Best Maid Services In Katy TXThe holidays are a hectic time for many of us. We have parties, trips, kids and organizing or meals that all add up. Plus, you may want to keep your house cleaning up to date as well. So how to you keep your home organized or clean this holiday season? Having a clean, neat and organized home make you feel great. There are less stressful moments, more time and better health and wellness for your entire family Well here are some of the ways to keep your home organized from one of the best maid services in Katy Texas:

 Use a Calendar

This may seem like a simple tip but most people still don’t use this tool. It can give you a full look at what is coming your way so you can have a clear action plan.  A calendar is even easier to use today more than ever. Why? Because of our smartphones! Most of us don’t have a smartphone, we actually have an assistant right at our fingertips and don’t realize it. In many cases, you can ask you phone to schedule your appointment for a specific date and time via voice command.

Have you tried it?

It’s super simple to do. You can also have your lists set up for via voice command as well. You should view your calendar at least twice per day or more if you are a working busy professional. Take it from us a calendar is a powerful tool to keep you on track.

 Anticipate the Unexpected

So hey, we clean home all day long, all week long, all year long. We know about the unexpected. For instance, if you are planning a shopping trip the Saturday before Christmas and you have never gone the Saturday before and think things will go smoothly. Guess what they won’t! There will be long lines, cranky shoppers, and workers. You are going to have traffic and the restaurants will be packed as well. That day is almost as busy and chaotic as black Friday is. The sales on that day are even larger than black Friday on some days according to the national retail federation

But how about in just in your daily life. What can happen there?

Well, it’s like any other time of the year except busier. You want to factor in other issues more traffic and maybe even not finding that special pumpkin pie filling you have been using for 20 years. The point here doesn’t make your calendar so tight that you cannot deal with last minute issues. Leave a little room for interruptions on a daily basis where you can.

Make Everything Live in Their Place

When you are looking to get your home more organized so you don’t spend what little energy you have to clean up a home. When you have an “everything has a home” approach it’s not only easier to keep you house cleaning schedule on point, it’s easier to keep your home organized. If you do hire one of the best home cleaning service in Katy TX you will also find that you will get a better clean. This is because your service does not have to keep picking up clutter.

Think about where everything is kept in your home. That will make putting things away much easier and simpler for you. Here is an example of how to manage your own laundry service:

Get yourself 3 laundry baskets if you don’t already have one. Set one basket up for dirty clothes that are colors, one for white clothing and one for delicate items (which you should get dried cleaned). Don’t wait until one basket is filled up to do all your laundry in one day. That could take you all day long and you don’t have time for that during the holiday season. When we deliver a house cleaning in Katy with laundry service we take a little different approach. But for you this process can help you stay ahead.

Focus on washing each basket as they fill up while you are doing something else. Like checking your calendar or planning your meals which we discuss next.

When everything has a home you move more freely and relaxed thru your home. You are not going on a hunt every time you need the nail clippers because you know where they are.

Plan Out Your Meals

We spend a lot of time on food during the holiday season. From regular meals to special holiday meals. There is a lot going on here with food. It is likely you have those special meals planned out however you likely are neglecting your regular weekly meals. Well, take it from us, this is a game changer in getting more time back.

Here is what we recommend for your regular weekly meal plan.

Try to pick a day of the week you can cook or prep for the week. Many like Sundays but really whatever works for you is still good. On your “prep day,” you can cook in bulk a few items that will last for most of the week. Rice, Potatoes, steamed veggies are good options along with bread. You can also bake of precooking some protein that can last up to three days as well or more depending on how you serve it.

When breakfast, lunch or dinner time comes all you have to do is reheat your meals. You can even go as far as to prep your lunch if you want.

 Say No

We just wanted to put this in here for you and remind you to say no! You can’t do everything that comes your way for the holiday season. You will get burned out and be exhausted after the season. Try instead to focus on what you have fun doing and who you have fun doing it with. Don’t offer to cook all the extra sides or run all the extra errands.

Be comfortable with saying no to a few things.

You don’t have to be rude. Just says something like this, “you know if want too but I am a big over scheduled as it is” or “I am just swamped with a large project at work”. The goal is not to take on more than you can realistically handle at the holiday season.

Yep – Use a Household Cleaning & Organizational Checklist

We rank 4.5 to 4.7 on multiple platforms like Yelp and Amazon. One of the big reasons for that is we use a checklist. And, not just for cleaning either. Here is how a check can help you keep your house cleaning on par and your home’s organization on point. If you have a maid service in Fort Bend or Houston and if they are good you probably have noticed they use a checklist.

This is an important process for you but for the house cleaning in Katy TX because, it keeps your cleaning and home organizing, well, organized. You won’t forget things from your cleaning checklist and you will move faster than trying to guess what else it is you have to do. Plus, you can plan out your cleaning path.

It’s important to remember that both the residential cleaning services in Katy TX and house organizational services in Texas or anywhere suggest using a checklist. It is a big part of keeping up with your housework.


So there you have some great tips for one of the best cleaning services in Katy TX. If you feel yourself getting too overwhelmed this holiday season just stop, take a breath and take some items off your calendar. You don’t have to do it all, but you do deserve to enjoy what you do!