Tipping your house cleaner in Katy Texas

Sometimes it can be tiring to clean your home, I mean, the stress in taking up the vacuum or the duster to vacuum the floor, rug or surface, and to dust off your furniture. Sometimes, it’s not even the stress of cleaning that is the problem; it could be that you may be too busy to clean your home.

Whatever the case may be, it is essential that you get your home cleaned right. On this note, getting a hired professional maid service in Katy, Texas can come in handy. It is perhaps one of the best ways to keeping your home clean, saving you the trouble of doing it yourself.

Now to the big question; should I tip the house cleaner, and if yes, how much? This question has received many answers, but the best way to answer this question is to consider the etiquette and some other useful tips. These tips and etiquette should be kept in mind when answering this question; whether you should pay the cleaner or not.

Is it okay to tip the house cleaner?

You rarely see a house cleaning service where you get to pay a tip, though some other maid service agency, may incorporate tip giving into their standard rate. Where this is the case, you would need to tell them to outline it to you, so you don’t feel like you’re obligated to give an additional tip to the house cleaner. What happens these days is that more cleaning services in Katy pay their cleaners more wages so that the pressure from their client is lifted, and they don’t have to pay any tip altogether. Again, before you can assume a tip-free position, you would need to look at the contract.

Another deciding factor when asking yourself the question in regards to tips is, whether the cleaner is the owner of the house cleaning company or not. If they are the company owner, then they do not need tip (speaking generally), because they are responsible for setting the rates and wages good for them. If they are employees, however, they might rely on the tips a lot more (just like a waiter in a restaurant or a cashier is a supermarket).

If you’re in doubt as to whether to tip your house cleaner or not, then it is not a bad idea to go on in tipping the person. You might even feel the need to tip the cleaner more if they have done an impressive job, an exceptional service. They are some cleaning companies that are against tip collecting; if this is the case and the cleaner politely declines to the tip, then don’t try to force it on them.

Is it just cash tip or can it be something else?

Some persons may want to appreciate their cleaners for a job well done, but feel uncomfortable giving money; so the question is, where they can give something else in exchange for that money? The answer is yes! There are lots of things you can give your cleaners for a good job. For instance, a gift card would to a coffee shop or a supermarket is nice. A bottle of wine or whatever kind of drink they may be into also suffices. These kinds of appreciations are also encouraged, especially when giving out cash is not something you can easily do.

Etiquette in maid service tipping; how much to tip, and when to tip

Having established the fact that tipping is discretionary (that is, you can decide to tip or not), or can be inferred from the contract (the contract decides whether you can tip or not), the next thing to decide is how much to tip and when to tip. Of course, this decision will also be dependent on the frequency of service provided and the circumstances behind the provision of the service. If the cleaner is hired for a one-time service, then you can let go of tipping the cleaner.

Where it is a recurring cleaner, then you might have an issue. Your cleaner may not expect a tip every week he/she comes there, so instead of tipping your cleaners in a small amount each time they come, why not give the cleaner a bigger tip that could last them for the month, so they know you’d be tipping them monthly.

The only exception to this rule is if the cleaning company sends different cleaners each time; then you may want to consider giving smaller tips to the cleaners, plus it would spur them to work harder and be eager to come to clean your place, each time the job arises.

So here’s the tipping etiquette you can adopt; applies to taxi drivers, and other similar businesses; 15-20% tip of the service price is the standard tipping price, (although you can pay higher or lower). For instance, you pay the cleaning company $100 to clean your home, the tip would be $10-$15, and the cleaner would appreciate it. You could pay more if the service rendered is beyond your imagination, (if it is spectacular), you’d be encouraging them even.

Some other tipping consideration to bear in mind

You should also consider some other minor things when deciding whether to tip and how much to tip, one of which is the state of your home when the cleaners came in to clean the home. If you haven’t cleaned your home in a while and the cleaner has to clear out a pile of rubbish or dirt, and they do so well, you might have to pay some tip.

It is even more so when it is the kitchen or the bathroom that has significant work. You definitely would have to tip (unless the contract states otherwise), because a considerate person wouldn’t just let the cleaner go with empty hands after taking out your thrash.

So what we’re saying concerning tipping is this;

You’re not expected to pay tips when house cleaning services are concerned. However, it would be nice to show some appreciation to the cleaners for doing your cleaning for you, especially where there is no stipulation to the contrary on your contract form). It is, therefore, very acceptable to tip your cleaners when they clean your home, and if they are regular cleaners, then you should even consider giving them some bonus.