Removing blood stains from your clothes, your rugs, furniture, and other noticeable areas in your home should not be an issue. Yes, it is distressing and annoying, getting blood stains on your favorite cloth, or you’re the rug. the fact that you’re going to clean up the stain is enough problem as it is.

Depending on the amount of blood, a simple soaking would do the trick. However, there are some other steps you can take to reducing and cleaning blood stains, be it on the rug or your cloth. Let’s review a few of them…

Removing blood stains from your clothes

If you’ve gotten blood splattered all over your cloth, the first thing to do is soak in water immediately. The next thing to do is to pre-treat the cloth, and this is simple. You place liquid detergent on the stained spot and let it sit on the stain for five minutes. Ensure that the cloth or garment stays underwater while the process is going on, so you may need to hold down the cloth under the water, for that time frame.

Once the five minutes is up, you are now ready to wash the stain out of the clothing, and you wash the cloth with other clothing items like a towel or a sheet. The color of the cloth you put into the washing machine with the stained cloth should be the same or be close as possible to that of the stained material.

You also don’t have to rinse out the detergent from the stained cloth before you put it in the washing machine. Toss it in there like that, with the rest of the other clothing items.

Run the usual amount of cloth you would typically run on the washing machine, but ensure that the dial is in cold water. Hot water does the opposite of removing the stain. So instead of removing blood stains, the hot or warm water makes the stain set even more.

If after all this washing and drying out, the blood stain doesn’t want to come out completely, then you can repeat the same process all again, so that the stain can completely come out. If you don’t feel like doing it yourself, then you can hire a cleaning service.

Removing blood stains from furniture

Getting blood stains on your furniture is not something that happens intentionally. Not even children get blood stains on the furniture, but it happens anyways. For instance, when your child has a nose bleed. Some of the stains may not come out entirely, but then others may come out when you combine some cleaning products and elbow grease. Remember one thing, that blood comes out easily when it is fresh and has not yet dried up. This is because once it hardens on the surface, then you might have problems getting it out.

Many stores, whether discount and online stores have cleaning products that are mainly made for removing blood stains. How these products work is that they are water-soluble products so that they can clean the blood by merely swiping it. There are several blood cleaning products online, and even some cleaning services have cleaning products. So if you don’t want to clean it yourself, you can call any cleaning service, like the companion maid cleaning services. There are so many cleaning products out there that the only problem you’d have is choosing which one works best. So it’s a matter of preference.

If you’re not a fan of using unique cleaning products, or you want to try out other means of cleaning the bloodstain off the furniture, then you might consider some of these means;

  • Pour hydrogen peroxide directly to the stain; it helps clean the stain. This trick is what medical personnel and vets do to get rid of the blood stains
  • You could also use window cleaners on the stain before you clean the fabric. You will also need a cloth which you would use to rub the window cleaner on the stain because it has to be done gently.
  • If the furniture is a fabric, then you can apply salt water to the stained area
  • If the stain is on a removable piece of furniture, like the couch and cushion, put some inches of water in the bathtub, and add some denture cleaning tablet in it. Put the blood-stain furniture in the water for at least one hour, then take it out and wash it by hand.
  • You could also rub lava soap on the stain, then let it sit for three hours before you clean out the stain.

How about taking the stain off a carpet?

Getting blood of a carpet might seem hard, but it is not so hard. It is rather simple; all you have to do is saturate the stained spot with cold water. And remember, it is best you do this while the stain is still fresh. After the stain has set for a couple of minutes, you then try to scrub it out with a cleaning rag. Do not use the swiping motion, unless you want the stain to spread all around. A wet or dry vacuum can also clean out the blood stain, provided it has not been dried up yet.

If you don’t want to use water, then a tablespoon of ammonia is good, and it has the same blotting out process, meaning no swiping.

If you don’t feel comfortable with either of the method proffered above in cleaning your carpet, you might as well get a carpet cleaner. But, always ensure to follow the cleaning instructions, so that your carpet isn’t damaged. Most times, what you’re expected to do is to sprinkle the product on the spot, and let it set for the required time allowed before you vacuum or clean the carpet.

Cleaning your rug can be tiring we know, which is why we’d always suggest that you get a cleaning service to help you would when you don’t feel like cleaning. It is most often than not cost-effective, and it saves you a lot of time to do other things. Today, there are numerous cleaning services out there that you can call, so all you have to do is be on the lookout for a reputable cleaning service, as the maid service.