How Do You Choose a House Cleaning Service in Houston?

Since there are many options available, choosing the right house cleaning service in Houston can be challenging but rewarding in lowering stress. However, there are a number of indicators that can help you to simplify the process. Here are some of the key things to look for when you evaluate a residential cleaner.

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Are They Insured and Bonded?

A worrying number of independent cleaners work with no insurance. Even more operate without bonding. Although accidents can be minimized through judgment and professionalism, they do happen from time to time.

Things can get broken, scratched or otherwise damaged. Because of situations such as these, it is absolutely essential for both parties involved that the cleaning business has insurance and a bond. This ensures the client will receive full reimbursement for any damage promptly and also provides some protection for the cleaning business.

You should always ask each of the cleaning companies in Houston you evaluate whether they are fully insured and bonded. You might also wish to request a copy of their insurance certificate and proof of bonding. Ready Set Maids is proud to be fully insured and bonded, and we are more than happy to provide proof to any potential clients on request.

How Do Their Reviews Seem?

Online reviews are a reasonably good indicator of customer opinions. Before inviting a any company into your home you should search for customer reviews. Be sure to check at least two platforms. Some Like Google, Facebook pages, Yelp, Thumbtack and Angie’s List have what you need. There are the most widely used platforms that have customer reviews of home cleaning services in Houston.

You should be aware that online reviews have a natural tendency to be heightened. This is because customers who have the best or worst experiences have the most incentive to write a review, while those with less extreme experiences are less likely to do so.

Online reviews can be a powerful tool to assess a service in Houston or anywhere else. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous business owners attempt to manipulate the system by creating fake reviews. Where platforms label reviews as ‘verified’, you can have confidence that the reviews are genuine, because these transactions have taken place through the platform.

But Don’t Despair – There’s Another Way!

Although it can be difficult to spot fraudulent reviews of house cleaning services, there are several common giveaways.

If there are many more reviews than normal that have been created on a particular day or in a short period of time, this may indicate that something is amiss. Reviews that share characteristics in terms of length, sentence structure or voice can also be a giveaway.

Lastly, on many platforms you can check the activity of the reviewer in question. A reviewer’s profile showing dozens of reviews of businesses in the area over the past few years is likely to be genuine. However, a reviewer’s profile that makes hyperbolic claims about the service and only has one review may well be false.

Ready Set Maids’ superlative service and dedication to total customer satisfaction is demonstrated in the excellent reviews we have on all of the above platforms.

Can They Give References?

One of the best ways to evaluate home cleaning services in Houston is to request references from some of their customers. Any of the established and reputable home cleaning services will be prepared to furnish you with several references that you can get in touch with.

Although it might seem a little awkward, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask referees a series of questions about the company. If you have a referee’s contact details, they have agreed to answer questions about their experience in the first place.

Moreover, since choosing a cleaning service involves giving people access to your home, everyone understands the importance of making the right choice. You should ask questions about reliability, attention to detail, value for money and trustworthiness.

Unfortunately, there is always a possibility that referees are not genuine. You can minimize the chances that you are being misled by asking referees detailed questions about their experience. If they hesitate, this is a potential red flag.

Our clients at Ready Set Maids love us, and many stay with us for years. We provide top quality house cleaning services in Houston that help clients to focus on the things that matter most to them. We are more than happy to provide contact details for referees on request.


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How Do They Screen Cleaners?

Security is the top priority for anyone deciding between home cleaning services in Houston. Unfortunately, many Houston cleaning services work with a large number of rotating independent contractors, and do very little to evaluate new workers. Some home cleaning services in Houston do not even conduct background checks! For your security and peace of mind, ask any house cleaning service in Houston that you evaluate exactly how they screen their cleaners.

Ready Set Maids is well aware that any business is only as good as the people who work in it. We are proud to have employees rather than independent contractors. We pay our associates significantly more than the industry average, and they stay with the company for the long term. We only work with experienced cleaners, and we evaluate applicants with a rigorous screening process that ensures only the best work with us.


Although choosing between a cleaning company or independent cleaner in Houston can seem to be something of a minefield, these simple tips can help you to find the best firm for you.

More so you are going to love coming home and not having to do extra housework. The benefits also come in getting that extra time to spend on family activities or personal health. Sometimes however we all just need a little extra help with living an easier life.

If you have hired the wrong service before that’s okay, it happens all the time. Try not and overthink you decision too much because when you find a good company you will likely keep them for quite some time.

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