Most times, finding and hiring a cleaning service you can rely on may seem daunting. There are many services to rely on, each with their different service plans, mode of operation, and price range. Just thinking about the stress can get you lost in the process. Therefore, before you want to go into hiring a cleaning service provider, there are questions you must ask. These questions will help you understand the nature of the cleaning service’s job. It will also help you make a decision on the company you will want to use in the end. Here are some of the questions;

Your duration in business

It’s not just good intentions and honesty and carrying mops and buckets that will make a cleaning business what it is. Yes, you should look out for these things, but mainly, they have to be professional. Cleaning is a serious business; you’re entrusting your home to strangers. Ensure the cleaning have been in this business for a while, so as to ensure that it is sustainable. You should know that 50% of these businesses shut down within the first year of their inception. By the fifth year, over 90% of these businesses will have shut down completely. I’m not saying that you should completely ignore the newly established firms, no! The thing is you should be certain that they are stable and can do the work effectively.

Ask about an insurance plan

Ensure that the cleaning service’s insurance coverage is very good. Proper insurance coverage is very vital in choosing a cleaning service to hire. It is not advisable to contract an uninsured company because then you’d be putting your furniture at stake. Yes, the uninsured company might seem cheap, but it is a risky venture. They might damage your furniture, woodworks and all your stainless steels; what do you do then? They may not be able to compensate for the loss; so it is safer with an insured company.

The ideal thing to do is to make a written policy (done by the company), as to how to replace the damaged goods.

Ask about the workman compensation for all the workers

There should be a workman’s compensation for all the employees. It is the law in Colorado. Despite this law, only a few cleaning service providers actually do this because it is too expensive. If an employee is injured in your home, it might open you to unwarranted litigation. The risk might even be more if you go on to hire an independent maid; that would technically make you the employer.

The Prescreening methods when hiring employees

The company should know the background of their employees. But how do they do this background check? Does it follow references? Does it do a full background check on the employees? Is there proof of authenticity and are they willing to show you the proof? If it an individual cleaning service; are they willing to provide evidence of their background? These are things you must consider when hiring a cleaning service.

There are, however, very few independent cleaning persons out. But if by chance you happen to meet one, you might as well ask these questions. Ensure you know about their criminal history

Their training program

Most companies out there hire just about anybody willing to work that they neglect to train them. And even when they are trained, the training is usually very sloppy. Where the cleaners are not trained, then there might be some issues. To know which companies are best, you’ll see their training program. They are usually documented. Training would ensure quality consistency and it also reduces staff turnover (those who clean your home)

Ask for a check-list of tasks to be performed

This question is not only important but necessary to ask. Different companies specialize in different things and so it is important that you know what they do. You should know the kind of service you are paying for. Some confusions you may encounter may be in regards to washing dishes and cleaning the bed, cleaning the fan blades and window panes. Rather than remain confused, you should just tell them what you want out of the cleaning contract.

What if you see something in the cleaning that you’re unhappy about?

Cleaning companies would only offer you specific discounts if you plan on using them again. And you would only use them again if you’re pleased with their work right? It means therefore that, if you’re not pleased with the work then there is no need to get them back. If however, it is a reputable cleaning firm, they would do the right thing by fixing the problem. Some may even go the extra mile of funding your money back. Now those are the kinds of cleaners you should work with.

Who is to provide equipment and supplies?

Find a company that would provide their own supplies and equipment. If you provide them, the employees will be more likely to misuse what you give them. They, however, are less likely to misuse the supplies provided for them by the company.

Also when you’re the one providing the supplies, you then incur more expenses than you would have. Your bill should cover everything concerning the cleaning. The employees will also most likely use the equipment with care if it comes from the companies. They know that if they damage any equipment, it comes out from their pay.

Ask for cleaning plans

Cleaning plans are offers given by these cleaning companies telling you about their various programs. One of the several cleaning plans will be the one where you can retain the company cleaning services. So you can draw out a plan on when the cleaning service can come around. It could be daily, weekly or monthly, depending on your agreement.


Cleaning your home can be tasking sometimes, but so is looking for a suitable cleaner. Luckily, with the list of questions above, hiring a cleaning service would be more effective.