Home cleaning tips for Katy, Texas Residents

Selecting the best cleaning service that you can trust is no easy task, but you need to get the right person for the job if you want a perfect job. So yes, it is a big deal, choosing house cleaning services. Consider the selection process to be an interview. The person you’re about to employ will through your most intimate and private space. They will work with some of your valuable possessions; it is, therefore, essential to hire a cleaning service worthy of your trust.

whether you  live in Katy, Houston, Cypress or Spring, Texas the first thing you would need to do is evaluate the experience, (in general) of the cleaning or rubbish removal service and how they offer their services. You would also need to consider how much it cost per visit and if there would any discount if you continue to patronize them.

It is also vital that you don’t choose based on sentiments or peer pressure, you have to pick the cleaning service based on your needs. Which means you have to be comfortable with the cleaning service providers you are going to choose.

Ensure that the service provider is secured and bonded

You should always ensure that your service providers have security and bond with some insurance agency. Now, most homes have insurance coverage of $10,000, and as such it does not cover some properties that may hurt individuals while working on that property. So it is essential therefore that when choosing house cleaning services, you get a professional home cleaning service that has insurance coverage. This will help to reduce the risk of damages paid on domestic injuries. Some of the covering a cleaning firm should have is;

Workman’s compensation, a general liability policy, and a full coverage auto (among others).

A workman’s compensation is one area you should take the utmost consideration of, and it is also the most expensive. You might be inculpated, thereby causing you to pay, not only for injuries but also for the loss of wages, for their being unable to work, where your contract does not have a workman’s compensation coverage.  So, therefore, finding the right service provider should be easy when you see that it has a workman’s compensation package. Such a service provider should produce such coverage when you ask for it (only during employment of cleaners, however).

Where, for instance, the service providers and their employees, act dishonestly, then these bonds and coverage’s (as listed above) can also serve as a guarantee. The service providers should have all these coverage’s and should follow the steps stipulated therein. They should also have a theft and loss prevention policy, which helps to keep employees in check, and covers you against any loss.

Will they offer a guarantee?

Naturally, service providers don’t offer any formal or written guarantee, but if it is a good company, they will and they should. It should be accessible from on their website, and you can ask for a copy of the guarantee. If you made contact with the company with 24 hours, then you should provide them with a detailed list of items that you have before the cleaning.

Reasons why scheduled cleaning is good

When you hire a cleaning service, you should aim at cultivating a habit of scheduled cleaning as they have their benefits, some of which include;

  • If your schedule is busy, then a cleaning schedule is perfect: a busy schedule would mean you may not have time to do some chores at home. Therefore, you would need a cleaning service for the job. When you worked with a particular cleaning service for so long, you can now trust they will do a good job
  • It helps you focus on other things: once you have a cleaning service, you no longer have to spend hours cleaning your home, you can concentrate on other things. You can now prioritize your time.
  • You always enter your home looking much cleaner: there is this feeling you get when you leave your house messy, and you come back home, only to find it clean, it is like a fulfilled day. It is relaxing and beautiful
  • The contractor ensures you have a regular cleaning: your home gets cleaned regularly and at a particular rate when you hire a cleaning service and then signing a contract.
  • Cleaning contractor is easy to find: there are many cleaning services to choose from, the only thing you would need to do is ensure that they have the necessary coverage.
  • You eventually get to trust their experience: it is only human nature that you have some level of doubt when you meet a contracting cleaning service for the first time, but when you do your studies and see their level of experience in the cleaning business, you begin to have some degree of trust, and with time, it grows.
  • You trust that they can deliver: if they contractors are credible, you begin to see that you will trust their expertise and their skill, meaning you would not need to be there when they work, you know that they will deliver.

The cleaning solutions offered

There are several types of cleaning solutions provided by different cleaning companies; but you have to ensure that they provide the best cleaning solutions, vacuum, supplies, everything need to be in place. The idea is to get a transparent experience, without any hassle. Also, you should know that there is something like cross contamination policies. This policy ensures that there is no contamination of surfaces by the supplies used. Always ask the service providers if they will “go green.” It is a better option than bleach and ammonia, so it essential to ask for a better solution among the two.

How to screen people who will clean your home?

When choosing house cleaning services, a reliable company should have a process. Some of the methods include phone interview, application, or person-to-person interview. It is also mandatory that you check the reference and employment verification check.

How much will a cleaning company charge?

When you’re going for initial and ongoing service, you should request for a quote. You both should be on the same page on the price or service charge. The company should also provide you with a place to verify with you have concluded with them regarding your home cleaning service. This provision is essential as a referral point.