cleaning mistakes to avoid

You come home exhausted from work, the kids soccer, grocery shopping and decide that you are not doing any home cleaning. If this sounds familiar to you then you are not alone.

Hey, let’s face it, even if you have all the time in the world you would not want to spend your time cleaning the toilet in your house.

Yet, I bet you are wondering of a better way to tackle cleaning up the mess in your home? You bet there is. Hire a home cleaning service in Katy, Houston, or surrounding areas to help you out.

Is it that simple you might ask?

Yes, it is. Before you decide to stop reading let me explain. When you hire a service to clean the house you are saving about five hours per week. A little more or a little less depending on eh size of the home.

Experience the benefit of having your home cleaned. Enjoy less stress and more free time to focus on things like personal health. You’ll be inspired to make a nice home cooked meal.

When you hire a service you can have a lot of the cleaning already completed for you. You can specify what details you want to cover. This may include a deep cleaning that gives you more time and attention to your home. Most need this add-on on their first cleaning.

You might want to add a move out cleaning service that covers inside the cabinets, baseboards, ceiling fans, and windows. All this will save you a great amount of time and energy to focus elsewhere.

But before you make a move you need to consider a few things so let’s jump right into it.

The House Cleaning Service Does Not Use Consistent Practices

This is the number one mistake a home cleaning service will make and not just those in Houston.

When you think of it, there are many processes to go into operating a trusted, and highly ranked service business. This involves hiring the teams, training the teams, operating the sales cycle, managing the cleaning processes and so on.

There are many practices to manage and lead and many make the mistake of being inconsistent. One is how they hire their teams.

At least when you are sending someone to customers home that person should be background checked. This is not always the case with cleaning services or services in general.


Because the background checks and credit checks cost money and take’s time. There are many “over night” operations that will skip on this process that has much to do with safety and security. It is not just the background checks that are important to maintain. It is also the entire hiring process.

The best cleaners will have a phone pre-screen interview then an in person interview. They should have their references checked and then complete a cleaning test. This rarely happens in the industry. The reason for this is high turnover which can be avoided.

You Can’t Afford To Pay House Cleaners Poorly

Another inconsistent practice is compensation of the people cleaning the homes. Many if not, most services want to pay as little as possible. This results in high turnover in the industry.

Who wants to clean homes for $7.25 per hour? Not most people.

So the hiring practices in a company take’s a hit. They will talk to the person, hire them and send them out to a home the same day or the next day. Surpassing any safety and security checks for the person they are sending into your home.

This is another reason you should not go with the cheapest service either. Many customers have learned a difficult lesson in having their expensive items stolen and even robbed. This is not to say the most expensive service does things right either.

But you should gauge from their website if they are legitimate or not.

You can see if they have testimonials on platforms like Yelp or Amazon and read those testimonials. You can also check their FAQ’s for how they hire and make a well-informed decision. You may want to call and ask about the tenure of how long their average maid has been with them.

The Cleaning of the Home is Not Good All the Time

This is perhaps an obvious point. Home Cleaning Services in Houston should focus on a consistent cleaning. There are two important reasons why this does not happen. The first they pay their employees hourly and the second, there is not a good process in place.

When the cleaners are paid hourly the company will meter the time per home depending on the price. In turn, they want to cleaners to speed thru the cleaning to say on payroll costs. Many do with without using checklists for cleaning and some do not complete the work.

No matter how good the service is there will come a time where the cleaning was not as great as it should have been. Yet, this should not happen over and over again. If it does you should replace them quickly if they do not address the problem.

This can be avoided in many ways with proper checks and balances for the home cleaning service. Using a checklist will help the cleaner move thru the home in a more efficient way. This will also install a balance between payroll and meeting the service delivery standards home cleaning services in Houston.


You will love changing your life when deciding to get a home cleaning service in Houston to help you. You are going to come home ready to enjoy your time there. The largest benefit is experiencing the lower stress in your life. You’ll live a little easier and breath (literally) a little better.

Before you make the decision however just be sure you get a sense of how well the best practices are managed by the cleaning company.