Over the years, the issue of wallpapers has begun to make a comeback when people talk about interior designing. In the past wallpapers were used, but they have since been long forgotten. However, newer models and designs of the wallpapers are beginning to make this entry.

The wallpaper comes in handy, as you would dispense of the need to use paints. A well-patterned wallpaper usually catches the eye; it gives the room a beautiful touch.

Having a wallpaper in your home has some incidence of maintenance to it. Thus, there is a level of maintenance you would need when setting up wallpaper. It requires some special kind of care, as opposed to just repainting the walls, when you use paint. Knowing how to clean the wallpaper is very needful, as it can help the wallpaper last for years, dispensing with the need to rip off the old wallpaper every couple of months, and replacing it with a new one.

So I’ll share with you some effective ways for cleaning your wallpaper

Dusting the wallpaper regularly

It is one thing to dust the wallpaper, and another to dust the wallpaper regularly. Most wallpaper’s surfaces are textured. This means they might gather some dust over time, a little more than dry walls (or paint walls). Having a textured surface suggests that you would have to clean out the dust from the walls. Do this as regularly as possible, in other to avoid the build-up of dirt on the walls. And also, take your time to clean the wallpaper; you don’t want to leave remnants of dust on the wallpaper. Cleaning your wallpaper can be done with a micro-fiber dust wand.

Take time out, at least once a week to do this cleaning. If your ceiling is a little higher, then a dust wand with a telescope on it would help you to clean the place thoroughly, as well as help you reach the spot. The other alternative would be to use a ladder to dust the ceiling. Also clean hard-to-reach places, like the corners of the wall, and the intersect of the ceiling. These are the areas that gather the most cobwebs.

Vacuuming my wall?

As an alternative to dusting the wallpapers, you should thoroughly vacuum the wallpaper, using a hose attachment, and with that, the job is done. This means of cleaning your wallpaper is faster and more preferable to the manual dusting, and it is also thorough.

Dusting your wallpapers is so crucial in that, it not only makes that dull looking wallpaper look much brighter, it also reduces the chances of allergy outbreaks, as the resultant effect of dust build-up is to spark allergies and asthma attacks. There is genuinely a lot of debris trapped on the wallpaper, and this is so because of the textured design of the wallpaper. Dusting doesn’t take more than a few minutes. Once it is done, you’d see a clear difference, both for the indoor air quality and the brightness of the wallpaper.

Remove The Scuff and The Stains Using a Magic Eraser

For minor stains and scuffs, a magic eraser comes in handy. This eraser is made out of melamine foam, and acts as a gentle abrasive. It is perfect for scrubbing out stains and scuffs from a spot. Using the magic eraser is easy; all you have to do is dampen the sponge (or eraser) and wring it out. With the damp sponge, you can scrub your wallpaper.

It is important to note that some wallpapers are very delicate and as such, you would need to exercise some level of care when you scrub the wallpaper. Sometimes it is even advisable not to use it, or test it first on a small and inconspicuous part of the wall. This testing does two things; it helps you to know if you can use the sponge on the wallpaper. It also helps to check for any discoloration. When you test it, wait for 24 hours, and ensure that there is no discoloration, and when there, the next step to take.

If you feel the eraser is too abrasive and may cause some discoloration on your wall, then you could as well get a dampening cloth known as the “wallpaper dough” that is specifically designed for cleaning wallpapers. All you have to do is dap the dough on the spot or stain, to remove it.

Washing a Wallpapered wall

Even when you do your regular dusting and even the occasional spot cleaning, you may need to wash the wall every once in a while. And you can achieve this by using hot water and gentle dish soap mixture. With the mix, you can gently scrub the wall, till it gets clean. Ensure that you know if the wallpaper is washable before you go on ahead to wash it; they usually are, but it is better to be on the safe side and check if it is washable.

When you have your mixture ready, dip a sponge it in and thoroughly wring it out, to ensure that it is only damp and not wet. Then by using a back and forth motion, you scrub the wallpapers so you can remove the discoloration and stains. The goal is to ensure that the wallpaper doesn’t get too wet as you don’t want the water to be dripping down your wall. Also using too much moisture on the wallpaper may cause the water to go the back of the wallpaper, leaving it susceptible to tearing.

Using a Dry Cloth

When you wash the wall, endeavor to clean it with a dry cloth thoroughly, and ensure that you don’t use any abrasive or chemical when the wall is wet and when it is dry. Always have a spot area (inconspicuous) to try out any new product, before you use it on the whole wallpaper.

If the manufacturers are online, try to always look out for their guidelines as to how to clean the wallpaper; they may even have some special cleaner for you.

For those who do not have the time to clean the wallpaper by themselves, you can as well employ a cleaning service to do that for you. They are usually certified and have a ton of experience under their belt. Plus, there are a lot of cleaning services in town that specializes in wallpaper cleaning (among st other things). You can hire one today and remain carefree as others do the work for you. Cleaning your wallpaper should be hassle-free.