Cleaning Services: Quick Tips & Tricks for House Cleaning
Did you know that most dust is made up of human skin? Yep! Pretty gross right? The air quality in your home is just as important as clean surfaces in your home. We all breath I allergens, even dust mites and spores which can give us repertory problems. It is often over looked at how important clean air actually is. Check out some of these cleaning services tips and tricks to stay ahead of keeping your house cleaning in tip top shape for clean air:

1. Use a HEPA Filter – Use a HEPA vacuum, High-efficiency particulate air – this is what a HEPA filter is. It works by forcing air thru a filter that captures dust mites, pollen, allergens, smoke and more. This of this as cleaning your home air. It is one of the ways you “deep clean your homes air”. The this means when you take out that stuff from the air you and your family wont breath it or chance getting sick as well.

2. Hand Wipe – When you clean our have your cleaning service clean you should hand wipe as much as possible. Dusters are good and all but they do not capture as much dust as hand wiping does. Wand dusting can leave a lot of particles behind and hand dusting will get most of it! So get that rage nice and damp and get to dusting the right way.

3. Use Air Filter – Air filters are great because you probably don’t vacuum every day, bless your heart if you do. Make sure it a HEPA filter that you are using and just turn it on and let it do its work. Most good filters will capture the allergens and dust mites along with much more.

4. Change Your AC Filter – Your AC filter is one of the largest filter and probably runs the longest in your home. Changing your filter is a top recommendation from professional cleaning services and reason is because it circulates your homes air the most. So changing this filter regularly is important. You might just be blowing around dirty air if you don’t change you filter quick enough.

So overall cleaning services recommend air quality control as much as surface sanitation. If you think of going to the mountains and breathing the fresh air that is exactly what we mean. In big cities like Houston the air in your home is and should be better than the air outside.