Ready Set Maids - 6 Historic Sites In Houston And Sugar Land That You Can’t Miss

Hopefully, you may have time to spare with the family during the beginning of the year. You can watch TV shows all-day, or visit your relatives while January lasts. But, if you get tired of staying indoors, you can always wander through the Sugar Land Texas history or take a quick drive to the big city and schedule historic Houston tours. There’s a lot to know about Texas in these two great cities, and we make a shortlist of the places you can not miss.

San Jacinto Monument and Museum

In 1836, the Texas army, led by General Sam Houston, defeated the Mexicans and gained Texas its independence. This event occurred in San Jacinto Battleground, and an edifice was built as a tribute to this victory. This monument is fifteen feet taller than the Washington Monument. The museum is at the base and holds the largest collection of Texas art, history, and artifacts.

Market Square Park

The heart of the city, Market Square Park, was originally Houston’s Historic District but now has been redesigned to be the commercial hub of the town. This spotless place creates a strong sense of community in the city while promoting diverse local businesses. The park is surrounded by 19th-century architecture, dining establishments, and entertainment venues.

Johnson Space Center

Humanity´s first moon landing was coordinated from this space center. Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center has made Houston the capital of the space industry. The center holds different facilities for selecting and training astronauts, as well as for testing of spacecraft. You would see replicas of the old spaceships developed by the U.S. and displays of moon rocks. Surely an experience you can’t miss if you are near Houston.

Sugar Land Refinery

They don’t call it Sugar Land for nothing. The city was well known for its sugarcane production in the early 1900s that maintained the economy of Sugar Land almost throughout the century. In fact, during the seventies, one of the sugar companies produced more than three million pounds of refined cane sugar daily. You can’t miss this historic building.

Sugar Land Heritage Museum

Near the Sugar Land Refinery, you’ll find the Heritage Museum, which hosts many events and diverse exhibits displaying the past of the city. Outside the center, a famous black chimney stands as a reminder of the steam-powered factories of the past. The museum is a great way to discover the hidden details of the town and understand better its people and its way of living.

Sugar Land Auditorium

The oldest building in Sugar Land. The Imperial Sugar Company build this building in 1918 as a public place for community events like graduations, dances, and church services. Nowadays, this 394/seat auditorium has been upgraded with air-conditioned, sound, and lighting equipment; and antique pieces were restored or recreated.

Surely you’ll find many other historical places in Houston and Sugar Land. Take your time to wander through these fantastic cities and discover the exciting stories that they keep. And if you are struggling to maintain the house clean during this vacation, don’t hesitate to call us. Contact us on our website, and we’ll help you clean.