Houston Cleaning Service Cabinet CleaningThe cabinets in your kitchen hold your utensils, dishes and pans. Made of different materials, kitchen cabinets are unfortunately overlooked as a vital part of your cleaning regiment. Dirty cabinets can contaminate your pans or dishes, leading to illness or even worse. Unless you have hired the best Houston cleaning service to assist you with your kitchen, there’s a good chance that your cabinets are dirty.

Instead of risking your family health, use these great home cleaning tips to get your cabinets sparkling in a hurry. Just a little bit of effort and time out of your day can keep your kitchen spotless and your utensils clean. For the biggest messes or a cleaning service that will clean your kitchen fast, consider hiring a Houston’s home cleaning company in your area.

These home cleaning services will provide your family with the clean home they deserve. Saving you time and money, these services are also geared towards cleaning the most important part of your home, the kitchen. The best company will understand that you have a busy schedule and many things on your plate to juggle. With so many things to handle throughout the day, you may need the help of a housekeeper to clean your house fast. Unless you already have a house cleaning service in place, consider hiring the best in Houston. Give Ready SET Maids a call and you’ll see just how relaxing and stress free cleaning your home can be. Book instantly on our site or call us @ 832-939-4500




Kitchen Cabinets Cleaned by Houston Cleaning Service


Here are some  tips to clean kitchen cabinets fast. Learn what it takes to get your cabinets cleaned with this guide to clean cabinets quickly. When you have a problem with your dirty kitchen cabinets, you can use this cool cleaning guide to get the job done.

Before you clean your kitchen cabinets – The first order of business is to go through and empty your cabinets. Make sure to inventory what’s inside, and throw away what you don’t want anymore. There’s a good chance you can eliminate a good chunk of the mess right from the jump. Do you really need that three year old can of chili? We don’t think so.

Clean the inside of your cabinet – Vacuum them out completely of cobwebs and dust using your nifty hose attachments. Once you have the insides of the cabinet cleaned out, you should mix up a cleaning solution. One of the best choices is an all natural mix of warm water and a 1/4 cup of white vinegar.

Vinegar disinfects and cleans, as well as eliminates any odors from your kitchen cabinets. Wipe down the shelves with a soft cloth soaked in this solution. Remember to clean the cloth each time it gets dirty. If there are any deposits or tough to remove stains, you can turn to baking soda and warm water instead.

Cutting through the grease – One of the biggest problems for any kitchen cabinet. This is especially the case in kitchens with overhead cabinets that are exposed over the grill or oven. You can use a mixture of warm water and the same 1/4 cup of white vinegar to cut through the grease on the outside of the cabinet.

Leave for a couple of minutes and then wipe the surface. Apply some pressure and work in small circles, moving from the top down. Open the cupboard door and wipe the edges. When finished, start on the next cabinet. Most cleaning services will use a solution to eliminate those tough grease stains. It is fast, simple and works like a hot knife thru butter.

Type of kitchen cabinet – When you choose a cleaner to help you around the house, they will always determine what kind of cabinet is in your kitchen before cleaning. There’s a good reason for this. There are many cleaning products that could end up damaging your cabinets or making them look unappealing. That’s the last thing you will want to happen to your cabinets.

Steel Cabinets – Much like your stainless steel fridge, these cabinets are great because they are tough and durable. However you don’t want water stains to take away from your kitchen and the look of cleanliness. As with a steel fridge, wipe the surface “with the grain” using a damp cloth soaked in water and a little dishwasher fluid.

For stainless cabinets in your kitchen, you can also use rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth and work the metal with it until the grease disappears. Much like our guide to cleaning your refrigerator, you don’t want to use abrasive cleaners or pads and wipe dry immediately after cleaning to avoid spotting.

When your mess is too big or you need your kitchen cleaned fast, turn to the best Houston cleaning service company in your area. Ready SET Maids will come and clean your kitchen as well as the rest of your home fast. When in doubt, book a cleaning in just 60 seconds using our website. Superior service, cleaning and care at the touch of your fingertips.

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