Ready Set Maids - Avoid All This During The Coronavirus PandemicTo Protect Yours And Your Loved One’s Health

During the current coronavirus crisis, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed by all that it’s happening. Dealing with anxiety is crucial to keep your health and better taking care of your loved ones. As a society, we have preventive measures to follow, not only to protect ourselves but also to everyone else. Following, we gather for you a quick list of the things you have to avoid during the Coronavirus outbreak to manage anxiety & stress better and be safe.

No Panic buying

In a crisis like Coronavirus, one of the worst things you can do is thinking only about yourself. When facemasks, hands sanitizer, and other hygiene products are stocked out, many people won’t be able to prevent the disease. And that’s the problem. We have to make sure everyone stays safe because if other people get infected, there is a higher chance that you also will. So, panic buying is a bad idea. Not to mention the ethical part of leaving other people without supplies.a

Pro tip: inform yourself about the way grocery stores are handling this issue. Many big brands have announced that they have enough products, and they will stay open.

Don’t underestimate your anxiety

How to manage anxiety during the Coronavirus crisis? First of all, don’t underestimate it. The lockdown and the uncertainty, not to mention finances issues, can make anybody anxious and affect their immune system. To avoid this, try to feed yourself correctly, drink plenty of water, exercise, stay under the sun once a day, and limit your exposure to the media.

Don’t invite people over

Although it might be tempting, social distancing also means that you will stay away from people, and that includes family and friends gatherings in the house. The main goal of social distancing is to reduce the number of interactions you have with other people, and being close to other people increases the infection factor.

Pro tip: prepare a couple of drinks and make a video conference with friends or family.

Don’t ignore social distancing

Outside, some people don’t have the resources to stop working. They can’t commit to social distancing like everyone else, and because of that, it’s even more critical that the people who can avoid being outside, stay inside their home.
Think twice before letting your kids out

School is postponed, and the kids are in the house. Nowadays, many parents in the US are trying to keep working while having their children home. Although letting them out to play with friends seems like a good idea, facts are that children can spread the virus more often than adults because of their carefree behavior. So, unless you don’t have other options, stay inside with your kids.

Pro tip: take a moment to talk with your kids, explain to them the situation, and make a plan to keep them occupied and entertained. You can organize binge-watching, video conferences with friends, or other activities.

Don’t spread misinformation

We see a lot of misinformation nowadays, in part because people are concerned about the way institutions, businesses, or governments are handling the Coronavirus crisis. People that share alarmist articles often think that we need to take the issue more seriously, and spreading fear is the way they try to do it. But fear generates chaos. Sharing verified information and staying positive is crucial to overcome the crisis more smoothly and faster.

Don’t stop doing preventive practices

Last but not least, keep following the preventive measures like personal hygiene, home cleaning, and social distancing, even if weeks have passed. The spread of Coronavirus might take a little longer to end. Stay informed, consult official sources, and take care of yourself and others.

We hope you and your family can cope with this crisis without too much struggle. Remember that we still are working, providing cleaning services to people that want to prevent Coronavirus infections in their homes and businesses. Contact us online if you want a cleaning service.