It’s still summer, and everyone wants to enjoy the good weather. But, with the pandemic still ongoing and many restrictions back in place in Texas, we can’t lower our guard and good hygiene practices. In his blog, we cover some safety measures to follow while going to parks or restaurants (if they are open in your area). Although you might already be using face coverings and keeping your distance, the following points address details that you might overlook. Stay safe and well! Keep reading this blog.

  • Research the sites.

First of all, search for the official websites of your local restaurants and parks. Check for the preventive measures they are applying to ensure the safety of their personnel and clients. For parks, there are usually reduced hours schedule, no public restrooms, and some areas with restrictions, but you can often enjoy a walk or hike session with more-or-less normality. On the other hand, restaurants need to apply more measures: 6-feet of separation between tables, outdoor dining options, staff with masks and gloves, frequent disinfection in high-touch areas, and digital or disposable menus. Phone them if you don’t find the necessary info. 

  • Bring your own supplies.

Carrying your bottle, cutlery, and even plates can be very useful during these times. While hiking with friends, it’s a bad idea to share drinks or food, instead, use your supplies and maintain the distance with them. At restaurants, carrying your cutlery can be unnecessary, but if it brings you peace of mind, use your own spoon or fork.

  • Stay in well-ventilated areas.

You might know that the outdoors are safer because the virus tends to dilute, reducing the risk of infection. There’s no problem here in parks, but you have to pay attention to restaurants or any indoor area. Check how many windows are open, and if they are offering outdoor dining options. Remember that the best way to prevent COVID-19 is to avoid exposure, so if you’re staying inside anywhere out of your home, do it for a short time.

  • Skip salads, drinks stations, and buffets.

Ideally, restaurants won’t offer buffets, drink filling stations, and salad bars because these spots require the use of everyday utensils or dispensers. If you have to wait in line for a service, keep your distance from others, and consider touchless payment.

  • Pay online and ask for delivery.

Speaking of which, a well-prepared restaurant will have all the touchless payment options available. The best way is by using your phone for online payment. Also, if you’re feeling anxious or part of the high-risk population, it’s better to have your food delivered. Tell your delivery guy to leave your food outside in a safe spot.

  • Don’t be afraid to be impolite.

There’s no need to be rude, but nobody was ready for this pandemic, and most of us aren’t used to asking for more space. Also, seeing a friend on the street can make us forget our good practices. So, always remember that your health is first, and ask politely to keep the distance from you, don’t give out hugs, avoid handshaking, etc. Even if the other person thinks this is exaggerating, just be as polite as possible and say that you’re only following health recommendations. It’s not personal

Now you know a little more about how to stay safe in summer. Keep protecting your health! Remember that Ready Set Maids are offering affordable cleaning and disinfecting services. Book your home service online.