There’s never a better time to take good care of your home, ensuring even the little things in your home are in place. We’ve compiled some tips for fall home maintenance so you can complete the maintenance job done quickly. 

That said, here’s a simple fall home maintenance checklist that can help you even if you’re new to cleaning. 

Care for trees 

Get your trees in order by booking a consultation with an arborist. A professional cleaner helps you determine whether your trees are healthy, looking for any signs of deteriorating health. They’ll enable your trees to last longer, as they’ll prune correctly, preventing falling limbs during winter storms. 

If you can’t hire a professional, you can care for the trees yourself. Look for any signs of change in color, pines thinning, needles getting a brown color, and falling dead branches.

Check for Pests

Pests love hiding in attics. These spaces provide warm insulation for nesting pests, on top of offering access to the remaining rooms in your home. Erect a screen behind your attic’s gable vents to keep the pets away. 

But installing a screen may not be enough – pests can still bypass the barriers. So, you 

should regularly check their preferred hiding places: under kitchen cupboards. 

Inspect Your Furnace

Contact a heating professional to check whether your furnace is intact for the upcoming fall season. A checkup will set you back just a few bucks. With an annual contract, however, you’ll save about 20% of the average prices. 

Also, don’t let the filters overstay; ensure you replace them regularly. Ideally, after two months, you should upgrade to new ones. And if you have never changed them, now is the ideal time. For HVACs that come with humidifiers, get your contractor to change their filters. 

Take Care of Exterior Walls

Check whether your wall’s paint is blistering. Eroding paint signals that the film you’ve put in place fails, meaning it doesn’t protect your building’s siding adequately. If you don’t fix it, the siding will also deteriorate, costing you big bucks in the future. 

Inspect smoke detectors

Checking detectors only takes you very few minutes but can be a life-saving chore. Check whether your alarms are still operating. Ensure your detector’s indicator light is on. Hold down the test button and confirm whether the alarm works. Install new batteries and a carbon monoxide detector if you don’t have it. 

Protect your outdoor furniture

Leaving your outdoor furniture unattended in the face of harsh weather can be very costly to you. If you want your furniture to last longer, possibly many more summer seasons, store them in a safe garden outbuilding. But you don’t need a garden and shed to keep your furniture safe. You can get yourself a waterproof cover for just a few bucks. This cover will protect your prized belongings for a long time, enabling it to combat heavy rain. 

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Now that you have some tips for home maintenance for fall seasons, you’re better equipped to keep your home tidy during this season. If you want to get your maintenance to the next level, you can book a consultation with us, and we’ll discuss how to bring your home’s original allure. The professionals at Ready Set Maids are ready for any cleaning job. Give us a call today.