dirty comb and brush.

    1.Remove the hair from the comb and brushes

When you’re taking the hair off the comb or brush, the recommended place to do that is in the bathroom and not in the kitchen. Doing your cleaning in the kitchen is just as unsanitary as preparing in the bathroom. When you clean your comb in the kitchen, there are high chances of the hair going into the food, thereby making it unclean. To take out the hair, the first thing to do is to use a toothpick or your finger to get rid of loose hair, then soak the comb or brush in water to get rid of the tangled hair.

  1.  You could also dampen the brush or comb

When using this means to clean hair brushes, what you do is to place a small dab of a shampoo product on the bristle of the brush or comb. When you’ve done that, the next thing to do is to rub the bristle together with your hand, carefully, so the bristle does not injure or hurt you.

  1.  Try soaking the comb or brush

There are likely to be hair and debris still left on the comb or brush, even after you’ve cleaned the brushes using the above techniques given. To get rid of this leftovers, you will soak the comb and brush in warm water, adding to the water a bit of detergent or some baby shampoo. Baby shampoo is quite good for cleaning hair brushes. What the warm water mixed with detergent does is that it softens the debris in the bristle of the hair.

You could also use baking soda or vinegar in cleaning the brush if you want. Just put half a cup of vinegar or baking soda into the warm water and soak the brushes and comb in it for about half an hour. Wait for it to soften then take it out and wash it off (the debris I mean). There is an exception to using baking soda, however, and that is, there are certain types of combs or brushes that you can’t soak in the water, or they may get worse.

Brushes like the cushioned brush or the rubber brush, and the bodied wooden brushes are boar bristled brushes by nature. When water goes through the vent hole of the cushion brush, it erodes its cushioning, reducing its lifespan. Likewise, the wooden brush; they tend to absorb water fast, and as such may end up being damaged more quickly. So when you’re washing these kinds of brushes, be sure to be very careful

  1.  Use toothbrushes to clean your hairbrushes

You could use a toothbrush to take out the excessive or leftover debris from the brush or comb’s bristle. Brushes are very useful in cleaning out the hair brushes till the end bristle’s root. It is best if you use a new toothbrush, so get a new toothbrush dedicated to cleaning your hairbrushes and combs.

  1.  Dry the combs and brushes

When you’re done cleaning the brush, always remember to dry the brushes and combs off. Use a clean towel to dry the hair brushes; cotton towels help to dry the combs on their own. When you’re done, keep the combs and brushes in a cool, dry place, a place safe from dirt and grime or dust particles.

  1. Remember to repeat the same thing all over again

Having done all that has been suggested here, it is essential that you cultivate a habit of doing it regularly. So it is not enough that you’ve cleaned your brush for the first time, it is imperative that you also carry on this exercise. Wash your hair tools at least twice a month; it helps for long tresses. Cleaning the brushes not only keeps the hair clean but healthy as well.