Are you looking for unique Christmas gift ideas to wow your family and friends? Don’t go further.

When Christmas is approaching, you want to be there for your loved ones. But what if you can’t? Think of virtual or gifts through delivery.

We’ll show you some great Christmas gift ideas for friends and family to know you are still thinking about them. This year, almost every country has been affected by the coronavirus. The idea of going shopping and then going to surprise a loved one with a gift at a gathering isn’t recommended this year.

Luckily, there is a world of gifting through online platforms. To help you out, try these ideas to brighten the day of your loved ones.

  1.   Virtual or Delivered Flowers

If there’s something family and friends love, it’s flowers! Flowers are beautiful; they express love in an unexplainable way. You don’t have to visit an outlet to choose a blooming bouquet. You can send flowers via online platforms: you can send real flowers using an online delivery service.

Or you can also download beautiful virtual flowers that suit your loved ones and send them via email, text, or direct messages on social media platforms, with a nice Christmas card added.

  1.   Gift baskets or chocolates online 

Don’t worry about getting the perfect gift to all those coworkers or extended family members. Just order a gift basket or some tasty chocolates online and have them delivered to all those friends and family members that, each Christmas, you usually spend little on but want to send them something this year to make up for the fact that you won’t be able to see them. 

  1.   A Magazine Subscription

Nothing might please a friend or relative more than a magazine, a cup of hot cappuccino, a comfortable lounge chair, and a nice, breezy, sunny day. Gift your loved ones with the most fantastic magazine having various food recipes for those who like cooking or a fashion magazine for the perfect woman or man with some serious unique style. Science, nature, entertainment, geek topics, or anything else, a magazine subscription will be a unique but very thoughtful gift. Today, most magazines or publications offer both digital and printed access to their content with their subscriptions, so look for that perk. 

  1.   Cameo

Remember at the start of quarantine, when you discovered that your friends were getting messages from celebrities through Cameo? Well, bring it back for the holidays. Cameo is the real deal! If your friend is crazy over a particular celebrity, Cameo might be able to get a hold of them, and it will create a personalized message for your friend and make them feel crazier. It’s not as expensive as you might think, but even so, seeing them happy is priceless

  1.   A Meal Delivery Service Subscription

There nothing better than a freshly cooked meal. I mean, that yummy fried chicken that you don’t have to cook by yourself. There are many food delivery services nowadays.

Gift your loved ones with a food delivery gift card, and they’ll have the advantage of dining in bed or on the couch while watching their favorite program.

  1.   A Virtual Gym membership

Gone are the days of pursuing corners in every town to search for a comfortable, classic gym. Nowadays, you don’t have to leave your house to get a perfect workout.

There are many virtual gym services available, from apps to even real-life gyms offering remote classses, to fit any body size and make you break a sweat at the comfort of your home or office. Get a virtual gym membership for your friend and family to keep fit.

Bottom Line

Just because you cannot visit your friend and family doesn’t mean that you are not connected. Online gifts like these are the best thing to suit your needs and that of your loved ones this Christmas. Gifting them via online platforms show’s that you care about their health in this pandemic.

Not only does virtual gifting save you time and money, but it also protects your health. If you want to gift your friends and family something precious, consider these gift ideas and make them enjoy their Christmas without worries.

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