Everyone knows that they are germs in the home which may or may not be harmful. They are all microorganisms, and they take various forms. Some of the major germs common to homes are the protozoa, viruses, fungi, and bacteria. They can be anywhere and everywhere, and they can spread easily, from place to place, and person to person, especially when these places and persons are unhygienic. On this note, we asked the best cleaning service company in Cypress, TX for some help in disinfecting our home and here is what they had to say.

Most people ignore the existence of microorganisms because they cannot be seen with the naked eye, but it shouldn’t be so. People should be more aware of these germs so they can effectively get rid of them. The fact that you have survived all this while without major attacks from dangerous microbes shouldn’t warrant total ignorance on your part. The fact that its flu season and you didn’t get the flu shouldn’t mean that you should ignore these germs. Unless you want to be buying or washing handkerchief, then you should learn about some ways to effectively disinfect your home.

Although it is essential to living a clean and good life, it is also right that you don’t become so uptight while at it. It is vital, therefore, to consider the small things, like washing your hands regularly; this way you can be free to touch and hang around with friends and loved ones.

Washing your hands, for instance, helps to prevent the spread of germs, which could be from other places to your home or vice versa. It is also important that as parents, you should instill this habit in your kids as they are prone to touching things a lot, including their meals; when you do this, they will get used to it when they are much older.

Although also, you might feel that using water and soap will do the trick (and it does in most situations), there are some other instances where this may not work out. Sensitive areas such as the kitchen and the bathroom would need stronger disinfectants than just water and soap, and they would need to be disinfected regularly. It is in these sensitive areas that the bacteria can easily spread because these places are most of the time, warm and steamy, a conducive environment for the germs to thrive.

Thus, the right supply of disinfectant and the administration of that disinfectant would help clean these sensitive areas.

So here are some useful tips for disinfecting your home;

Wash the Place

This means of disinfection is perhaps the most used in all households. You can clean your home by sterilizing your home washing clothes like towels and tablecloths; you know, those clothes that can harbor germs. Do not use a dirty washcloth to clean the surface, or else the whole purpose for the sterilization will be defeated. Always wash the house cloth linen thoroughly, with the right disinfectant or one that works for you.

When you’re washing the washcloth, try as much as possible to use the highest temperature that that particular washcloth allows to be used to wash it. If the washcloth is soiled with oil or tea, you can bleach the washcloth before putting it in the washer.

Soaking the Surfaces

When you soak your surfaces, and the clothes as well, you help yourself by cutting down on time you may use to do the job. It is important to note that you soak only stained surfaces so that you can conveniently remove the stain. You should also deal with the stain the moment it happens; it is better this way. It is a sure way of eliminating germs, disinfecting your home and getting the work done faster.

According to The Top Maid Service In Cypress, Texas, We Should Use Detergent, Soap and Water

Remember I mentioned something about not relying solely on water and soap; well, here’s instances where you can use this combination.

When you have cleaned your surface (and your linen too), and it is stainless, then you can go on ahead to clean it wholly. Using water and soap will do the work effectively. Although to maximize the cleaning potential and to minimize the cleaning time you would spend, it would be advisable to use detergents instead. The detergent will go on to break down the organic matter which will inevitably make the cleaning easier.

Many House Cleaners Suggest Using an Antibacterial Spray

Since it is sensitization you’re aiming to achieve, it would then be rational to employ the tool that can give you what you want; the antibacterial spray. It is worthy of note that this product will work effectively well on clean surfaces; otherwise, it would just be a vain work. Before you use any antibacterial spray, it is vital that you read the instructions on the label, on how to use it and where to use it, so you don’t do irreparable damage. On how to use an antibacterial spray for instance, in some surfaces, air drying is used, and in others, you would need to wipe the surfaces. No matter what you do before spraying, it is of utmost importance and essence that you rinse the surface after spraying it.

Use Disinfectant Wipes

These wipes are just as effective as the spray. However, because they are not as practical, in terms of reaching some areas, spray takes precedence. The best places you can use this wipes are on large surfaces, like counters, tables, and other flat surfaces. Using it like a sponge and scrubbing the surface area with it, is the best way to use it.

Try Natural Disinfectants

If you do not have the commercial disinfectants, then you might want to use the natural disinfectant. Some household ingredients are natural disinfectants; like vinegar.


Vinegar is a common commodity you can find in any home. If you don’t have vinegar in your home, then perhaps you might want to consider getting some. It comes through in many cleaning emergencies. Plus, it is affordable and non-toxic. It is also biodegradable, and reliable.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This chemical is also another disinfectant you can use in your home. While vinegar has a strong scent, Hydrogen peroxide doesn’t. It is an odorless and colorless liquid with bleaching properties. Plus, the fact that it is non-toxic makes it is a good disinfectant to use. It shouldn’t even be called a chemical.

Cleaning your homes should not be a problem, because they are a thousand and one ways to do it. However, disinfecting your home regularly should be a part of your cleaning routine as this will keep out all harmful microorganisms as much as possible according to the cleaning service in Cypress, TX.